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Chapter 2 : Ravioli and the Triforce

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It's Mario and Zelda's first date and what better way to have the perfect date than dining at a restaurant, a nice conversation mixed with food & wine is the sweet way to get things moving.

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Sorry for the very long delay but I had a real BAD case of writers block and doing other things like drawing, animation, voice acting and playing video games didn't help at all. I have no excuses...

Disclaimer : I do not own Mario, Zelda or any characters from Nintendo, just this fic.

Chapter 2
Ravioli and the Triforce

It was 4:55PM and princess Zelda was looking at herself in the mirror, smiling at the beauty make over she did herself 'Well if it works on Link, I'm sure it'll work on Mario. But then again, he's a different kind of hero.' she thought while feeling nervous about the date, she never went on date with another man and she doesn't know what Mario does, apart from the small information she got when she joined the Super Smash Bros association. Then she heard a door knock, indicating that her date has arrived.

She ran to the door then stopped for a few seconds to regain her composure, she opened the door slowly to see the famous red hat plumber who still wears his famous outfit, Mario couldn't help but stare at Zelda while having a red face “Mamma-mia Princess Zelda! You are beautiful.” he said shyly, Zelda didn't fair any better, she was blushing like mad and said softly “Thank you Mario, You're not so bad yourself.” He pulled out his arm and asks “Well, shall we go?” she joins it with her own and replies “Lead the way.”

They walked out of the SSB HQ and through the streets to a small Italian restaurant that Mario picked 10 minutes ago, as they went inside they can hear the nice Italian music coming out from the background. The lobby person notices the two entering in and says “Do you have a reservation?” Mario comes up to him and says “Yes I do, under the name Mario.” the lobby person looks down at the list of names and notices his name at the middle “Ah yes, Mr. Mario. That's table for two, is that right?” he said, Mario nodded and both he and Zelda headed towards the table that he reserved, which is close to the window where they can see the scenery outside the restaurant. Mario pulls out a seat and gestures Zelda to sit down on that one “Thanks.” she said as she was sitting down, he pulls out the other seat and sits himself down.

The waiter comes by and pulls out two wine menus for both Mario and Zelda to see“Hmmm... I'll go for the Cabernet Sauvignon, what about you Zelda?” said Mario, Zelda looks at her list and says “I'll pick the Chardonnay.” the waiter picks up the wine menu and says “Your wine will be ready in a few seconds.” he then walks off to the kitchen area, leaving the two alone for some time “So Mario, I've heard from the information sheet that you're quite a hero in the mushroom kingdom. What did you do to earn a title such as this?” asked Zelda, Mario sighed “Well, let's just I say I had to rescue those little mushroom guys who call themselves toads, storm into Bowser's castle. Defeat that giant lizard and rescue her.....” he said, with bitterness in his voice at the end. Zelda knew what he meant and puts her hand on his, squeezing it gently “And it's not just once, it's like over a hundred times. It's so repetitive that I wanna scream in frustration, I felt like I've been the part of a very bad joke that doesn't seem to end. I just want it to stop so that I can relax and get some recreation.” he looked up to Zelda's sad face and he thought that he might have spoiled their date “I'm sorry, it's our first date and I didn't wanna ruin it for the both of us.” he said sadly, Zelda smiled and replied “It's ok, I like the company.” the waiter comes back with each bottle of wine they picked in ice stored on a wine bucket, he opened them and poured the liquid contents to each of the patron's glasses and pulled out his note, saying “And what would you two like to eat?” Mario and Zelda pulled out the menu list and looking at each recipes that they had in store, Mario saw one of his favorite dishes and said cheerfully “I'll have the ravioli.”, Zelda looked at Mario with a smile on her face and ordered the same thing he's having. The waiter jolt the dishes down on his note and headed off to the kitchen area, as soon as he's gone Mario looked at Zelda and ask “So Zelda, I heard from Master Hand himself that the three golden triangles that we saw in the underground caverns is actually the Triforce. Do you mind telling me what they are and what does it do?”

Zelda smiled for a while and explained Mario in full detail about the Triforce “..... And so the triforce split it's powers into thirds and gave the power to Ganondorf, knowledge to me and courage to.... him...” she put bitterness of her voice at the end and Mario knew straight away who she was talking about, Link.

In pure instinct, Mario grabbed her hands and placed them with his own 'Mama-mia, that is so sad that she is bounded by fate to guard something precious with Link. Just like me bounded by fate to rescue Peach every time.' he thought, then she looked up at Zelda and smiled. She saw Mario's actions and blushed deeply, smiling back at him. Their moment was interrupted when the waiter coughed a little to get their attention “Your main course is ready.” he said and then brought two plates out and uncover the tops to reveal a lovely mini pasta squares with some filling in them covered in the richest tomato sauce ever, Mario licked his lips with anticipation of the tasty Ravioli that laid before him and Zelda couldn't help but smile at his actions but then it was replaced by shock as she saw him scoffing those ravioli's like there's no tomorrow he saw her reaction and decided to eat slowly “Sorry, I had a bad habbit of eating my favorite foods really fast.” he said after he took his 5th slow bite of the ravioli. Zelda looked down on her plate and picked up a ravioli, then she took a bite of it and she couldn't believe the taste she is experiencing, she sighed with a smiled on her face and she kept on eating. Mario smiled at that moment, seeing her enjoying herself brings out the good vibes.

The night goes on as they eat, chat, have their wine and enjoying each others company, Mario calls the waiter and gives him a huge ammount of cash that made him and Zelda's eyes bulge out of their sockets, he saw her shocked look and said “That's for the bill and a huge tip to the chef.” he then got up, pulled her seat out and took her hand, letting her get off the seat gracefully.

As they were heading back to SSB HQ Zelda looked up the sky and see the stars sparkling “The stars shine beautifully tonight.” she said, Mario was looking more at Zelda than the sky when he replied “Yes, you are.” he quickly covered his mouth and hopefully that she didn't hear it. But she did, and all she could do was blush. They finally reached at the entrance and she looked at him with a smile on her face “I had a great time with you Mario, I have no doubt that I would like to do this with you again.” she said, he smiled back and replied “Yeah, it was great. What do you say that should have a picnic sometime at the weekend?” Zelda gasps, she didn't expect Mario to be that quick to set up another date. But she regained her composure and said “Sure, I'll bring in the basket with some homemade food.” she then bent down and kissed him on the cheek, earning the famous plumber a blush of his own “Goodnight Mario.” she whispered to his and enters the building “Yeah.... Goodnight Princess Zelda.” he said weakly, after he recovered from his blush he enters the building feeling like he's the happiest man on the virtual world.

Both of them headed to their rooms, changed to their sleep wear (Zelda's is a White Nightgown with a triforce embedded on the chest area while Mario is an all red PJ) and crawled to bed 'That was the best date ever!' they both thought.....

A/N : Whew, glad that I got that out of the way.... Thank you all for being patient and be sure to read and review. Thanks!
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