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Just short descriptions for a guide.

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If you want something changed about you the say and i'll do it

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E-Jay- Description: Long purple hair
Brown eyes
Usually dark clothes (leather/studs) with bright accessories like bracelets etc. Always wears a hat and Sunnies (even inside)
P= Nose, Lip, Eyebrow + tongue
Hour glass figure/tall-ish
Character: Loner. Quiet. Always at the back.

Frank- Description: Long black fringe/shaved blonde
Hazel eyes
Skinnies/Band T’s
P= Nose, lip
T= Sleeves, S+D, Scorpion
Tiny figure
Character: Loud/obnoxious

Gerard- Description: Shoulder length black hair
Hazel eyes
Jeans/Band T’s/Jackets
Character: Not shy but not boisterous

Bob- Description: Short blonde with beard
Amazing blue eyes
Jeans/Random shirts
P= Lip
Character: Scary looking but nice

Ray- Description: Brown fro
Brown eyes
Jeans/Dark tops
Character: Nerdy

Mikey- Description: Straightened brown hair
Hazel eyes/black and white glasses
Skinny jeans/Band T’s
Character: Nerdy

Nic- Description: Average black hair with red streaks
Hazel eyes
Jeans/Band T’s
P= lip
Tall/hour glass
Character: Funny and Crazy.

Jacoby- Description: Short black hair
Brown eyes
Biker look
T=Sleeves, Chest
Character: Baddarse.

Brendon- Description: Short brown hair
Brown eyes
Light tops, shorts.
Character: Dickhead.

Ashley (Cutegirl12356)- Description: Brown hair
Hazel eyes/think black rimmed glasses
Bright clothes. Neons coz thats cool
Short, thin….. basically Alice.
Character: girly.

Rose(bob_fletch)- Description: Short spiky black hair
Blue eyes
Skinnies/Band T’s
Character: Random

Maddie (The Madd “D” later)(rockerToBe)- Description: Long green hair
Green eyes
Scene look. Belts (studded :))wristbands, tons of eyeliner, beanies + baseball caps.
Character: Hyper

Stazzia(xx_ilovemikey_xx)- Description: Long dyed back hair/ fringe
Brown eyes
Black skinnies/colourful tops (or vice versa). Diff hairband everyday :)
Short and thin
Character: Bi-polar (Crazy, happy/ down/sadd)

Erin(sock_Monkey)- Description: Brown curly hair
Chocolate brown eyes
Fashion by mood. (I.E Happy: girly, colourful blah blah. Not so happy: Dark )
Short, thin
Character: Shy but overly extravagant once known

May(InsertWittyNameHere)- Description: dark brownie-black hair with a bright red fringe
Grey eyes
Mixture of styles.
Tall (compared to me)
Character: Slow but fun (Thick )(don’t mean to be harsh)

Eveigh(ZombiesAteMyParents)- Description: Reddish/maroon hair
green eyes
Skinnie/Band T's. Neon mother fucker ;)
Character: Over Dramatic (You are) :)

These are just short :D I might do longer ones later if i can be fucked :)
If you want something changed, just say. If you want like... a background on yourself (like if we make you talk to someone and want to reveal a bit) you can write it since we know nothing (or little)about you.
This is a Frerard, if you didnt know. So if you want too get with someone (Eveigh), Gee and Frankie are off limits.
Umm.... thats about it i think. the first 2 chapters will be Frank getting into the house so take your time with writing about yourself.
Im so slow write so suck my wangggg!

xox E + x~Nic~x
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