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Card 08

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Card 08: New Year, New Hope

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Duel Deck

Card 08: New Year, New Hope

Ryou's Point of View

Winter is here and with it comes Christmas vacation. This is the happiest time of the year for some, but for me it's the worse. I won't be able to escape my yami at school, indirectly escape him anyway. Even during the school hours I can feel him in my mind. He talks to me sometimes and what he says isn't nice. The good side of it is that he won't come out, he won't attack. I know he won't try anything, not while the others are around. They protect me without knowing it, my friends. But even friends can't save me when I go home and am left alone with him, the spirit of the Millennium Ring.

Another thing about Christmas that people enjoy is presents, but of course I don't get any. Sometimes, my father sends me something, but he's never around for the holydays. Even so I can't help it but to be relived when a package arrives, it means he has not forgotten I exist. I wish I knew what my father sends me; Bakura takes the packages away. I can't hide anything from him, that's why I know he'll find me.

This year has been colder than any other. I've been sitting out here alone for quite some time. I left the Millennium Ring at the house; I can't really call it home. However, I'm still linked to Bakura, he will come. I'm not sure how far I am, but I know this isn't Domino City. I ran right out of the city into an endless snow covered field. I'm weak and tired from running and very cold. Maybe I'll get so cold I won't even feel pain anymore.

I got snowed in with Bakura last year and didn't want it to happen again this year. It's too bad I can't go to Yugi's New Year party like I said I would. It was a mistake to accept the invitation knowing Bakura can read my thoughts. He won't allow me to go; he was quite clear on that.

I wonder how I managed to get away from him in the first place. He must have known I was going to run away and never return. Maybe he thought I would come back when I start to feel cold, tired and hungry, or maybe he just didn't care. Either way I'm glad he didn't stop me. I'll just stay here, resting in the snow, letting the white falling from the skies cover me. I feel so cold yet I'm more comfortable now than I've ever been before. Did it just get darker? I'm so tired... I need to sleep.

"Ryou..." How long have I been sleeping? "Ryou!" Whose voice is that? It sounds familiar but it's so far way. "Ryou! Wake up!" I open my eyes and see him, Bakura, he came to find me after all. Why must he wake me from my peaceful rest?

"Leave me," I'm trembling from the cold.

"No," he picks me up and tries to carry me in direction to Domino city.

"Leave!" I yell as loud as I can, trying to make him drop me, but I'm too weak to even move.

"You'll freeze to death out here," Bakura argued.

"Why would you care?" I yell back. He is silent for a moment, what a stupid question. He wants me alive so he isn't trapped in the Millennium Ring.

"Don't ever do this again," Bakura warned. "Besides, if you stay here and freeze, you won't be able to go to your friend's New Year party." I don't know what made him change his mind, but suddenly despite all he has done, I can't help it but to smile and let him carry me back home. For once I have something to look forward to, not just a happy new year, but also whatever good changes the new year will bring.

End of Ryou's POV

Disclaimer, I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! This is another old story that I revised and deleted the old one. Originally I wrote this for the new year of 2005.
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