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Graduation day

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Finally, Franks graduated.

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"Oh Frank I'm so proud of you!" Ma' grabbed hold of Franks shoulders and wrenched him into a back breaking hug, squeezing him so tight I swear his eyes nearly popped out of his head.
"Thanks Mama Donna." He laughed breathlessly, struggling to pat her on the back as she hugged him tight. I smiled fondly over the shoulder of the parent whose hand I was shaking, Mikey and I had received the exact same treatment when we graduated, and I was desperate to go over there and do the same thing, but it would be plain stupid to arouse suspicions when Frank was leaving today.
I continued to shake hands of parents and congratulate students who had graduated some of the girls insisted in hugging me which was a little uncomfortable, and most the lads just shook my hand and said they couldn’t wait to be shot of me. Nice kids, really. But my thoughts were on Frank and only Frank, he was surrounded by my mom, Mikey, Ray and Rays parents, and I knew I could go over there for maybe a couple of minutes, but it would be best to keep my distance. The school already knew Frank was living with my mom, and I didn’t want them to think anything was going on between us, regardless of the fact that there was.
The kids who had graduated got to go home early, so Frank left with my mom and Mikey, Frank flashing me a quick grin as the car passed through the school gates. He would never be coming back through them again and I knew he liked it that way; he had sent some applications round nearby music stores and promised me he would look into going to college, but I knew he wouldn’t. He loved playing his guitar, and I knew he wanted to make something out of that.
Didn’t stop me from being the responsible adult though.
After Frank had gone I spent the last two lessons letting the students just sit around and talk, my mind was on other things... okay, one thing - Frank. But now that he had graduated it had opened a whole new set of doors for us. The most important being - we were no longer a student/teacher relationship, and I could already feel the weight lifted from my chest. Even so, that didn’t mean we'd be going around telling everyone now. We were going to wait until his birthday next month, when he would be eighteen and legal, and then maybe a month or two after that until we even told my mom. And I don’t think I'd ever let any of the teachers know, not even the ones I was friends with, because no matter what - whether it was legal for me and Frank to be together or not, to the school, he would always be a student and I would always be a teacher, and I knew they would never accept us. The headmaster was a fairly nice guy, but he was narrow minded and I knew if he found out about me and Frank, it would jeopardize my job.
This was all the serious stuff, the stuff I should be considering the most but really, I was mainly thinking about Franks birthday. I wanted it to be amazing, something really special. Not just because he would be eighteen, but because I doubted he had ever had a great birthday before, plus it would be hallowe'en so we could do something really outrageous which I knew he would like. I was thinking maybe a surprise fancy dress party, with childish games and then a horror movie marathon later in the night, I would invite Ray and his parents because I knew Frank got along with them too, and then Mikey and my mom of course, and perhaps the most surprising of all - Bob. The case was solved now which meant he could socialize with us, and Frank had sometimes mentioned in passing how he wanted to keep in touch with him, after all he had done to help us. I knew mom had his number (she just loves a man in uniform, any chance she can get she's checking out his ass - seriously) and I knew she would love for me to invite him to the party. In fact, the more I thought about it the more excited I got, and I began thinking about what I could buy him. He already has a guitar that he loved, but his amp was pretty battered, as was his guitar strap, and I'm sure you can never have enough picks. Then I thought maybe I'd do him a picture or something too, I know Mom always says a personalized gift is the best kind, and I could draw him something really awesome. But I wanted to get him more stuff too; I just wanted to spoil him rotten because I wanted it to be the best birthday of his life. And it would be a turning point for us too, because he'd finally be legal. And I don’t mean that in a pervy 'that means we can fuck now' sort of way, I mean that in a 'no one can use the law against us because they assume we're at it all the time' sort of way. In fact, sex with Frankie isn’t really something I've thought about...
Okay that’s a lie. I have thought about it. But I have to be careful with him, after all he's been through I don’t know if he'd ever be ready for that. But then at the same time, the way things have been going recently I get the impression he wants more than just sweet kisses. Even so, it’s probably best if I wait and see what happens. I don’t want to scare him, he trusts me now, completely and totally and it would break my heart if I ruined that.
The ringing of the bell broke me from my thoughts and the class went running for the doors, eager to go and get their weekend started. I shoved some stuff I needed to mark into my bag and got to my feet, just as eager as the students to get going. First though I had to tidy away the art materials the kids had been too lazy to do, and then I had to lock up the store cupboard, my room and then the main doors to the art block. It didn’t take too long, but I was eager to get to my moms place and see Frankie, we were having a 'graduation dinner' with Ray and his parents and I still had to go home and shower.
There’s just not enough hours in a day.

"Theres my baby!" I rolled my eyes and ma' grabbed me and kissed me sloppily on the cheek. I heard Frank giggling from the living room and Mrs. Toro poked her head round the kitchen door to smile at the sight, giving a small 'aaw' for good measure. I went to move away but Ma' had gone into typical mother mode and was now gripping my chin in one hand while she raised a tissue with the other, licking it and then wiping at my face with her spit.
"Eugh ma!" I cried trying to pull away.
"Quit fidgeting Gerard, you've got a mark." She snapped, rubbing at the bridge of my nose.
"I do not! I just showered!" I cried. I swear she imagined dirt sometimes, just so that she can clean.
"Well then learn to clean properly." Mom retorted, placing her hands on her hips.
"I do clean properly." I whined, rubbing at my nose whilst following her into the kitchen. As I passed the living room I saw Frank and Ray sat on the floor, playing on video games and shoving each other in attempts to put the other person off. I smiled to myself before entering the kitchen where Mrs. Toro was helping my Ma' make the dinner. Mr. Toro was stood with Mikey, beers in hand, talking about guitars. Mikey plays bass and I envied him at that moment in time, I knew Mr. Toro was a very musically inspired guy and played plenty of instruments; it seemed everyone had some instrument to talk about except for me. I couldn’t even play the triangle, that’s how musically retarded I am.
"Oh hey big bro'." Mikey smirked when he saw me. I gave a one handed wave, making a bee line for the fridge where I got a beer of my own.
"We were just talking about bass guitars, do you play anything?" Mr. Toro asked me politely as I leaned against the work top and cracked open my drink. I shook my head and glared at Mikey who had started giggling.
"No, I've never been too good at anything I tried." I said honestly and Mikey snorted into his hand as he tried to cover his giggled. I gave him the best death glare I could muster and he gave me an apologetic grin before turning back to Mr. Toro.
"He can sing though. Our grandma taught him." He said brightly and I resisted the urge to hit my little brother. I hated people knowing that because they always said the same thing after it -
"Really, I'd love to hear a song." Yep. Bingo. I groaned and forced a smile.
"Oh so would I. I haven’t heard you sing in the longest time Gerard; you'll have to sing us something after dinner." Ma' said happily and I stared at her in horror, shaking my head.
"Don’t be silly Gerard, its impolite to refuse." Ma' said simply, turning back the pasta she was cooking and I glared at Mikey who grinned at me.
"Yeah Gee, don’t be so rude." He smirked.
I swear I'm going to kill him one day.

During dinner I felt as if we were all one big family, it was a feeling we had lost slightly after my dad left, and although there was no father like figure to take his place, the dining table didn’t look so empty, the atmosphere didn’t seem so uncompleted. For once, it felt perfect. Me, my brother, my mom, my boyfriend, my boyfriends’ best friend, and then his parents who were becoming strong friends of my moms. It just felt right, and everything that had been going through my mind seemed to disappear. It didn’t matter that we had to keep up our lie for another two or three months, it didn’t matter that we were going to have to come out eventually and that everyone might not accept us. For now, everything was fine. I could finally breathe again, and I only hoped that when we did tell everyone - they would be okay with it. And we'd all sit down together like this at Christmas or something, enjoying each others company with no secrets in the air and everything would be perfect. It seemed like an almost impossible notion, but when I thought about it, it wasn’t as impossible as I thought.
After dinner mom and Mrs. Toro went to wash up and make everyone a coffee, Mr. Toro went upstairs with Mikey so Mikey could show him the old vinyl records our dad had left in the attic. Ray ran off after them, just as much as a music fanatic as his father, and Frank and I were left in the living room. Alone.
I flopped down onto the sofa and Frank crawled over to lay against my side, resting his head on my shoulder and smiling softly as I wrapped an arm around him, kissing him tenderly on the head.
"So, how's it feel to have graduated?" I asked and Frank giggled, nuzzling closer to me.
"Probably the same it felt for you. Great, exciting, and a little scary too." He answered, brushing a soft kiss across my neck. I closed my eyes and nodded, seeking one of his hands and holding it mine.
"Yeah, that pretty much sums it up." I agreed and he giggled, pressing a second kiss to the same spot, a little harder this time, and then doing it a third time, suckling on the flesh a little. It wasn’t until he bit down gently that I tipped my head back giving him better access and told him to stop at the same time.
"Frankie, we shouldn’t." I whispered and he licked a wet trail up to my ear.
"Why?" He asked hotly and I gave a low growl, pushing him away gently and looking him in the eyes.
"Someone could walk in at anytime; we can’t afford to get caught now." I warned him, plus, if he carried on I would so not be responsible for my actions. That kid is too damn hot for his own good. Frank gave me a small pout and I sighed, kissing him tenderly on the lips, pulling back before we both got carried away.
"Its not that I don’t want you to Frank, its just it’s the wrong place and time. Besides, I don’t want to start molesting you and get caught by my mother." I said bluntly and Frank snorted with laughter, no doubt picturing the scene in his head. It'd be like a cartoon, where I'd be chased round the house with a frying pan for dare laying my hands on 'sweet little Frankie'.
"I guess your right." He consented after he had stopped giggling. "But I can’t help it; I can’t get enough of you." He whispered, careful not to be heard by anyone who might be nearby. He was blushing a little and looking away shyly and I smiled, placing a finger under his chin and tilting his head up until he looked at me.
"I can’t get enough of you either." I agreed, kissing him softly on the forehead. "But we need to be careful, not just because we're here, but because you’re still under age and I don’t want to get carried away." I said honestly and Frank nodded, wrapping his arms around me and cuddling into my chest.
"I know. It’s just my hormones; I'm still a teenager after all." He smirked and I rolled my eyes fondly. Holding him close to me and not wanting to let go. And if it wasn’t for the sound of footsteps approaching the living room I don’t think I would have.
"Heya bitchees!" Mikey cried as he burst through the door, me and Frankie only just breaking apart in time. "Come on Gee, clear out those pipes cos' Mom says you have to come sing now!" He said excitedly and Frank grinned at me.
"Your gonna sing?" He asked, and the look of happiness in his eyes was too much for me to deny.
"Yeah..." I grumbled as Mikey seized me by the wrist and began dragging me out of the room, Frank following on behind.
"Hey gee; I dare you to sing Fergie - My humps!" Mikey cackled and I thwacked him round head.
"In your dreams Mikey."

A/N: Yearh, random chapter, but I’m post it anyway ^_^ So people, quick questiono for y'all - Will you guys be okay if I like skip forward a month to Franks birthday? Saves me trying to think of stuff to do for the time in between.
Let me know :]
Rayray xox
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