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"So, where are you going again?" Ma' asked me as she raised her eyebrows. Frank was pulling on his converse whilst I tried to look as innocent as possible.
"I told you, for dinner at a friend’s house." I said casually and my mom folded her arms across her chest, giving me a skeptical look.
"What friend?" She asked and I scowled.
"She's called Lindsey. We went to high school together, Geez, I do have friends ya' know." I whined and Frank giggled as he tied his laces. Mom smiled a little but I could tell she was still suspicious.
"Well, why does she want Frankie to go?" She asked and I shrugged, looking at my watch and fidgeting a little.
"She met him before and got along with him. What’s the big deal?" I asked and mom shrugged.
"Nothing." She said in a tone which suggested it wasn’t nothing at all. "Have a fun night; I want him back here by eleven." She said, going into mother mode and I agreed with a sigh. Frank jumped to his feet and kissed ma' on the cheek, saying goodbye. I kissed her to and then pulled Frank towards the door, eager to leave before she asked anymore questions.
"And Gee -" I stopped as I went to step onto the doorstep and looked over my shoulder at mom. "Behave okay." She said seriously and I raised an eyebrow at her.
"Erm... okay." I mumbled, ma' nodded with satisfaction and walked away into the kitchen. I stared after her in confusion but decided I wouldn’t question it, we were late already and I still had to draw on Franks 'tattoos.
We ran down to the car and sped away from my moms house as if almighty hell was after us, Frank turning on the stereo and tapping his knees along to the beat as he laughed at my flustered expression.
We pulled up at a gas station near to Lyn’s house so that I could draw Frank’s body art and I finally felt a little more relaxed. I had been worrying about the meal all night, unable to sleep because of it. I just felt uncomfortable with lieing now. Lyn clearly wanted us to remain friends which meant even when Frank did leave high school and got a job, we would still have to keep lieing to her. We'd have to lie to her for the rest of our lives, or else tell the truth. Part of me wondered whether I should tell her the truth now, before we got in too deep but I knew there was no way she would understand. I liked her, but I hadn’t known her that long really, and if I wasn’t prepared to tell my own mother then I was definitely not prepared to tell Lindsey. Frank noticed the look of worry on my face as I put the pens away and placed his hand on mine.
"Are you okay?" He asked and I nodded, smiling at him.
"Yeah, 'course I am." I replied and he frowned a little.
"Are you sure? It looks like something’s bothering you." He said quietly and I shrugged, looking down.
"It’s just... you think we're doing the right thing don’t you? Lieing like this?" I asked, looking up at him, desperate to see some form of justification in his hazel eyes. But he merely shrugged and bit his lip.
"It was your idea." He said simply and I frowned.
"I know that, just, I'm having second thoughts. I just wanted to know if you thought we were doing the right thing." I said quietly, my stomach squirming. The thought of Frank thinking I had been wrong to suggest all this made me feel sick, I wanted him to be on my side. Even if no one else was, if Frank was with me then I didn’t need anyone else.
"No, I don’t." He said with a shrug and my heart sank. "But it’s not like we had another option. This was the only thing we could do and as long as we don’t hurt her, then its okay." He added, giving my hand a reassuring squeeze and I gave him a sad smile.
"I guess so..." I mumbled and Frank leant forward, cupping my face in his hands and looking me in the eyes. I could get lost in those caramel irises of his and I felt a little calmer.
"Gee, just don’t worry okay. If you worry, I worry, and for now things are okay, so let’s worry about the future when we get there." He said firmly and I nodded. I could work with that.
"I love you Frankie." I whispered and he smiled, his cheeks going a light tinge of pink.
"I love you too." He grinned and I closed the gap between us, pressing my lips softly to his. The kiss was slow and sweet and all round delicious, but I had to pull away before we became even later for dinner. Frank gave me a shy smile and I couldn’t resist kissing him once more before finally dragging myself away.
"Think of an excuse as to why we're late 'Kay Frankie, we're gonna need a good one." I said, glancing at the time as I started the engine. Frank giggled and settled back in his seat, turning the radio up and grinning at me as I pulled out of the gas station.

"I'm sorry again Lyn." I apologized for the hundredth time that night, Lyn laughed and waved her hand casually, bringing the food over to the table.
"Don’t worry about it Gerard. Your here now, so it’s fine." She said kindly, sitting down opposite Frank and I. Frank smirked at me and nudged me under the table, and I knew he was giggling inside at how many times I felt I needed to say sorry.
"So, how was your guy’s day? Do anything interesting?" Lyn asked as we all began digging into the delicious looking food. My mouth was already full and so Frank answered for me.
"Just work, ya' know how it is?" He said with an airy laugh and Lyn nodded, looking at the ceiling.
"Oh boy do I." She laughed. "All I seem to do is work work work, I guess you must feel that way too huh Gee? What with working in the high school and everything." She said, turning her gaze on me. I swallowed and nodded, smiling a little.
"Yeah, sometimes. But I love my job, it comes with all its little... perks." I mumbled, glancing at Frank quickly who was smiling softly to himself. Lyn laughed and looked at Frank who was wolfing down his food as if he hadn’t eaten in weeks, he always had a great appetite, and Lyn’s cooking was amazing.
"What about you Frank? Does your job come with perks?" She asked, fluttering her eyelashes at him. Frank looked at her in surprise and chewed slowly, swallowing his food.
"Erm... like?" He asked, looking at me desperately, but I was lost too. I was sure I had simply imagined the look Lyn had given him, I hoped I had at least.
"Ya' know, guitars and stuff? Or do you not even get a free plectrum?" She asked with a laugh and Frank gave a small sigh of relief, forcing a laugh too.
"Oh well, ya' know, I don’t really need any free stuff - I just drink all the coffee." He said with a shrug, bowing his head and stuffing his face once more. Lyn laughed and turned back to me, engaging me in conversation about art work and I completely forgot about those 'come hither' eyes she had been laying on Frankie only a moment ago. I had imagined them, I knew I had, Lyn wasn’t like that. And even if she was, Frank was with me so it wasn’t a problem.
After dinner we all went into the living room and had a cup of coffee over conversation. Lyn talked a lot about herself since during dinner all the talking had been about Frank and I. She was so much more confident than in high school and I still couldn’t quite get over it. She had become a beautiful young woman and she seemed so content with her life now, something she had never seemed before.
As I busied myself with checking out her horror movie collection she started talking to Frank some more. It turned out she played bass and they began talking about music much the same way Frank and Ray would do. They got so into it in fact, that when I sat back down it was like they didn’t even notice me and they continued talking, laughing at each others jokes and getting all caught up in their own little world. I sat there, twiddling my thumbs and feeling a little jealous. I didn’t believe that she liked Frank, and I certainly didn’t believe that Frank liked her but I still didn’t like how friendly they were becoming. I felt a little like an outsider and part of me started wishing I had never given up on learning to play guitar those years ago.
Their conversation lasted through the evening until at half ten I declared that we had to leave. Lyn gave a look of disappointment and Frank sighed as he looked at the clock.
"Your right." He said moodily and Lyn got to her feet with us.
"Why do you have to go? Its early yet." She said hopefully and I shook my head.
"I have work early tomorrow, and Gee's got to go to his mom’s house in the morning to help her decorate. Its best if we get going." Frank said with a kind smile and Lyn sighed, pouting her crimson red lips.
"Well okay, but call me soon you guys and we'll arrange another dinner or something." She said, smiling at the thought and we both nodded, promising to do so. She kissed us both on the cheek goodbye and walked us to the door.
Frank waved goodbye as we drove away from the house until we rounded a corner, and then he settled back into his seat, placing his hands behind his head.
"That was a fun night." He smiled and I gave a stiff nod. I felt his eyes on me as he stared at me and tried not to show my jealousy. "What’s up?" He asked eventually and I shook my head.
"Nothing." I said quietly and I knew without looking that he had raised his eyebrows.
"Gee. Tell me what’s wrong." He said gently and I shook my head again, frowning a little.
"Nothings wrong. I'm fine." I said a little coldly and Frank leaned forward, staring at me with a confused expression.
"I don’t believe you." He said as he shook his head. "Is it me? Have I done something wrong?" He asked, sounding wounded and I softened a little.
"No. Its not you." I said quietly and he sighed, resting his elbow on the dashboard, laying his head on his knuckles.
"So what is it?" He asked and I bit my lip, thinking for a moment before shaking my head once more. "Gee." He whined. "Please tell me, other wise I'm just going to assume I've upset you." He sounded upset and I groaned.
"Its just... you and Lyn seemed to get along really well that’s all." I said quietly, regretting it instantly as Frank raised an eyebrow.
"So? I thought you wanted us to get along." He said and I nodded.
"I do, its just... " I trailed off and Frank sat up, staring at me intently.
"Its just what?" He asked. I didn’t answer for a while, just focused on my driving as I rounded into my moms street. Frank grew impatient and asked his question again. "Gerard, its just what?" He demanded and I parked the car outside my mom’s house, turning to face him to see confusion and sadness in his eyes. I instantly regretted mentioning anything and gave him an apologetic look.
"Its nothing Frank. Its just you guys were talking and I wasn’t saying anything and I felt a little jealous, I was just being stupid don’t worry about it." I forced a smile and Frank sighed, leaning forward and wrapping his arms around my neck, nuzzling his face into my shirt.
"Gerard, I love you okay. I know me and Lyn talked loads tonight, and I know you think that means we're suddenly best friends now but its not like that. We just got along okay? I'd rather spend a night with you, no question. I love you." He leaned back and smiled at me and I returned the smile, feeling reassured.
"Okay. I love you too Frank." I replied and he leaned in to kiss me, pressing his lips softly to mine and slipping his arms around my neck. I leaned in closer to him, wrapping one arm round his waist and pressing a hand to the back of his head to keep him secure against me, working my lips against his with hot passion. He tangled his fingers into my hair and his lips parted as I pushed my tongue into his mouth, kissing him hungrily and eagerly. His tongue rolled against mine and his body moved forward off the chair, pushing me back against the window until he could straddle my lap, locking his knees against my hips. His hands tugged at my hair as I clutched his hips, our mouths glued together as we snatched quick breaths through our noses. It was only once I realized we were outside my mom’s house and that she could look out her window and see us at anytime that I pulled away. Frank looked at me with shining eyes and flushed cheeks and I chuckled a little, pressing my forehead to his.
"Okay, I think that’s enough for tonight." I mumbled a little breathlessly as I noticed the position we were in. Frank gave a sheepish grin and moved off my lap and back into the passenger’s seat. I sorted his hair out for him and then patted down mine, cracking open a window to let some air in and cool us down. I wouldn’t let Frank go until his eyes had lost their glossy look and his cheeks were no longer red, kissing him once on the cheek before opening the door for him.
"Tell mom I said hi." I smiled and he nodded, pulling on his finger less gloves and putting his hood up to hide the 'tattoos'. I went to move back and shut the door when he leant forward and caught my face in his hands, hovering his lips by my ear.
"I love you Gee, your the only one I want." He whispered hotly, pulling back and smiling at me before dashing off towards the house. I watched him go with a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach, I shook my head fondly and shut the car door. That kid was going to be the death of me. He was making it harder and harder for me to keep my hands off him, but he graduated next week and then at least it would cease to be a student/teacher relationship.

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