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New Story

by E-JayLovesGerard 13 reviews

I'm starting a new story and me and Nic were wondering if you'd like to be in it?

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I know i'm meant to be focused on my other stories and not starting new ones but Nic came up the an idea for a Big Brother fic and I'm gonna write it with her help.

Now, where you people come in. There are.... 7 places. i think.

If you want to be in the story, leave a review saying you do, your name and what you want to be (I.E. The sook, popular blah blah blah)
Mind you, Nic and I are in this so we can have a little fun and im the loner, shes the betch :)

You have a week from today. Its Monday today, btw.
(Which isnt helpful since im from Australia and most people arnt.)

xox E + x~Nic~x

Im just gonna explain the eliminations.
At the end of the "week", I'll leave Nominate at the bottom. Thats your cue to nominate someone to be "eliminated". Me and Nic will tally it up, and we'll let everyone know in the following chapter :) Easy? Understand? Dont? Ask.
The reason for this is so me and Nic dont get what we want :) its up to you how the story goes since you control whos there and whos not. Enjoy your power :)
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