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Cant take the kid from the fight take the fight from the kid

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Brendon lies

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I wake up. Im in the bathroom the floor is cold , and my wrist is covered in dried blood.
I get up and wash it off. Im upset because Im still alive. I guess I could try agian. I dotn want to leave this bathroom. I dont want to see him. I have to leave though, I cant just stay in till nighttime. I put on new clothes and a wristband to cover my severe cuts.
I go to the kitchen slowly looking out for anyone. There he is. Shit!.
He looks up at me "Ryan..Im sorry" he says. I ignore him. "Hey I acted stupidly and I lied about alot of things and I did what I did because I dont want to admit it to you George Ryan Ross III!"
I ignore him still as I sip my coffee and walk away. What a bunch of crap. LiarI think to myself. "Ryan? Come on!" He grabs my hand, spins me around and just kisses me right there in the middle of the hallway. "Get off!" I yell "You just did that cause you feel pity for me for being gay". "Ry thats not it--" he starts but I cut him off. George Ryan Ross III can hold grudges for a very long time.
"Oh so you just didnt want me to quit and ruin the band" I say knowingly.
"NO! Ry Guy...I care about you okay?" He says with a sigh.
"You lie!"
"Im not lying, What can I do to make you forgive me?"
"Drop Dead!" I yell and I run out. I run down the street and I dont want to go back to that fucking liar.
I hear him call my name "Ryan!" But Im the faster runner. I mangage to get away and I dont see him behind me anymore. I take a shortcut through an alley. I shiver. Its cold.
I think about what he said trying to figure what he meant. I did what I did because I dont want to admit it to you I keep thinking that over and over as I walk.
"Hey pretty thing" I hear someone say. I turn around and there is a man, about 23. pale, blue eyes, black hair. He is almost model like.
I walk away. He gets in front of me. "Hey whats your name?" He asks me.
"Ryan.." I shiver again.
"Have you had sex before?" that was odd why ask me that?
"No" I say I try to walk away but he forces himself on me.
"Let me be the first to break you in, Im David, and I cant wait to hear you scream my name, pretty boy" He says lustfully.
I shake my head. "Please dont" I start backing away. But he pushes me hard agianst a wall and before I know it Im in shock. Its painful and he is raping me. I cry "Please Stop it hurts soo bad"
"Stop if you keep this up it will only hurt more" He whispers in my ear. "Scream my name"
"No" I say panting. This its fair. Im aching. Im so weak. He goes in so hard. I say his name so that maybe he will slow. "Oh David stop"
But he doesnt. He goes on with this for and hour. The worst hour of my life. Im bruised and hurting, after he is done I just collide with the ground. I dont have any energy. He leaves me there, and all I what is Brendon. I close my eyes to ignore the pain.
I want a do over I want to get my virginity back. But I cant.
I just see a bright light. I regret everything
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