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But, Does Anyone Care?

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High School with Frank as the New Kid! and well he meets Gerard, yeah. yeah.

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I know I should be working on my other stories but hey High school is hell, so lets add some Frerard in it!
Franks Pov
I hate moving. I hate school. I hate being the new kid. I hate meeting new people. I hate it.
My first day of school and as planned Im getting my head rammed against my locker by a group of popular guys. They must think Im gay. I dont know. I dont act gay, I wear makeup whatever. But, as my IQ points go down from the abuse I see this guy, I dont know, he looks good, pretty? Well this guy he just strolls down the hallway with sketch book in hand and he has really nice eyes, hazel, and he has the palest skin, artic white, and its hyponotizing. His eyes are lined in black, like mine, and his hair is jet black. So after soaking this guys appearence in I notice that those popular guys are not beating me anymore and that now they are chasing after that kid. Dude, he runs fucking fast, which must be hard to do in all black clothing, not to mention his jeans which are tighter than mine.
"YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE" he yells laughing. I smile. Im sitting there on the floor leaning against the lockers watching this beautiful guy get chased by 5 or 6 Dumbasses.
"Gerard Way You will reget running from us!" one of the thugs hollars.
Gerard way? what a pretty name I thought.
Im dazed. "Hey you need help" this kid says to me, Hes got light brown hair and glasses. He grabs my hand and picks me up. "Thanks, um Im Frank" I say, but Im still thinking of Gerard fucking Way. "Oh, Im Mikey, what class you got?" He says this with a big smile.
"History, Mr. Logan" I mumble. "Me too" he smiles again. "Lets go!" and the boy just grabs my hand and runs, so I have to keep up.
Gerard Way. oh how I want to get to know you
Im not gay, though I keep thinking, not gay, not gay.
We sit in our history class. Me and this Mikey kid, we really hit it off. We like all the same bands, shows, clothes even.
Then, Gerard walks in. He looks kinda tired. "Mr. Way YOU are LATE" Mr. Logan says."Detention"
Gerard smiles. I look over at Mikey and he is smiling too. Did I miss the punch line?.
Well, the leader of the populars who had just chased Gerard walks in right after. He doesnt get Detention. I mumble "shouldnt he get detention too" Mr. Logan turns around. "Well Mr. Iero, if you feel so strongly that someone should get a detention then how about you?" and he writes down my name. Oh GOD!. Mikey turns to me. "In a school run by those brainless thugs, the teachers dont give a crap about what they do only us werid kids". Well I get to meet Gerard.
Mikey then asks me if after detention if I would come over to his house. "So soon?" I ask.
"you seem pretty cool, my friends Bob and Ray will be there" He says.
"Okay, Id love to"
"Cool see you then" and he runs off, while I go to DETENTION.
I meet that Gerard guy and we start talking. he shows me his drawings which are amazing.
"Frank? right?" he asks.
"Yeah, but how?"
"Mikey told me." He smiled.
"Oh, yeah Mikeys cool"
Gerard laughs and I feel like a missed something, "Yeah for a little brother" He says.
I laugh, and I dont get it. Maybe they are just close of something.
and after I rush to see Mikey so we can Hang. Pretty good day, I guess
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