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You've earned your place in the hall of fame

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I just get up after I control my shock. Forget all that happened. Nothing happened.
I walk back "Home" to find a very worried Brendon. He asked me if I was ok, I lied and said yes.
"I missed you" I said. He looks at me and smiles. "So you know what I meant, know?".
"Say it, I wont believe you till you say it" He mumbles under his breath.
"Im Bi and completely and utterly smitten for Ryan Ross" He says. I giggle.
He kisses me and Im soo happy. He starts getting frisky. He takes off my jacket, and relieves me of my overly tight wristband. I gasp remembering the cuts. He looks at my wrist sadly. "Im sorry I ever lied to you. It made you do this" He looks at me knowingly. "Never again" He whispers.
I nod. Im at a loss for words and Im trembleing at his touch. He explores my body and I whimper.
"Ry Guy?" He moans. I look a him. This is my way of answering without words. "I want you soo bad"
I smile. What happened in that alley, never happened, cause with Brendon here I could give him my everything, and I wanted to give him everything.
"I want you too...soo..sooo bad" I said breathy. I sit on his lap. "oh god.." He says and I figure he wants know.. We kiss once again and I can barely breathe. "Soo sexy" he says my ear. I guess I'll blow him off, but I dont know how...Im so uneducated. So I just linger with my touch. I feel him flip me over. The fight for dominence (SP?) is over. "So you think that cause your lead singer that you just get to be on top" I say in a flirty voice.
"Hells yes"
"Well fine but If we do it your wearing protection" i say in a fake pout.
He laughs. "I wouldnt want to do it any other way"

Sex scene next chapter..lolol
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