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Open Up Your Eyes, I Want To Watch You Cry

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Gerard's cold hands slipped up my shirt and I shivered with fright
“Im not going to hurt you” he whispered, taking my breast in his hand. I whimpered quietly and he breathed a sigh “Don't be scared baby, you know you want this nearly as much as I do”
“Get off me” I whimpered and he laughed slightly
“And why would I want to do that, girly?” he asked and I began to cry
“Because Im scared” I whispered and he laughed again
“That just adds to the atmosphere, sugar” he smiled, pulling off my shirt and undoing my fly. He pushed my pants down so that they where down to my knees and kissed me neck gently. He pushed my panties down and ran his fingers over my exposed womanhood
“Im going to make you scream one – finger – at – a – time -” he said inserting his fingers into my opening. I gasped and again whimpered at the contact and he kissed my neck, sucking gently on th exposed flesh. He began to thrust his fingers in and out, in and out until I was nearly ready. He removed them and pushed my shoulders down so that I was kneeling on the floor. He turned me around and grabbed my hair, pulling my face closer to his crotch
“Suck” he commanded and fresh tears began to flow. I put my hands to my face and shook my head, he pulled my hair so that I was looking up to him, I et my hands drop to my lap as I looked into his eyes. He drew his hand back and slapped me hard across the face
“I said suck” he said, pushing my face back to his crotch. I again shook my head
“No” I choked out and he laughed
“Suck or I'll rape you then chuck you into the gutter where you can die for all I care” he threatened
“But Im here because you don't want me in the gutter” I pointed out and he laughed again
“No. Your here cause I thought you'd be a good fuck. I don't care whether your in the gutter or a mansion. Now SUCK!” he yelled pulling my hair and roughly pushing my face into his crotch again. I sat there and he kicked my leg and pushing my face closer to him
“I swear if you don't suck me off right now Im gonna make you sorry” he spat, kicking my leg again. I gave n and took his hard member in my mouth going over it with my tongue. He started pulling my head back and pushing it further onto his length, I just sat there letting him do so. After a few minutes he filled my mouth and I swallowed, trying not to gag on the substance
“See that wasn't so hard was it?” he asked and I shook my head slowly “Get on the bed and lie down” he commanded and I did so, not wanting to resist him, knowing I couldn't win. I lay back and he stripped off the remainders of his clothing, he crawled on top of me and began kissing my body all over before thrusting into me. I cried again, letting him do whatever, to scared to fight back
“Scream” he ordered “Scream my name”
“Gerard” I sobbed pathetically “Gerard! Oh god”. He stopped and looked at me
“I said scream, whore, not sob” he brought his hand back and slapped me again, making me cry more
“Please stop” I sobbed and he almost laughed
“Oh baby, I can't stop here” he put his hand underneath me and grabbed my ass, massaging it roughly “Now scream for me” he began kissing my chest and breasts and started to move again
“Gerard! Oh Gerard!” I screamed in pain as he dug his nails into the soft skin of my ass. He came filling me. He lay there on top of me for a few minutes before removing himself from inside me and laying next to me. He pulled me under the covers and covered us both, wrapping his arms around me tightly.

The next morning I awoke, lying on my back with Gerard's head on my shoulder. I moved and he woke up
“Good morning sunshine” he smiled and I moved back away from him. He reached out an arm to hold me but I screamed
“Don't touch me!” and he laughed grabbing my wrist and pulling me back to him, using the other hand to grip my thigh tightly
“Look! Im touching you! What are you going to do huh? Call the police?” he asked and I began to cry yet again
“Please let me go” I sobbed and he laughed. He pushed me out of the bed and onto the floor
“Make me some coffee” he ordered and I nodded, glad to get out of his sight. I pulled on my pants and shirt, running out of the room. I pushed the door to the bathroom open and quietly shut it behind me, locking it and sliding down to the floor, yet again in tears. I sat there for nearly half an hour before I started to hear Gerard yelling my name
“Stephanie? Where the fuck are you?” he yelled. I sat there as quiet as I could be until I heard the front door slam shut and his car pull away, only then did I let out my breath. I sat there alone for what felt like hours until I heard a gentle knock on the door
“Steph? Steph are you in there? It's okay Gerard isn't here you can come out” came a familiar female voice from the other side of the door
“Liche I don't think she's here” came another familiar voice and my face broke into a small smile
“Alicia?” I asked quietly
“Steph? Steph is that you?” came the voice again and I sat up and unlocked the door to see Alicia and Mikey standing outside “Oh thank Christ” she said as she saw me
“What are you doing here? Where did Gerard go?” I asked and Mikey stretched out a hand to help me get up
“I came to talk to Gerard and Alicia came to see you... Whats the matter? Have you been crying? What happened? Did Gerard do something to you? He did didn't he?” said Mikey in a rush and I looked at the floor. Alicia wrapped her arms around me and sighed
“Mikey you are not making this easier” she said and he sighed
“Sorry, I'll wait in the car, you two talk, okay?” he said and Alicia smiled, nodding. Mikey put his hand on my shoulder and smiled before walking out of the room. Alicia led me to the lounge room, sat me down and took my hands in hers
“Now... Can you tell me what happened?” she asked and I hesitated before deciding I could trust her with this and then exploded into a whole explanation of what happened. She sat there looking at me for a few seconds before she took my hands in hers and smiled faintly
“Im so sorry” she said softly as I cried
“Your not surprised that good Gerard did that?” I asked and Alicia smiled
“Steph Im about to tell you something that I have never told anyone. Not even Mikey knows this” she said and my eyes widened
“What is it?” I asked, slightly scared of the coming information
“When I was seventeen I had just moved from my home in grain valley to here, I was alone and trying to make it in the world on my own. I met a guy that I thought was the most amazing and kind man in the world. He offered me a place to stay and showed me how to make it in the world of adults. I fell in love with him and not long after I moved in with him we slept together. I thought it meant that he liked me too, but the more frequent it got the worse he treated me. Until it got to him ordering me around and raping me almost every night. He stopped letting me out and cut me off from other people all together. But since I was just a stupid kid I still loved him no matter how bad he treated me. Then one day a young man moved in and he started wanting to be with me less and hung around him more. One day I caught them together in my room. He told me that he didn't need me anymore and that I never meant anything to him. I was crushed, I was in love with a man who only wanted my body but forgot me, like I was a broken toy.” she paused and looked at me “I left one day while they where together and found somewhere to work and I got a cheap apartment. I tried to live my life like I was normal but never really had any relationships. One day Mikey walked into the diner I was working in, we went out on dates and hung around a bit like a normal couple. Then one day he took me to have lunch with his family. I sat down and there, facing me was the man I was in love with. Gerard Way.” she said and my jaw dropped
“He... He...” I stuttered and she nodded “The guy... Was that... Frank?” I asked, understanding what was happening
“Yes... He replaced me with Frank... Now Frank is in love with him and he's getting replaced by you” she said and I stared at her in horror
“So... Im... Your... He's... We're...” I began and she looked at her feet and began to cry “Hey... What's the matter?” I asked, putting my hand on her back and rubbing it soothingly
“Im the most stupid and immature idiot ever” she sobbed
“What?” I asked, surprised “What are you talking about, Liche?” I asked. She looked up at me and cried even harder
“Im still in love with him” she sobbed quietly and my eyes widened
“Your what?” I asked, in shock
“Gerard hurt me in a way that could never heal and Im still in love with him, even though Im engaged to his brother” she sobbed “Im the most fucked up person alive” she sobbed and I sighed
“Listen, Im sure you love Mikey even if it's less than you love... him. The way Mikey looks at you, I really think he loves you more than anything. There is nothing fucked up about that. There is one thing that confuses me though...” I said realising something
“What?” she asked
“Why didn't you tell the cops?” I asked and she cried harder
“Im in love with him, anything to hurt him would crush me. I could never do anything that hurt him ever.” she sobbed and I sighed
“What's this? Two beautiful girls here to greet me” came a sickeningly familiar voice from behind us. I turned around and looked to see Gerard leaning against the door frame
“Gerard...” breathed Alicia, she grabbed my arm and held it tight
“It's okay” I whispered and she stood
“I... I have to go...” she said, looking back at me apologetically
“But you don't want to go” he said, smirking
“I have to go, Gerard” she said and he took her hands, pulling her out of view of the street
“But I don't want you to go” he said, putting on a kind face. I looked at him and felt anger swell in the pit of my stomach. Alicia would never be stupid enough to fall for that fake face but one look at her expression proved that I was wrong. Dead wrong. Gerard leant in and kissed her lips, wrapping his arm around her body “I missed you Alicia” he whispered, pulling away
“I missed you too Gerard” she whispered
“Im going to go tell Mikey that you want to stay with Steph tonight, okay?” he asked and she smiled, nodding. He looked at me and winked before walking out to Mikey's car, that was waiting on the curb. She stood there for a few seconds before coming back to sit with me
“Steph, did you see that?” she asked, happily
“Yeah... I... I did...” I said, not knowing what to do
“He kissed me, Steph! Maybe he does like me after all” she sighed and my hed snapped up to look at her
“What? No, Alicia you can't think like that” I said firmly and she looked at me with a hurt face
“What do you mean? Why don't you want him to like me?” she asked and I felt almost sick at her words
“Alicia, you where just telling me how stupid it was that you loved him!” I cried and she looked even more hurt
“But he just kissed me, Steph! He told me he missed me” she said and I almost shook her shoulders
“He is lying, Alicia!” I nearly yelled
“Your just jealous! That's it! You wanted him all for yourself but I got him first!” she said and I looked at her in horror
“No! Alicia, It's not like that!” I cried
“What's not like that?” came Gerard's voice from behind us again
“Nothing” smiled Alicia “What did Mikey say?” she asked
“He said he'd be here in the morning to get you” he smiled, stretching a hand out for her to take “But for now, your mine” he said and she smiled. That poor girl. Poor deluded girl. He took her and led her down the hall way towards his room and I knew exactly why she was here
“You coming, Steph?” he asked, winking at me again and my stomach flipped
“I feel sick” I mumbled, before going to my room. I put my iPod headphones in my ear and turned it on. I put in on shuffle and lay back listening to the beats and riffs flow until the start of 'It's Warmer In the Basement' by Cobra Starship played in my ears
“You can't escape now. I've got you locked inside this room” came Gabe Saporta's voice from the headphones. I immediately turned off the iPod and threw it to the floor, only to be met by silence. I got up and walked down the hall and heard laughing. It sounded like Gerard
“You what?” he was saying
“I... I love you Gerard” she said and he laughed again
“Good for you honey” he chuckled
“You like me too right?” she asked and I almost hit my forehead with my hand. How could she be so stupid as to tell him?
“In your dreams honey” he said and I could almost hear the smirk
“But... But you said you missed me...” she said and I heard him chuckle again
“Listen I didn't miss you. I never have, I just said that to get you in my bed but now Im thinking that it wasn't worth it for a poor fuck like you are” he said harshly and I heard Alicia began to cry
“B-but I love you, Gerard” she sobbed
“I don't care if your dead or alive, Alicia” he said, putting on the voice she had just used. I again felt sick, running back to my room. I lay back on my bed and again plugged my headphones into my ears
“Open up your eyes I want to watch you cry” came the chorus of the song I had refused to hear earlier. I lay back after skipping it and fell into a nightmare ridden sleep...
I woke up and looked at my clock, at the side of my bed, 4:55am it read. I sighed and climbed out of bed, padding to the bathroom at the end of the hall way. I opened the door to and screamed at the sight that lay before me...

A/N: Sorry it's taken forever for me to update. Im not to happy with this chapter but I hope it's okay. The beginning is sorta... I lost it a bit but I hope the rest is okay
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