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Chapter 1 : Things aren't the way they used to be

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Zelda saw Link cheating on her with peach and she's feeling depressed. But she's not the only one who is sad... MarioZelda. Rated PG just to be safe.

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A plumber and a Hyrule princess

by MSola

Ok, I've been looking at the Super Smash Bros section and most of the of the couplings are Peach/Marth, Roy/Zelda, Link/Peach, Mario/Peach, just to name a few. But strangely there isn't a Mario/Zelda fic around there. So I thought that I might as well give it a go, even though it is strange. And for those Link/Zelda & Mario/Peach fans out there, this one isn't for you. Enjoy!

Disclaimer : I do not own Mario, Zelda or any characters from Nintendo, just this fic.

Chapter 1
Things aren't the way they used to be

It was like any ordinary day at Super Smash Bros HQ, except for two people who feels like the world has gone against them.

Princess Zelda was sitting at the edge of the water fall in the garden area of the HQ, she looks down & depressed. As if something happened to her that changed her happy and outgoing personality, the water at the fountain reflects her sad image.

Her thoughts were running of what happened at the past and how it made a shocking mental image that would stayed in her mind forever, her thoughts were then interrupted by foot steps coming towards her. She looked up to see the red plumber who everyone knows as Mario Mario, the hero of the mushroom kingdom. His expression was also a sad one, as if something bad happened & he can't get rid of it. She shook his thoughts when she said in a sad tone “Mario.... What are you doing here?” He looked at where the voice was coming from and saw the princess of Hyrule herself, he replied in a sad tone also “Oh, hey princess Zelda. I was just clearing my thoughts, you?” “Same.” she replied and then she patted the edge of the fountain, gesturing Mario to come and sit with her.

Mario, looked around and decided to head over to the fountain and sat beside Zelda. There was a moment of silence, none of them wanted to speak for a moment. Then Mario looks at Zelda and asks “So, what's on your mind?” Zelda look away and said “I don't wanna speak about it.” “You sure? I mean, if you really don't want to talk about it, it's fine wi-” his speech was cut off when Zelda replied “Ok, but don't tell anyone. Ok?” Mario nodded and said “Okey Dokey!” and then Zelda started to tell her story to Mario....

(Zelda's story)

She was heading down the hallways until she heard moans from Peach's room, the door was opened slightly so she came close to it and have a peek. What she saw shocked her mind, it was Link having a massive pash to Peach, and they were enjoying every moment of it. In her mind, she shouted “LINK!!!” she couldn't believe that Link would cheated on her and now she knows. Tears were swelling down from her eyes and she dashed out of the hallways and out to the garden.

(Back to the Garden)

“And I never greeted Link in the morning or had any breakfast. What did I do wrong to deserve this?” she cried, Mario held Zelda as she was letting go of her tears “Mammamia! That was horrible! It's what I saw also, but only a few days earlier.” he said at last, she stopped crying and looked at Mario in a shocked way “A few days earlier?!?” she gasped, he nodded and looked down “Yep. And I was sad as anything.” he replied

(Mario's story)

Mario was waiting for peach at the cafeteria but the wait was longer than he expected 'What's taking her so long? She's never THIS late before!' he thought, 30 minutes later Peach arrived and she look blushed “Peach, what's wrong? It looks like your face is as red as an Italian tomato.” he asked “No, it's nothing Mario. Really! I was.... running late... Forgot to put my make up on.” she lied, Mario arched one eye brow and said “Okey dokey... Anyway, what would you like to have?” she looked at the menu and said “Uhhh... How about the weekly special?” Mario got up and said “I'll go get it for you.” and with that, he dashed to the counter and ordered the weekly special for Peach & himself.

After their meal, Mario got up and says “I'll be heading off Peach, take care.” and leaves the cafeteria. After he was out of Peach's range, he dashed to the hallways and snuck into her room. He then heads into her wardrobe and waits until Peach arrives. She looks at the mirror and giggles a few times, a knock comes from her door and she said “Come in.” the door opened, revealing a green tunic swordsman with a green hat “Oh Link! It's so great to see you.” she said happily “I came as soon as I can, now then. Can we get to the personal bit of the business?” he replied, she giggles and then comes close to the hyrule swordsman, their faces were getting closer and closer until their lips finally met each other.

Mario couldn't believe what he is seeing 'Mammamia!!! This is as bad as undercooked ravioli! How can Peach do this to me?!?” and when he notices that they aren't paying much attention, he snuck out of Peach's room the same way he snuck in.

Luigi was just outside Peach's room and see's Mario looking sad “Mario, are you ok?” he asks, Mario looks at Luigi sadly and then he dashes out of the hallways, hearing Luigi calling out his name while he was running away.

(Back at the garden)

“Since then, I kept silent while Peach was trying to talk to me. I felt that I couldn't trust her.” he said sadly, Zelda couldn't believe that Mario has encountered the same situation as she has. She grabbed Mario and hold onto him tightly “Oh Mario! I am so sorry to hear that.” she said, Mario kept on hugging her, saying “It's all right Zelda. I shouldn't put my nose into somewhere that doesn't belong.” they held together for a very long time.

After a very long hug they let go, silence sinks in again for a while and then Mario asks “So, are you with anyone at the moment?” Mario's words surprised Zelda, but she shook her head and said “No, I'm not with anyone. Are you?” “No, I am not with anyone else at the moment.” they looked at each other silently and soon there were sparkles in their eyes, Mario took the courage and said “Say, Zelda. How about we go out on a date sometime?” Zelda jumped back a bit and said in a nervous tone “A date? Well uhh...” Mario looks down and says “It's all right if you don't want to, but if you-” he was cut off again by Zelda saying “I would love to.” he looked up happily and says “Really? Thank you so much. When can I come & pick you up?” “How about 5 pm?” she replied.

“Okey dokey! 5 Pm it is, I'll see ya there.” said Mario and dashes out from the garden and headed to his room, opening the bathroom door, he took a shower, which really refreshes his spirit and he felt like he's ready to take on bowser any day. After he had a shower, he dried himself very carefully. Not to miss any details, he then changed his clothes to his new set which then he heard the door knocking “Come in!” he shouted, the door opened to reveal his younger brother Luigi Mario, he came in and said “Hey Mario!” Mario looked at Luigi and said “Ah, Luigi! Perfect timing.” Luigi had a confused look on him and said “Eh? Perfect timing? What's going on here Mario?” Mario pulls out a few bow ties & ties and asks “Which one do you think I should wear? The black bow tie or this red and blue tie?” Luigi looks at both of them very carefully, none of them suit Mario well so he said “None of them, I think you look fine without a tie older brother.” Mario looked at them and then chucked them away “Oh, ok then.” Luigi is wondering what's with Mario's change of attitude so he asks “So, what's with the ties and the smell of cologne on you?” “If you wanna know, I got a date.” replied Mario.

Luigi couldn't believe what his older brother is saying “A date? With who?” he asked Mario looked at Luigi sadly and said “Ok, just don't tell anyone. I'm going out with Princess Zelda!” Luigi jumped back and looked like he saw a ghost “Zelda?!?” he shouted in a panic tone Mario gestured his younger brother to shush “I'll explain the story.” he then told Luigi how Peach cheated on him with Link and how both he & Zelda reacted to the situation & Luigi listened to it in detail “So what you are saying is that Peach & Link are making out and they think that you & Zelda don't know about it?” he asked at last “Yep! That's basically much it in a spaghetti!” said Mario. Luigi looked down and shook his head “I.... Don't know what to say Mario.” he mumbled, unfortunately for him Mario heard him perfectly and replied “There's no need to. Just don't say this to anyone, not even to Peach or Daisy!” he then grabs his famous red hat and puts it on his head, he head to the door and says “Well, I'm off. Cya Luigi!” “Bye bye Mario!” replied Luigi and Mario opens the door and heads off. Luigi stood still for a few minutes and then he remembered 'Aw shroom, I forgot to tell him about the new contenders! Aw well, that can wait.' he smiled with the thought of his older brother and his girlfriend to be, princess Zelda.

A/N : Well.... First chapter & things went into a twist. I sometimes wonder how's Mario & Zelda's date are gonna go? I'll save that for another time. In the meantime, read & review. Thank you!
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