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Heavy Water

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Jeph and Quinn talk *im not seeing any reviews and im not adding on until i see some*

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The young blonde sat outside alone in the cold surounding him. His cheeks were tear stained.
He looks up to see the door open and his long time friend walk outside to take a seat next to him.
The two sit in silence. The long time friend breaks the silence.

"What's wrong with you Quinn? You've been out here since nine thirty, It's midnight"

"Nothing is wrong really....Atleast I don'nt think so"

"What do you mean? either you know or you don't know"

The blonde looks at the long time friend and sighs not sure if he understands that he's just lost at the moment in a space in which he does'nt know left from right.

"Jeph, I guess what I'm trying to say is, I think I depressed again. I feel lik i've lost something, not sure what. But it's gone and there's nothing I can do about it. Nothing anyone can say has fixed me. And it hurts that the feeling of love has gone and it's not with me any longer. It's like a constant cover of fear and that's what I hate. It's a like a horrible feeling.
Like a feeling of empiness......Ya know?"

The two sat in silence. The rain began to fall heavier from the sky crashing into the ground and getting louder on the pavment around them. A flash of lightning followed by the crashing of thunder. And the loss of power through the city. The blonde takes a cigarett in his hands lighting it causing the only light close to them. Another silence is shared for a few moments. The blonde breaks the silence this time.

"Yeah I did'nt think you would have anyhting to say to that. But it's okay. If I was you I would'nt have known what to say either, Besides brush it off with a what the fuck? and not worry about it. You should'nt and don't have to worry about it. Hell I'm probably just talking bullshit anyway. It's not like I can stay mad at you for long. Besides everything IS just a joke to me right? Do you think I've lost it? Or do I still have it?"

The long time friend keeps his eyes focused on the ground not looking up at the blonde. The lights flash back on quickly down the street buring a hole into the sky of L.A. a hole of light. Down town explodes to life as the ligh pours into and down the streets the smog above the city is visible again and the rain has returned to ingenuous state no longer beating cratters into the earths surface.
The long time friend looks into the sky with his head back. He laughs looking into the sky, That dirty sky. A slight smile reaches his lips he lightly laughs.

"It's so humid and gross outside. Why did we want to stay here in the first place?"

He says this then looks to the blonde who is in a state of confusion looking at the older long time friend, He smiles.

"I did'nt think you would listen to me, Or even take that seriously."

"I dont take half the shit you say seriously when you stoned."

"But what if im not stoned?"

The long time friend looked at the blonde he leaned close to his face looking him in the eyes and laughed again.

"Go look in the mirror.....your stoned"

The long time friend walked back into the house leaving the blonde half way confused and half way convinced. The young blonde laughed after the door shut in front of him.

"For a minute there I thought was about to be a kiss.....awkward....."

The blonde laughed and walked into the house away from the rain, smog, and stupid useless serious conversation that would be a joke this time tomorrow.

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