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Card 07

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Card 07: Heaven is Waiting

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Duel Deck

Card 07: Heaven is Waiting

Ryou's Point of View

A lot of things have changed in the past few months. One of those things is Bakura, he saved my life. Well I'm not really alive, but I'm here on Earth as if I was alive. I look like I always did, but my true form is that of an angel. Things are not that simple however, I'm not supposed to be here. I can see the Reaper hunting for me, only those who don't belong in this world can see him. The spirits of the Millennium Items are protected by the ancient magic, but the Millennium Ring was meant to hold the spirit of Bakura, not mine. This vessel has no heartbeats, blood doesn't flow, but I look the same as I always did thanks to the magic.

"Ryou," I hear a voice calling me while I walk to Yugi's house. No one knows I'm dead, I didn't tell them. They think that Bakura and I are finally getting along and it's true, but they don't know why. Than again, Yami might have figure it out, but he hasn't said anything to avoid worrying everyone over something they can't change. "Ryou," that voice sounds familiar but I can't quite tell who it is. Then I see her, a girl who looks like my dead sister, Amane. "Hello my brother."

"Amane," I speak in a whisper. People walk by and they walk through, as if she wasn't there; because she isn't, she isn't a part of this world and neither should I. "You're here..."

"I've always been here Ryou. I've always been watching over you, but I could not interfere with your life. Now you can see me. I'm happy to know that you and the spirit of the Millennium Ring are getting along so well. You've come to care about each other and I wish you could continue being this happy. But I'm afraid that watching out for the Reaper isn't your only worry," Amane looked sad as she said this. What bad news could she bring?

"What's wrong?" To anyone passing by, I must look crazy talking to thin air, they can't see her.

"Time is running out," Amane looks into my eyes. "Ryou, the doors of Heaven will not stay open for you forever, you must enter now!"

I think I know what the problem is but I ask anyway. "What about Bakura, the spirit of the Millennium Ring?"

"I'm sorry, he will have to stay in the ring," Amane knows what my answer to that will be.

"I can't leave him," as I say this, I hear his voice in my mind in protest.

"Ryou, you have to go!" I can't believe he's telling me this.

"I won't leave you!" I insist, speaking to him on our mind link.

"One day the Millennium Items will be no more, one day I'll have to leave also. But what will happen to you then? Ryou, if you don't go when your time comes, you become a lost soul. This is your time, mine will come eventually." But will we end up going to the same place, Bakura?

"Amane, will I meet Bakura again?" My sister only looks down and slowly shakes her head. "Are you sure?" I ask again.

"I don't think so, but I don't really know. There might still be hope." I'm not sure if Amane believes this or if she's just trying to cheer me up enough to convince me to go.

"I'll go only if Bakura comes with me," Amane knows I won't change my mind.

"Very well, it is your decision," there are tears in her eyes. "I must go, good bye my brother." She hugs me, then extends her beautiful wings and flies to the Heavens above.

I sigh sadly and continue walking. A few random people are looking at me strangely because I just hugged someone invisible to them, but I don't care. Bakura is trying to convince me to go, saying it's for my own good, but I'm ignoring him. I walked pass the Game Shop and into the Domino City park without even knowing it.

"You should have gone when you had the chance boy," I've been walking around for so long the sun has gone down and the park is deserted, but I know that voice.

"Show yourself Reaper!" I demand.

The Reaper comes from the shadows; a skeleton, a black cloak and a scythe. "Are you ready to become a slave of my world?"

I glare at him and prepare to take my true form. My vessel falls motionless at my feet as my soul leaves it and I stand here surrounded by a bright light; white wings on my back and a golden halo on my head. Then suddenly I'm no longer an angel, I'm a ghost. Frightened by my new transparent appearance I return to my vessel.

"Foolish mortal! Your ability to be an angelic creature will only last while you're tied to Heaven. But the doors will be closed for you soon," the Reaper threatens.

"Go Ryou, if you go now, you can still come to visit later with a special permission, but you must enter Heaven at least once before you can really be an angel," I heard Bakura's voice in my mind.

"I'm not leaving you! You know it won't be the same if I go, I will no longer be the holder of the Millennium Ring." If I'm not angelic then I can't fight the Reaper. It is my angelic form that scared him away before, but I'm defenseless against him as a ghost. The Reaper, surrounded in a dark aura, tries to attack me with his scythe. There's something wrong, he must have done something because I can't move.

When the scythe is about to hit me, the Millennium Ring begins to glow and I'm protected by it. Bakura appears in front of me in a ghostly way. "The Millennium Ring will protect one soul, first mine and now yours. When the Millennium Items are no more, to Heaven you shall find the doors."

"Bakura!" He's gone; he's really gone, the Reaper took him. Now he'll be captured forever and I can't do anything about it. The Millennium Ring recognizes me as its spirit now.

"Let him go!" I hear my sister's voice again. She holds a bow and arrows, glowing with Heavenly light. Amane shots an arrow at the Reaper, the dark creature screams horribly. "Release the spirit now!" Having no choice, the Reaper brings Bakura back and disappears into darkness. "There has been a change. Bakura you've proven that you're not the evil spirit of the Millennium Ring but good spirit now. You were willing to give up everything to save my brother, even your very soul. You may both enter Heaven together." Amane was smiling and so were Bakura and I as we followed her into the skies..

End of Card 07

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