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Believe In My Heart

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Okay this chapter is a little rusty but I hope it's okay. Oh and I just gotta say that since this is set in the states Im trying to use American phrases and stuff but since Im Australian I may fuck it up a little so just bare with me

"Shit!" I yelled, leaping off the chair "Dude! You fucking scared me!"
"Sorry" chuckled Gerard putting the shopping down
"Just... Don't do that again..." I said, sitting back down
"Okay" he smiled and Frank stood, kissed my cheek then went to the kitchen. Gerard sat beside me and we just sat there awkwardly for what felt like hours. There was a knock at the door and Frank merrily skipped out to open it
"Hey dude, yo Liche" he said after the door was opened. Gerard stood and went to stand by the door as well. I looked up to see Mikey with is arm around a beautiful woman who was just a tad shorter than him. She spied me across the room and came to sit with me
"Hey... Steph right? Im Alicia" she smiled sweetly and held out her hand for me to shake
"Yeah Im Steph. It's nice to meet you Alicia" I returned her smile and gladly shook her hand
"Hey, Liche Gee and just need to talk about something, 'kay?" Mikey asked
"Sure, have fun" she smiled and pecked his lips. Frank, Mikey and Gerard left the room and Alicia turned back to me excitedly
"So... What's it like living here? How are you handling Gerard and Frank's... Relationship" she paused to find the right word. My mind flicked back to the previous night and I tried to smile
"It's fine here, I get along with both of them very well. They both seem so sweet, especially Gerard" I added
"Well let me just say..." she took a few deep breaths and looked back at the door several times "Be careful. Gerard may seem so sweet but... I don't know. He seems to be... Damaged. Something happened to him and he is now very..." she kept pausing and looking at the door, searching for the right words "Odd. He seems very sweet on the outside but he can be very cold or cruel. He takes advantage of people for his own benefit and it hurts, trust me, it hurts" the look in her eyes was so sincere and she really looked like she was speaking from experience "Frank loves him so much but ti Gerard he seems to be an object the will give him... Relief. I don't want that to happen to you, Steph. You seem like a really sweet girl, I really don't want that to happen to you" she said, taking my hands in hers and looking into my eyes. I had no idea what to say. I just sat there in shock until we heard yelling from upstairs
"What the fuck Gerard?" Mikey yelled from a room situated above us "You know what that would do to her!"
"Don't tell me what I know Michael" Gerard yelled back
"Don't call me that!! What the fuck is up with you?" Mikey retaliated
"Shut the fuck up! Both of you! If your gonna fight, don't do it in my house. If you don't wanna leave then just grow the fuck up" this time it was Frank
"You can't take the moral high ground here Frank. Your only here cause you wanna be his whore!" Mikey yelled "How can you let him do this to you? To her?" I realised that the 'her' that Mikey kept referring to was me
"Get the fuck out Mikey" spat Frank and Mikey stormed down the stairs
"Alicia, we're going" he said bluntly, dropping all cute pet names
"Bye Steph" she said, kissing my cheek and following Mikey out the door. Just before the door slammed shut she turned back to me and mouthed 'Be Careful'. Gerard and Frank came down the stairs and sat on the couch acting as if nothing had happened even though Frank looked a little pained, I assumed this was because of Mikey's words. Gerard went into the kitchen and Frank stood up and walked towards me
"Steph" he said softly, wrapping his arm around my middle and kissing me full of the mouth. His cold hand ran up my shirt and I gasped, he took advantage of the moment by thrusting his tongue inside my mouth. I was confused and frightened
"What are you doing Iero?" came Gerard's voice from behind me. Frank pulled away and looked at him, tears running down his face
"You'll never feel the same about me will you? Now you know how it feels to see the one that you love in the arms of another" he spat before grabbing his jacket and slamming the door behind himself. I ran to my room and went to stand by the window. The cliche of a silhouetted leafless tree through the window of a dark room amused me as I stood there but was too confused to laugh. The lights where off and I just stood there until I felt arms wrap around me and hot breath on my neck. I whimpered in fright
"Are you scared?" asked Gerard in a haunting whisper from near my ear
"I trust your heart, Gerard" I answered truthfully. His grip tightened around me and he started to slowly pull down my shirt strap. He kissed my neck and a feeling of terror washed over me as he whispered into my ear
"I don't have a heart
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