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Chapter 9... (:

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Meeting Bob and Ray and Joe and Andy! ^.^

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Frank's POV
"So, what makes you think we are gonna let you go to homeroom without some new bruises to show we've seen you today?" Dan laughed. Some of his jock mates walked and joined him at his side.
"Uh.." I muttered. I wished Gee could leave now, and save himself. Then Gee took a step infront of me protectivly.
"Oh? So your girlfriend here is gonna try and stick up for you?" Dan said, takeing a step towards Gee.
"No, Gee, just let him hit me." I whispered.
"Yes. I am going to stop you touching Frankie." Gee nearly growled, tensing.
"Frankie?" One of Dan's friends imitated Gee, and they all laughed.
"You better get outta the way princess." Dan said to Gee, frowning at him sternly.
"You better back the fuck away." Gee said, souding extremly un-afraid.
"Gee. Just leave it." I pleaded him quietly.
"Gee?!" Dan's friend laughed again.
"Please." I whispered.
"No." He whispered back. "And Dan. If I was you, I would seriously back away now."
"Or what?" Dan laughed loudly, takeing another step, he was almost face to face with Gee. And even though he was a bit shorter than him, he appeared way stronger.
"Or I'll ring up Jeremy. And I'm sure you don't want him getting involved. You know he doesn't fuck around." Gee said calmly. At the name Jeremy, Dan flinched, and took a small step back.
"So you're the new guy then?" He said, a little less threateningly. "Jeremy's cousin? Gerard?"
"Yeah I'm Gerard. Are you gonna fuck off now? I'm giving you the chance." Gee laughed coldly.
"Right," Dan said, then turned to me and pointed in my face.. "Don't think, just 'cause your girlfriend here is protecting you, we won't get you. As soon as you're alone.." He motioned slitting his throught. Then turned and his friends all followed after him. Gee turned to face me, smiling.
"Thankyou Gee! You just saved my neck!" I grinned, and hugged him. Then I remembered we were on the school yard. A few heads had turned and I pushed away from Gee quickly and smiled weakly. The heads turned back to their own conversations.
"Come on, we're still early, let's get to homeroom and wait." Gee smiled, motioning for me to walk in first. I smiled, then walked in and sat outside our homeroom class door. Gee came and sat close next to me.
"Ray and Bob'll be here soon!" I smiled, and Gee smiled back. "Who's Jeremy?" I asked, remembering the threat he had used to get rid of the jocks.
"Jeremy is my cousin." He explained, "He's a sorta, God in the chav world. But he's a pretty good cousin. And won't stop to protect me and Mikey. Unfortunatly, he didn't really like Benjy. They had a history of arguements. So he didn't give the twats who killed him revenge. Even after I pleaded." He looked down. I put an arm around him. I knew how upset he got when he talked about Benjy. Just then, Ray walked around the corner, his 'fro bouncing as he walked. He saw my arm around Gee and raised an eyebrow. But then smiled and sat next to me.
"Hey Ray!" I said.
"Hey Frank!" He replied then leaned forward to look at Gee. I remembered my arm was over him and pulled it away. "New friend?" He smiled his most genuine smile. Then him and Gee shook hands.
"I'm Gerard." Gee smiled. "I'm new here."
"Cool. Have you seen Bob this morning Frank?" Ray asked, sitting back.
"Nah." I replied, "He won't be long."
"Okay." Ray smiled. "I noticed your arm over Gerard when I came in." Ray added, raising his eyebrows at me questioningly.
"Yeah, he was talking about a subject which upsets him. So I put my arm around him as support" It wasn't lieing.
"Ohh." Ray said, sounding unconvinced. "Just remember what we told you the other week. Whenever you wana come out of the closet with us. We won't judge."
"Oh yeah, I remember." I laughed.
"Gerard, are you straight?" Ray asked, again leaning forward to make eye contact with him.
"Bi." He replied. "You?"
"Straight." Ray smiled.
"Cool." Gee smiled. I admired how open he was about his sexuality. Even if he had said he was bi, rather than gay.Bob then came around the corner. He looked extremly chilled out, as always. And he had a black beany hat on.
"Hey guys." He said, then sat next to Ray. "New mate Frank?" Bob asked, leaning over Ray and myself to shake Gee's hand.
"Yeah," I replied, leaning back slightly. "Gerard." I added, then giggled.
"Nice name dude. I'm Bob." He pulled his hand back. "New to the school?"
"Yepp." Gee replied smiling still.
"Jeremy's cousin right?" He added.
"Yuh-uh." Gee replied.
"Cool man." Bob yawned, "Are you and Frank fucking?" He asked, Gee and I laughed, it was strange how laid back Bob was, and how casually he asked the question.
"No Bob! I keep telling you I'm straight!" I giggled, but blushed.
"Just remember man, whenever you're ready." Bob said. Ray laughed too. Then the bell went and we all got to our feet, and waited to go into the class.. The rest of the class turned up, then the teacher.
"Come in class." He shouted, and walked to sit as his desk. Gee came and sat by us near to the front. The teacher told me that Gee had the same timetable as me, except for last lesson, were he was in a different Chemistry class. After homeroom we said bye to Ray and we went with Bob to maths, 'cause he was in our maths class. When we got there Miss Grange welcomed us warmly.
"Hello boys. And you must be the new guy?" She asked,
"Yes. I'm Gerard." He smiled, and shook her hand.
"I am Miss.Grange. Your new mathematic teacher. Take a seat next to Bob." She smiled, and I took the seat one side of Bob, and Gee sat the other side of Bob. The lesson went pretty quickly. And miss wouldn't let us talk the whole time. Only Gee was in my English class. So we said bye to Bob then walked to our English class. We were sat far away from eachother, but we made eye contact the whole lesson. After English was over, I brought Gee to the cafeteria for Break time. We grabbed a packet of crisps each, then went to sit by Joe and Andy.
"Hey Joe, Andy." I said sitting down. Gee sat next to me.
"Hey Frank." Andy said.
"Heeeeey!" Joe said, and waved. "So this is the guy we've all been waiting for? Gerard Way?" He smiled goofily.
"Yes. That's me" Gee smiled nodding.
"It's a pla-pla-pleasure to meet you! I'm Joe Trohman." He grinned, and shook his hand,
"Great. And this is..?" Gee turned to Andy.
"I'm Andy Hurley." He said shyly. Then shook Gee's hand.
"Right, I'm off to show Gerard his way to ICT. Are Jersay and Cass in today?" I asked.
"Yep. I think they are down the shop though." Joe said.
"And Pete and Patrick? I think Gee's in their Chemistry class." I asked.
"Yeah their in." Joe nodded.
"Right, see'ya!" I grinned, and then Gee followed me out of the cafeteria.
"Joe seems crazy." Gee laughed, walking to my side.
"Think he's crazy?" I giggled, "Wait 'til you meet Jersey!"
We got to our ICT class and waited for the bell to go. Once it did Mr.Hamster came and let us in. Gee and I took the back corner seats. And the rest of the back row remained empty.
"I wondor where Cass and Jersey are." I giggled. "By the way. This is basically a free lesson. Let's talk on msn?" I suggested, Gee agreed and laughed. Then we both signed in.

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