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Chapter 10. :)

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JERSEY GOES OTT.Pete&Patrick are brought in, Frankie meets an old best friend at the ice-cream shop.

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I typed pretty much all this up already,
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Now I shall retype it.. XD
And anyway I have decided to change most of it to narrow down all the characters. :)
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If you can't remember.. Frankie and Gee are in ICT (sitting next to each other) and talking to eachother on IM.. ^.^
And incase you're like.. WTH?
Uhh no, Gee just added his addy to Frankie's list.
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Gerard's POV
FrankLovesYourSocks x3 Heey Gee!
Gerard.W Hey Frankie! Who made you're name..?
FrankLovesYourSocks x3 Jersey
Gerard.W Jersey?
FrankLovesYourSocks x3 You'll meet him whenever him and Cassadee decide to turn up for ICT. Just brace yourself for him. He's probably had sugar.
Gerard.W Ahaha, totally prepared.. Frankie honey, where are you? I miss you. x3
FrankLovesYourSocks x3 I'm at Kate's house..
Gerard.W OMGG! I totally told you to STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER!!
FrankLovesYourSocks x3 LLOLZ!
Gerard.W She's MINE BITCH!
FrankLovesYourSocks x3 Back off! She's all mineeee!
Gerard.W I'll get Jeremy on you!
FrankLovesYourSocks x3 runs and hides.. You can have her. She can't fuck good anyway. ;p
Then Mr.Hamster looked over at us pulling a wierd face, probably because we were both laughing.. Then he looked back to his computer screen shaking his head, dissapprovingly. A couple of people in the class had also turned their heads to raise eyebrows at us. But we soon had our privacy back. A while into the class, a shortish girl with short brown hair and blonde streaks underneath the front bangs and fringe walked in, laughing. Then a shorter guy, not much taller than little Frankie literaly RAN in after her, almost falling in, infact. I guessed he must of been the Jersey Frankie had mentioned, and the girl must of been Cassadee. Jersey had snakebites and a nose piercing. Once he got firmly on his feet, he looked around for a few seconds in confusion. Everyone in the class looked up to watch him. After a few moments of silence, he shrieked, "Oh my EFFING GOODNESS! It's a DUCKING classroom?" And all of us in the class chuckled, and the short Jersey boy bowed, his dark dark hair falling over his face. Mr.Hamster sighed. Not looking up from his desk,
"Calm down and take a seat please Michael Moriarty. And Cassadee? Get a grip on your pet please?" Jersey gasped loudly, I guessed he didn't like being called his real name.
"It's JERSEEEY sir." He said stamping his foot to make a point.
"I suggest you go, sit and be quiet Michael." He repeated.
"Oh my goodness! Just CHILLAXE Mr.Gerbil. And if you call him Jersey he might calm down a bit." Cassadee said in a very laid back voice. Then walked her way to the back row and sat next to Frankie. Jersey stayed standing at the front of the class with his arms folded.
"Cassadee. It's Mr.Hamster." The teacher corrected, then looked up to see Jersey standing in a strop, huffing and puffing like a spoilt four year old. "Jersey. Take a seat." Mr.Hamster finally sighed, then looked back to his computer.
"EEEEEK!" Jersey squeeled in delight, then skipped and pounced onto the chair next to Cassadee.
"So, Hey Frank." She smiled at him, and hugged him briefly. We could talk now that Jersey's little drama was over.
"Hey Cassadee. This is my new friend Gerard." He said to her, pulling me into a side hug and presenting me with a wave of his hand. I laughed, and blushed slightly. Then I shook Cassadee's hand. Frankie let me go and I returned to seat completly on my chair.
"I'm Cassadee Pope." She grinned, her white teeth sparkling. This is the type of girl I'd go for if I was straight, and if I wasn't totally in love with Frankie.
"I'M MISTER JERSEY WERSY PERSSSYYYY!" Jersey shrieked, waveing like a mad man at me. I waved and smiled back. He was so child like it was funny.
"You two're Patrick and Pete's mates right?" I asked, trying to remember what Frankie had told me earlier.
"Yeah." Frankie smiled at me. Then he carried on, "But they mainly hang with their own little friendship group, with Alex, Elliot and Mike. I don't know them too well. Only from parties." I smiled back at him. Cassadee and Jersey had gone to concerntrate on their own screens now. "They have a band together. But only for fun." he giggled. I laughed with him, it was contagious. I looked to see what the other two were doing on their computers. Cassadee was leaning back, looking totally chilled and watching music video's online. Jersey on the other hand, was not chilled or even leaning back. He was on a sight which had different animals dancing with sombrero's on. And from it he was aparantly learning the soulja boi dance from a squirrel. It was amusing.
"Is Jersey always like that?" I asked, laughing at him fall of his chair, then scream in a high pitched voice, and continue learning the dance.
"Only after.. CASSADEE SELLS HIM ENERGY DRINKS 'CAUSE THE SHOP WON'T SELL HIM THEM ANYMORE FOR A GOOD REASON!" Frankie shouted so Cassadee could hear him. She nudged him,
"Dude! You know what he does to me if I don't give him his sugar! He bugs me to death!" She whined, still watching the music video.
"And this isn't bugging you?" Frankie giggled, motioning his hands to wear Jersey was trying to learn the soulja boi dance and failing miserably. Poor thing. Cassadee just shrugged and Frankie giggled and poked her, Then turned back to me.
Frankie and I talked the rest of the lesson away, about stupid things, like music and movies. I could never get bored of the most basic conversations with this guy. Man, I really really loved him.
Not long later the bell went, signalling that it was time to leave for art. We said bye to Jersey and Cassadee. Wishing her luck for her day with the hyped up Jersey.
Frankie led me to our art lesson. As we walked in the teacher known as Mr.Patterson greeted us and showed us to our seats. Then he showed the class a few tips on how to draw in the style of manga/anime. Then directed us to create characters for a comic we'de be creating. This'de be easy, I'de drawn in this style so many times before. I invented a few characters and sketched them, then added the detail. So simple I thought then smiled to myself as I finished in no time. I looked over to Frankie to see how much he had got done. He hadn't yet drawn anything and I caught him watching my paper, he must of been watching me draw. He looked, impressed, and shocked?

Frank's POV
I didn't know Gee could draw so well. So, totally well. I looked up to his face to see why he wasn't drawing anymore. He was looking at me, trying to read my face. I blushed at him catch me watching him, but then gulped and said,
"Gee. You're so, fucking wow. You're the best drawer fucking EVER!" I smiled, then bit my lip. He blushed and looked from my face down to my blank paper.
"Go on." He whispered, "Now it's your turn." He nudged me lightly, I giggled nervously, and tried drawing the best characters I could knowing Gee was watching me. Then I looked at them once I'de finished and sighed, then droped my pencil and turned to Gee.
"See, I'm terrible!" I sighed again,
"You're not! It's AWESOME!" He smiled, I hugged him quickly. Not holding on too long incase the class looked.
"Thanks. But it's not. Please help me make it better?" I smiled, putting on puppy eyes and pouting out my bottom lip. Gee laughed gently.
"Sure." He grinned, "It's almost perfect already, hmm, here, shade the clothes in more and add more creases." He said, and took my pencil and began shading certain places in in the clothing. It made it look 1,000,000 times better. "You try!" He said after a bit, handing me my pencil. I tried doing as he did, but fucked it up right away. I moaned distressingly, and drooped me body in a giving up way. "Let me help?" He laughed, And I nodded. He put his hand around my hand which held the pen and began moving it along the paper, adding in creases to the clothing. He leaned in towards me and whispered near to my ear, "See, it's easy." Someone in the class coughed. I had forgotten we were in a classroom of people. Most of them had turned and were looking at us.
"Gerard. I hope you're not doing Frank's work for him!" Mr.Patterson said jokingly, eyeing up our hands. We let go of eachother and I almost fell of my chair, but Gee caught me and helped me balance, then I sat upright myself. Grabbing my pencil.
I was blushing deep red and looked to see Gee was too.
"I was only helping him shade!" Gee called to sir, and everyone else in the class looked away too. Once they had picked up their own conversations again and sir had looked away I moved my chair nearer to Gee's.
"The class are great!" I whispered to him, "They wouldn't tell anyone, and none of these guys are homophobes. This is a friendly class." I smiled at him and he half smiled back, with a relieved look. We both understood it was best nobody knew, for our own safety. This was New Jersey. I continued trying to shade. "How's this?" I asked Gee, sticking my tongue out of the side of my mouth to show I was really concerntrating.
"Perfect!" He grinned. "Well done sugar." He whispered to me, kissing my ear gently, but no-one saw. I shivvered under his touch.
"And thank you so much, babe." I smiled a cheeky grin at him. We leaned in to kiss, but again remembered where we were and stopped ourselfs. The class seemed to go so fast. Afterwards Gee and I helped Mr.Patterson clean up the class.
"Hey Frank!" The girl in my class I knew as Cindy, as she tended to clean up here afterwards with me. I explained to Gee as quietly as I could that she never really talked to me out of this classroom. He nodded.
"Howdy Cindy!" I smiled, "And....?" I asked, looking at the unfamilular guy standing at her side.
"Fred, man." He said in a deep, husky voice.
"Frank," I said shaking his hand. "And Gerard." I added motioning towards Gee and smiling at him briefly. He greeted them both. We all went about cleaning the room and none of us really talked, but Gee and I stayed close to eachother.
"Are they going out?" Gee asked me, to our surprise Cindy heard us,
"Yeah!" She smiled over, flicking her blonde hair behind her shoulder before makeing out with Fred. She was ruffling his very short black hair, well, trying to ruffle it. Gee and I smiled at eachother weakly. We both felt jelous that we couldn't be this open about our relationship. I coughed loudly to remind them we were here, and they stopped.
"We're off to get food." Fred said, and they walked out without saying bye. Gee and I cleaned up the rest of the room in a calming silence.
"I was thinking Gee." I finally said, walking to his side. "Mabye we should tell someone about us?"
"Yeah.. when the time is right?" He tilted his head slightly. I nodded and hugged him. Then I showed him to the cafeteria. We grabbed a plate of foul chips each and a can of soda each, then I led Gee to the table where Bob and Ray were sat, not long after we had sat down, Elliot and Alex popped by to get one of their books from Bob and told us that Cassadee and Jersey had gone to meet Mike at the music department for band practice. And that the band name Jersey had gotten was, 'Hey Monday'.
Bob updated us on how he had improved on drums and Ray talked about the next band he was auditioning for as a drummer. He was waaaay better at guitar. The best I've ever heard. And I wished he would try and audition for that instead, but it was his choice I supposed. A few moments later Pete ran over and almost fell in a bin, but then sat next to Ray. He greeted us and then I got up to use the bin. On my way Dan purposly walked into me, shuving me pretty far on the floor. "Fag." He muttered, and I couldn't help but laugh at that word at the happy memory of me and Gee in the cafe, he glared at me for giggling. Then walked off. Gee and Pete came running to me. Gee helped me up, then the bell went for Chemistry. I wasn't with Gee for this one, but Pete and Patrick were. Patrick wasn't there then, but Pete was,
"Frank hun. I'll talk Gerard's sexy ass to Chemistry?" He suggested. Gee looked a little shocked at the way Pete talked. I laughed at Gee's expression.
"Sure." I nodded at Pete.
"Then let us walk YOUR sexy ass to your class first babes?" He laughed, and I nodded at Pete again. We walked to my class and they waved me off. I went and sat in my back corner seat, and spent the whole lesson daydreaming about Gee. And ignoring all the things that were thrown at me by different students in the class.

Gerard's POV
Pete was an interesting guy, to say the least. He tended to call us by, 'hun, or 'babe' and stuff like that, I figured he was a big flirt. We went into our Chemistry class and Pete sat next to the guy I pressumed to be Patrick. He was nothing like Pete. Pete was a well-figured boy with dark black hair which fell over his left eye. He wore a Nightmare before Christmas hoody, red skinny jeans which were EXTREMLY tight and big black and pink shoes. He looked good, had to admit. And he must of been an EXPERT at eyeliner. I'de totally crush on him if my heart wasn't with Frankie.
"Hey Pat babe!" Pete said to him,
"Hey! You know I hate being called that!" Patrick complained, pushing his hat back a little. It was dark blue and whitem and it said, 'I got range' on the front. He had light blonde hair which stuck out from under his hat a little. His body had a bit of fat on it, but it made him all the more cuter. He wore no makeup, but he had black square rimmed glasses which suited him perfectly. He was wearing skinny-ish jeans. Not nearly as tight as Pete's though. And he had a tee which said, "Welcome to Detriot. Sorry We Missed You Last Time." and had bullet holes printed onto it. He had a wristband on each arm. He glared at Pete with his light green eyes and Pete flicked his hair from his chocolate brown eyes, but it fell straight back over his eye.
"Sorry Rick hun!" He said, pulling a puppy dog face. Patrick rolled his eyes, then looked past Pete to me.
"Oh hey!" Patrick said grinning, I shook his hand.
"Gerard." I called to him past Pete.
"Patrick." He said back, smiling shyly. The teacher then barged in and told us all to shut up. He handed our books out and gave me a new one. Because the three of us sat near the front, we couldn't talk any more all lesson. Once the lesson was finished Patrick and Pete walked me to Frankie's class then we waited for Frankie's class to be let out. When they were Pete and Patrick left us then Frankie and I headed through the forest,
"You staying at mine again tonight?" Frankie asked, smiling up at me. I had missed him so much in Chemistry. His eyes sparkled at me.
"Yeah, only if it's okay." I answered, then added, "No way could I face my dad yet." He smiled and nodded at me quickly.We walked to his house in a nice silence.
"Wanna go get an ice-cream?" He asked me randomly. I laughed and then he giggled and took my hand and we headed up the road. Once we got to the end of the road we let go of eachothers hands. Not long later, we got to the ice-cream shop. There was a huge sign which said "Rainbow ice-cream" And below it there was a flag which said "Too cool for shoes" I laughed at it's randomness. Frankie opened the door and we head for the counter.
"Yo! Guys!" Pete called from a booth in the corner. We waved at him,
"Howdy!" Frankie called back. "Be there in a min!" I payed for our ice-creams and we carried then to the booth. Sitting in the booth were, Pete, Patrick and a guy who I hadn't yet spoken to.
"Brendon! You're back down?" Frankie grinned, climbing over a chair to hug him.
"Yeah man! And I'm staying!" he grinned. I smiled and sat next to Patrick.
"Hey again man." He said, and smiled, then turned his attention back to his iceream.
"Hey." I said back. Then Frankie sat next to me.
"Gee. This is Brendon, Urie. Him and I were best friends since like, kindy." He smiled at me. My heart flew when he used my nickname. Brendon smiled at me. His big brown eyes seemed to always be lit up. He seemed an awesome guy. I shook his hand.
"Gerard." I smiled.
"So Franklin." Brendon winked at Frank. "Outta the closet?" He looked from him to me. We both blushed and Pete and Brendon smiled.
"Noo!" Frankie giggled. "Brendy. There is no closet." I noticed they had nicknames for eachother. It was cool Frankie had this friend. I was surprised he hadn't mentioned him before.
"Well I am Franklin, my dear friend." He nodded, smiling even wilder.
"Name?" Frankie almost shrieked. He looked so excited for his friend.
"Ryan... I think he's at your school? Ryan Ross?" He smiled, blushing slightly.
"Him? Wow! He never talks much, but he tags with Patrick sometimes!" Frankie smiled and nodded at Patrick, who was completly caught up in his own ice-cream world.
"Right! Who's for a little visit to Brendon here's home?" Pete grinned evily. We all agreed and Patrick moaned as he hadn't finished his ice-cream. Frankie or I hadn't started ours.
"You don't mind if I leave it?" Frankie asked me,
"No problem." I replied. And we headed to find out where it was Brendon was living..

There HAD to be Rydon in here..
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