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Thats the truth, and thats the trick in it.

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How does Ray take it all? Lets find out... :] p.s - didnt have time to run a spell check, sorry :( I dont think theres many mistakes :/

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I bit my lip as I made the coffees. Frank was sat at one end of the kitchen table, his head in his hands as he took deep breaths to calm himself. Ray sat at the other end, his mouth agape and one hand tangled into his hair. Frank had just spilled out the entire story in one mad flood, not giving Ray a chance to add any comments, and now he had finished he looked like he was about to have a heart attack... and so did Ray, for that matter.
The silence was filled with tension and it was driving me insane, I wished I could think of something to say but my mind was blank so I just carried on stirring the coffees although they had long since been completed.
"Gee?" Franks voice was shaking a little as he gave me a confused look and I blushed, laying down the spoon and bringing the coffees over. Frank took his in his hands but didnt drink any and Ray didnt seem to have noticed that his was infront of him. I looked at Frank but he was looking down at the table again, I looked at Ray, but he was still lost in thought. I looked at my coffee, and wished it would talk to me.
After what felt like eternity, Ray lowered his hand and looked at Frank who looked up at him with worried eyes.
"Okay so... wow... I mean... thats some heavy shit..." Ray mumbled, scratching his chin thoughtfully. I glanced at Frank and could see he was trembling slightly, his teeth clamped down hard on his bottom lip.
"Wow... I cant believe I never guessed... I just... I feel like an asshole." Ray scowled and Frank looked at him in surprise.
"Why?" He asked, his eyes wide. Ray gave him a 'duh' look and slid his coffee towards him.
"Because I should've known. And your my best friend, I shouldnt have bitched at you earlier when I walked in on you guys, I mean... yeah it was a shock but, I always tell myself I wont judge people unless I know them - and I know you well enough to know your not stupid enough to fall for some pervy teacher. I should've known you and Gerard actually liked eachother and arent just in it for sex." Frank blushed and I resisted the urge to bash my head on the table. The whole conversation suddenly seemed to be going in a very awkward direction.
"Its okay, I understand why you were shocked. And I actually feel better that you know everything now. At least thats one last person to hide it from." Said Frank with a small smile which Ray returned. I coughed a little and ran a hand through my hair as both boys looked at me.
"So err... does this mean you wont tell anyone?" I asked shyly and Ray looked shocked before nodding instantly.
"Of course! I swear I wont tell a soul, it'll be like I never knew a thing." He swore, making the shape of an X over his heart. Frank gave a genuine smile and I couldnt help but give a sigh of relief, Ray laughed and took a sip of his coffee.
"But I really am sorry for freaking out. I should've just let you explain." He added, sounding ashamed of himself and I shook my head.
"Its fine Ray. Anyone would of done the same, and you did let us explain - just now. I mean, most people would of just ran out of here and gone straight to the authorities without letting us say a word. I'm really grateful that you didnt." I said softly, and Ray smiled, bowing his head.
"I would never have gone to the police really... I mean, I couldnt do that to Frank. As soon as he started crying I could see I was tearing him apart, I felt like a bastard. I'm supposed to be your best friend." Ray said, looking over at Frank who smiled widely. He had stopped trembling and his tears had mostly dried.
"You are my best friend Ray. And I'm sorry I lied to you before, I should've just been honest from the start." Ray began shaking his head but Frank continued before he could say anything.
"But now that its all out in the open, can we just stop talking about it. I wanna start forgetting about it again." He added and Ray and I both nodded, I felt relief wash over me as the conversation was swiftly changed to guitars. I couldnt contribute much since I didnt play guitar and had failed miserably every time I tried, but I was content to just sit back and relax, to let my mind rest from the days some what painful events. I could tell there was still a little awkwardness between Frank and Ray, but that was understandable considering everything Ray had found out about Frank. I knew they'd be strong friends again in no time, but I was pretty certain Ray would always be a little bit weird around me. As I would be of him. Just knowing he knew about me and Frank made me feel like I had to be careful not to make him think I was some wierd pedophile, but I hoped things would still be okay. I was pretty sure they would be...
"Gee, isnt that your phone?" Asked Frank and I was snapped out of my thoughts to hear the sound of my mobile going off on the counter.
"Oh crap!" I cried, diving out of my chair and seizing the gadget, I didnt glance at the caller ID before pressing it to my ear. "Hello?"
"Hi Gerard!" The voice was female, and not my mothers. For a second I was completely confused, but then I remembered yesterday.
"Oh hi Lyn." I answered, giving a nervous giggle as I felt Franks eyes land on my back.
"Hi." Lyn laughed. "How you been?"
"I've been err... great. You?"
"Ah, just fine. My friends apartment wasnt too badly drowned." Lyn laughed again and I ran a hand through my hair, waiting for her to continue. "But yeah, I was just wondering if you wanted to meet up tommorow night or something. We could have dinner, like you could come to mine or maybe I could come to yours. I'd love to catch up some more." She said brightly and I felt like I was about to choke on my own tongue. I had no idea what to say, I'd love to catch up more too but I wasnt sure whether dinner was too... romantic? But I quickly decided I was just being paranoid, after all, I had told Lyn yesterday that I was seeing someone.
"Erm okay, great. Err, how about you come to mine?" I proposed, it would be easier than having to find her house and also if Frank was still round tommorow then it would okay. Lyn seemed to be happy about it too.
"Yeah thats fabulous! I'll need your address though, let me just get a pen." I mumbled an okay and turned round to see Frank and Ray watching me, Ray was looking non - chalant and Frank was looking confused. I gave him a warm smile and waited for Lyn to come back.
"Okay! Got one, fire away!" She cried brightly and I began to tell her my address, pausing every few words to allow her to write it down. Once I had finished I heard her move the paper.
"Can you find it okay?" I asked and I heard her laugh.
"Yeah, sure I can. I know the area pretty well." She answered and I nodded, forgetting she couldnt see.
"Okay so... I'll see you tommorow then. Is half seven good?" I asked, seeing Frank raise an eyebrow.
"Uh hm. Half sevens fine. See you tommorow Gerard." Lyn said and I just had time to say goodbye back before she had hung up. I layed down my phone and sat back down at the table as Frank stared at me.
"Who was that?" He asked, sounding curious and I could hear a hint of laughter in his voice.
"An old friend from high school. We met up yesterday, I forgot to tell you. She's coming round for dinner tommorow." I said, trying to sound casual. The last thing I wanted was Frank getting suspicious of Lindsey, but I didnt miss the look of hurt that flashed across his face before he composed himself.
"Oh... cool." He said quietly and I bit my lip. I didnt like Lindsey like that, I couldnt believe he would ever think I would want anyone other than him.
"Yeah, she's nice." I said flatly. "In fact, I think you two would really get along. When you go home tonight tell my mom that your having dinner here tommorow night if thats okay with you. I'd really like her to meet you." I said and Frank looked at me in surprise.
"Really?" He asked skeptically, and I nodded with a smile, grabbing his hand from over the table.
"Of course. She's a friend of mine, and I want her to meet the person most important in my life right now. She'll adore you, I promise." I grinned and Frank gave a small smile back, squeezing my hand. Ray gave a small cough and we blushed, pulling our hands away.
I hoped that by having Frank here tommorow night he would see that I was not, in any way, interested in Lindsey. I wanted him to trust me, I wanted him to know that he was the only person I could ever love. And I wanted Lyn to know that too. I knew we couldnt tell her we were together, I'd have to think of something to tell her. Hell, as far as Lyn went we could tell her that Frank had left high school. We could tell her anything because she didnt know anything about Frank. As I thought of this I began to wonder whether maybe I could tell her I was with Frank... just as long as I convinced her he was older than he was... I looked over at Frank who was talking to Ray about guitars once more and a plan began forming in my head and I couldnt help but smirk.

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