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Bring me something I can hold onto

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read it and weep? lol no read it and find out really the chapter name just sounds cool gonna go with the flo and see whats turns out.

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The blonde walked into the house behind the long time friend, who was already all over the new addition.
The new addition that Quinn loved, yet he hated her.
The petite girtl's endearing giggles made his body shiver.
He looked at the couple sitting on the couch across from them. Next to Madylynn.
She smiled at him and pointed to the couple across the room.
Quinn tried to hide his laugh to the sight of Bert sneeking up on the too with two jugs of ice water in his shaking hands also trying to hide his own laugh.
Madylynn leaned towards quinn smiling

"she's wearing a white bra"

"Oh no....."

Bert reached the couch lucky to not be noticed by the two.
He held the jugs above them pouring them onto the couple and the couch.
Madison screamed jumping off the couch. Jeph was on his feet chasing Bert in no time.

Quinn looked at Madison smiling. She was whipping the smeared masscarra from her eyes and taking in a deep breath.
He watched her looking at her breast. He stood up leaving the room uncomfortable in his pants.

Madylynn aproached Madison handing her a jacket. The petite Madison laughed when she saw Quinn sulking away from the wet scene.

"Quinn! Why are you leaving?"

She reached him as he reached the stair case trying to avoid her at all cost.
Not her mostly but more his mental unstability. Nymphomania was indeed a problem for the young blonde. Madison touched his arm causing a jolt equivalent to that of electricity.

"Madi don't. please"

"Don't what?"

She asked in a playful voice. Making him feel invited but he knew better. He sighed looking down at her. She stood about an even five foot. Nearly a foot shorter than him. She had her arms around his neck standing on her tippy toes.
She giggled slightly.

"Quinn....You act like we've never....."

"Never what?"

"You know...."

"Why don't you come show me?"

The blonde smiled. As did she at what he had said. She giggled almost delighted to the invitation that was handed to her. Greeting the blonde with a kiss on the lips.

"Hey dude! Come on now you know damn well she's mine."

Madison stepped down and away pulled in close to Jeph

"Im sorry she's jus....."


Jeph kissed madison lightly on the neck causing her to squirm and giggle.

"I know what she is"

"Yeah....And know what I am i suppose?"

"That does'nt mean you can walk around offering your dick dude."

"I did'nt. She came to me. Did'nt you mads?"

The girl nodded in responce "Mhhhmm"

"Your lucky your like my brother ya know?"

"Yeah....She's way hott and you let me do er"

"If you ask....."


Jeph cocked an eyebrow looking at Madi, who stood looking straight forward smiling with a hint of confession on her plump lips.

"You know Quinn. I can't have kids so when she get's pregnat im gonna be really pissed off"

"Hey the doctor said low sperm count that dont mean shit you guys could still have a baby"

"Yeah hopefully next time I see her at the hospital"
He said looking a t Madi.
"The doctor won't be bringing news. He'll bring me something I can hold onto"

Madison stood up straight.

"A baby??!!"

Jeph, Quinn, and Madylynn all laughed at the cheery response from Madison.

Jeph kissed her holding her close.

"Yes a babe. A baby"

The long time friend lead the petite Madison up the stairs and into the bedroom they were sharing during this break in the tour.
Quinn sighed and sulked up the stairs toward his own empty room.

Madylynn caught him as he shut the door.



"How long have you and Bert....been ya know together?"

"Way before he meet you"

The blonde said this smiling

"Do you think...."

"Lynn we've talked about this. No he wont file divorce just because your the wife and im the 'boyfriend' You know that."

"Yeah, well hes already getting shit can me you. Ya know share a room tonight? We havent.....We havent in a long time."

He smiled at her reaching for her hand leading her into the room with him. He kissed her neck lightly along the neck, jaw, and collar bone.
He sat her down on the bed removing his jacket and leaning himself against her she drew in a breath leaning against him also making him feel more welcome to explore her body with his hands.
He looked at her and opened his mouth to speak

"You sure you want to?"

"Yes I'm sure. I know Bert does'nt mind."

"Yeah he'd probably watch"

Madylynn laughed and kissed him again opening her mouth this time he worked at his belt buckel
hurriedly and.................
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