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twenty years to go

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"Gerard, what are you doing?" Asked Frank, looking at me in confusion as I held clothes up infront of me, closing one eye to see if I could better picture them on Frank.
"Thinking." I answered simply before shaking my head and putting the shirt back, moving more clothes aside as I looked for something that would fit Frank and make him look just a little older. He didn’t know about my plan, and raised an eyebrow as he watched me with arms folded across his chest. The only problem with Frank was, he was short - and the few old clothes I had that might fit him properly wouldn’t make him look any older. But I kept going through the wardrobe, determined to find something.
"Gee seriously, you look fine. I don’t know why you're worrying so much - just cos' Lindsey’s coming round." I heard the bitterness in Frank’s voice when he spoke Lyn’s name and I sighed. I turned to look at him over my shoulder and saw he had flopped onto the bed, spread out with his arms out to his sides as he observed me from beneath his eyelashes with a scowl.
"I'm not worrying about how I look. The clothes are for you." I said flatly and Frank lifted his head to see me better as I turned to continue my hunting.
"Huh? What’s wrong with the clothes I'm wearing now?" He demanded, and I smirked to myself. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the clothes he was wearing now, just his usual jeans and band tee, and it suited him perfect - but he looked too young.
"You look like a teenager." I answered and I could practically hear the frown on his face.
"Erm... that’s because I am a teenager." He pointed out and I chuckled, finally locating a pair of straight black jeans, I pulled them out of the wardrobe and held them up, they were definitely too short for me now and I turned to throw them at Frank whose face disappeared beneath the black denim. I heard a muffled whine as he pulled them away and I grinned at his pout.
"Put those on. I won’t look." I promised, turning away to carry on rooting through my clothes. I heard Frank get off the bed with a sigh.
"I don’t get it. Care to explain what you’re planning?" He asked as I heard him pull down his zipper.
"I'm going to make you look older, not much, just so that you look at least legal." I explained and I heard Frank scoff, because he was almost eighteen I knew he classed himself as an adult, but he looked about sixteen and Lyn wouldn’t be easily fooled. I began considering a white shirt as I heard Frank sigh.
"And... why do I need to look older?" He asked.
"Because, I'm going to let Lyn know that we're together, but to do that we need to lie a little." I explained, and I could practically hear the penny drop. Frank was silent for a moment and my stomach swirled with nerves as I wondered if he was angry with me.
"Right, so... how old am I in this lie?" He asked and his words hurt even though he didn’t say them nastily. I coughed nervously and pulled out a long sleeved black shirt.
"I was going for something like twenty maybe?" I mumbled, grabbing a white collared, short sleeved shirt with a black skinny tie. I heard Frank giggle and some of my anxiety lifted at the sound.
"Twenty? Gee, have you seen how short I am?" He snorted and I turned to face him, he was stood in the black jeans and already they had made him look less of a teenager, I didn’t know why they looked so different to the skinny jeans but I didn’t care just so long as they did the job. I grinned and threw the two tops to him, wrapping the tie around my hand.
"Frank, I hate to break it to ya', but you'll probably be that short for the rest of your life." I giggled and he pouted at me, pulling off his top and exposing his pale chest. I tried not to stare but couldn’t help but look a little, his muscles stretched and rippled as he pulled on the two tops I had given him and he winked at me with a laugh when he caught me looking. I grinned back at him and waited until he had done the last button on the shirt before throwing the tie to him and then closing the wardrobe doors. When I turned round he was wearing the full outfit and looking at himself in the mirror, he was passing his lip ring back and forth through the hole with his teeth as he messed around with his hair, moving the fringe more to one side and running his fingers over the shaved sides. I was quite proud with myself to see he did look just that bit older.
"Happy now?" He asked and I shook my head.
"Not yet, sit down." I said, pointing to the bed and then going over to a draw that I kept all my art stuff in. Frank watched me with a curious expression as I sought out my thinnest artist pens before taking them over to the bed and setting them down beside him. He gave them a skeptical look before looking over at me as I sat beside him.
"Erm... what are they for?" He asked a little nervously and I giggled, picking up the black pen.
"Tattoos." I grinned and Franks smile was instant, but then it melted away as quickly as it came.
"Wait. Will those things look real, or will they just look like pen?" He asked and I chewed on the inside of my cheek thoughtfully.
"Well... hopefully real, but they'll wash off pretty fast with some scrubbing so if they look stupid we can get rid of it." I said and Frank chewed softly on his lower lip.
"Okay. Do my knuckles first since it'll be easier to wipe it off then." He said, holding out his hands for me. "I want Halloween written on the knuckles, but you'll have to put the two L's together or it won’t fit." He said and I looked at him in surprise, he sounded so sure - and a little determined.
"You've been thinking of getting tattoos for a while haven’t you?" I said with a smirk as I pulled the top off the pen. Frank nodded with a grin and I began to carefully drawn on his skin.
"Yep. Ever since I was like... eleven or something." He said with a laugh before his voice became quiet, his tone serious. "I just wanted to cover up, with more than just clothes. When I looked in the mirror I wanted to see art work that reflected my personality rather than just a tainted person." He whispered, slightly to himself and I furrowed my brow as I felt my heart tug.
"Well, it doesn’t matter now anyway. I don’t need to cover up." He added brightly. "But I'm getting them anyway." He laughed and I smiled, glad to have the little down moment disappear. We were quiet as I concentrated on his knuckles. Drawing out the letters and then coloring them in with black, orange and yellow, blending the colors together before sitting back, proud of myself.
"What do ya' think?" I asked happily and Frank looked down, observing his skin before grinning at me.
"Awesome! It looks so real. Oh wow, can I get this re-done for school?" He gushed, staring in awe at his knuckles and making my cheeks tinge with pink. "Oh! Do my scorpion next!" He cried, tilting his head and exposing the side of his neck.
"You’re what?" I asked, frowning as I went to put away the pens.
"My scorpion." Frank repeated. "Right here -" He brushed his fingers over a patch on his neck. "I want it tilted downwards with its tail curled up, because I'm Scorpio." He explained incase I hadn’t already guessed. I rolled my eyes fondly and picked up the black pen again.
"Okay, but this is the last one, I need to start on dinner and I don’t want you to look like some yob." I said playfully and Frank laughed.
"Well, once I'm eighteen I'm gonna get loads, I want sleeves and everything." He said happily and I could hear the excitement in his voice. I cringed a little and he looked at me from the corner of his eye, careful not to move his head.
"What? Don’t you like tattoos?" He asked disbelief evident in his voice.
"Its not that I don’t like tattoos its just..." I shuddered. "Needles..." I mumbled and Frank giggled a little.
"You’re afraid of needles?" He asked, I nodded silently, ashamed of my fear and Frank 'hmmd' to himself.
"Wow, I've never seen the reason for being scared of needles. I'm scared of spiders though." He said thoughtfully and I began filling the scorpion outline with colour.
"Well, I've never seen a reason to be scared of spiders." I smirked and Frank whined, going into a lengthy explanation as to why spiders were freaky. I listened with a small smile on my face as I finished off his 'tattoo' before sitting back and putting the pens back into their packet.
"Done." I said happily, getting to my feet and taking the pens back to the drawer as Frank ran to the mirror to see his neck.
"That is so cool..." He whispered, ghosting his fingers over the image.
"It'll do for tonight." I said modestly, happy to see him so happy. "Now come on, you can help me cook." I grinned, Frank pouting as he followed me down the stairs.

I glanced over at Frank and smiled, he had never told me he could cook but it turned out he was amazing at it. I had been put in charge of salad while he stood over the stove, casually making a pot of tomato pasta as if it was the easiest thing to do in the world. I had never been that great in the kitchen, Frank was younger than me and already he had kicked my ass. As I looked at him my smile widened and I felt my stomach churn with love, he looked much older in the clothes and 'tattoos', he was leant back a little with his free hand in his pocket. He was chewing absent mindedly on his lip ring and bopping his head a little to a tune he was playing in his mind. I could get used to this. It looked like something out of a fairytale, and I hoped that it would be like this when me and Frank were finally a 'real' couple. When he had left high school, and got a job, when everyone knew about us, when he was living with me. It was warm thought, just cooking together in the kitchen like we were now, discussing work or something. It was so simple and yet so satisfying to think about.
"You okay?" Frank asked, noticing me watching him and I nodded.
"I'm fine, just admiring your cooking skills." I smirked and he laughed, turned to look into the pot.
"Ah, its nothing special. But it'll do I guess." He said with a smile and I sauntered over to him, standing behind him and wrapping my arms around my waist, kissing the back of his neck. He pressed back against me and I nipped the skin playfully, running my hand across his midriff.
"You look good Frankie." I whispered, moving my lips to his ear and biting the lobe gently.
"Uhm... so do you." He said with a small giggle and I turned him round to face me, cupping his face in my hands and leaning in to kiss him. He tilted his head up to meet my lips halfway, and I pressed our bodies tighter together as we shared a deep, open mouthed kiss. His tongue snaked out to rub against mine and he ran his fingers through my hair as I ran one hand down to wrap protectively round his waist.
"Door..." He whispered against my lips as a loud knock rang through the kitchen. I groaned as I pulled away from him, disappointed to have to end it there. He giggled at my pout and pushed me gently away.
"Stop sulking -" He laughed. "And let the poor woman in." I gave him a mock salute before walking out of the kitchen, swaying my hips with exaggerated movements as I went and earning a giggle from Frank. I tidied up my hair as I approached the door and hoped I wasn’t flushed. I could see Lindsey’s silhouette through the frosted glass in the door and pulled it open to reveal her, grinning at me in a red tartan skirt and black V - neck shirt.
"Hi!" She said brightly, walking into the house as I stood aside for her.
"Hey, how are you?" I asked, closing the door and waiting for her to pull off her boots.
"I'm great thanks, yourself?" She answered, putting her footwear neatly to the side of the door before facing me with a wide smile.
"I'm fine." I replied, leading the way to the kitchen.
"Mmm, something smells good." Lyn commented, giving an appreciative sniff of the air. I laughed and raised my hands up.
"Ha, nothing to do with me." I admitted. "Franks cooking." I laughed and Lyn gave me an intrigued look.
"Frank? Whose Frank?" She asked. I stopped just before we reached the kitchen and turned to look at her.
"He's someone I want you to meet." I said carefully, when I only saw interest in her eyes I took her into the kitchen where Frank was stirring the pasta just as casually as before. He turned to smile at us when we came in and I saw a flash of jealousy go through his hazel eyes and knew he was thinking Lyn was pretty. If he only he knew how gorgeous he looked right now.
"Frank, this is my friend Lyn I was telling you about." I said, pushing Lyn forward so Frank could see her better and he smiled softly. "Lyn, this is my partner Frank." I said bluntly, feeling my stomach lurch as the words past my lips, and I prayed she would take it well. Prayed she would believe he was older than he was. I saw her stare at Frank in surprise, her jaw had dropped slightly but she composed herself quickly and turned to grin at me.
"Your... partner? Gerard! You never told me you had a boyfriend!" She cried, practically running up to Frank and embracing him. He gave me a look of shock over her shoulder and I shrugged, slightly confused myself.
"Its so nice to meet you Frank. I just assumed Gerard had a girlfriend, please excuse me if I seemed shocked." Lyn laughed as she pulled back and Frank smiled warmly.
"No its fine." He grinned and I could hear relief in his voice. I too was trying hard not to sigh with relief, so far - we had gotten away with it. I approached Frank and slung my arms over his shoulders and kissed his cheek, it felt so refreshing to be able to show affection with someone else there. It felt good for someone to know about us, just because it meant I could show Frank off to at least one person.
"How long have you two been together?" Lyn asked and Frank answered before I could even open my mouth.
"Two years now. I had just left high school." He said, giving me a fond look as I tried to look as if this wasn’t all new to me. "We met in an art gallery, just got talking. I didn’t ever think he would like me back, but it turned out he did and well... here we are now." Frank said, the lies coming out so naturally even I was starting to believe them.
"Oh, so your... Twenty?" Asked Lyn and Frank nodded. "Cool, aaw, you two make such an adorable couple." Cried Lyn, clasping her hands together and grinning at us. I smiled back and hugged Frank tighter to me. The kid was a natural actor.
The evening went so well I couldn’t help but feel blessed. Frank and Lyn did most of the talking, Lyn seemed so interested in him, wanting to know everything and Frank answered her questions without a moments hesitation, keeping as much to the truth as he could but even so - by the time Lyn went home that night, she left believing Frank was a twenty year old guitar shop worker, living with me and playing in a local rock band who were trying to make the big time. He even named the band, and gave song titles and described art work. I was beginning to wonder whether the band was actually real but when I asked him afterwards he just laughed and said no. I was astounded, I had hoped he could pull it off but I never expected him to be so good at it. So good in fact, that Lyn asked to come round for dinner at her place that coming Friday, and declared she couldn’t wait to tell all her friends about us. For a second I had been horrified, we couldn’t just go around lieing to everyone. What if someone knew a student at the school and found out Frank was really a student? What if someone saw him at the school in passing? But Frank had simply given a cool smile and said she was too kind. He didn’t seem phased by it at all. But I began to wonder whether I had unintentionally just thrown us into the deep end, left to try and swim... or sink.

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