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Mind If I Sat Next To You And Watch You Smile?

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What is going on? Things are finally figured out, well for the most part.

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You have no idea how thrilled I was with the responses I got for the first chapter. Since you were all so nice and thought I should continue, I shall.

let_it_go – thanks I'm glad you liked

Xnataliex – happy you liked it

Chicago-Kid – I hope the extra emphasis on the h was a good thing

Now for the next chapter…

So it turned out the cop really did think I was supposed to be in school because we did end up going to Glenview High, but I was confused. The parking lot was full. Was there school today? I could’ve sworn it was Sunday. The cop took me to the front office and behind the front desk I saw Mrs. Adams, the front desk lady except she look a whole lot younger. Wow, whatever anti-aging creams she’s using they sure are working.

“Sit.” The cop instructed and went to talk to Mrs. Adams. I did as told, thinking what a waste of time this was, but I was also pondering about what the heck was going on. It was Sunday, I know I keep saying that but I keep saying it because it’s true or at least I thought it was. My thoughts were interrupted by the much younger looking version of Mrs. Adams calling me over.

“Yes?” I asked

“Name please?” She asked in a sweet old lady like tone.

“Elizabeth McNally.”

“Okay here’s your schedule. Now get to class.” I took the schedule and examined it. My name was printed on the top, but why did I have different classes? Why did I have different teachers? Why have I never heard half the teachers teaching these classes? Something was definitely wrong here. Everything was all out of place. Great just another fucked up day in the life of Elly McNally. I soon came to a conclusion while walking to the first class on my schedule. I was obviously dreaming. It all made sense now, well besides the fact that I don’t remember falling asleep and this all seems way too real to be a dream.

When I reached the class that I was scheduled to go to, I walked in and recognized it as the art room. Great art, I wasn’t much of an artist. I did like to draw, but nothing presentable.

“Hello there.” A voice said. I turned in the direction of the voice.


“Can I help you with something?”

“Yeah, I have this schedule but I-“ I was cut off by the woman who seemed to be the teacher. Wow way to go Elly, took you a whole minute to figure that out.

“Let me see.” She demanded. She looked over the sheet of paper and then handed it back. “Okay you can take a seat where ever there’s a spot open. Everyone’s working on their still life paintings and since you didn’t start you can just skip this assignment.”

“Okay, cool.” I turned around and faced the class, scanning the room for someone to be my victim, I mean new friend, yeah that’s what I meant. My jaw dropped when my eyes landed on a certain blonde haired kid sitting at a table in the back by himself. I blinked my eyes a few times just to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming, but if I wasn’t then there could be no other explanation why Patrick Stump was at my school. Or at least what I thought was my school, because I soon came to realize that this was the same school I had been going to for the past two and a half years, yet I recognized no one in the classroom.

So I went to go sit by Patrick, who I soon recognized to be wearing no hat and who also looked a lot younger. What was it with people suddenly deciding to confuse me and look young again? Did I do something? No, didn’t think so.

“Hey.” I said setting my bag on the floor. He stopped painting and looked up at me, blinking a few times and smiled.

“Hi.” He said, and then went back to painting. I stared at him for awhile, watching him paint and just looking at him. There was something very wrong here. Maybe… no it couldn’t be, but maybe it was? Maybe that remote thing didn’t teleport me outside my very own home, but maybe it teleported me through time? Is that even possible? I didn’t think it was but, “Hey could you stop staring at me, it’s kinda distracting.” I shook out of my daze and focused my undivided attention on him.

“Oh sorry, I was just thinking. But yeah I can see how some random girl sitting down next to you and staring at you like a freak could be distracting and probably a tad annoying. I'm Elly by the way.” I said pretty much in one breath.

“Wow, okay, uhh… I'm Patrick nice to meet you, Elly.” He said a little nervous or overwhelmed, I couldn’t tell because I'm not good at reading peoples moods or whatever. But there’s also the possibility it could be both since I tend to get a little carried away sometimes. Anyways at that moment I was pretty much dying to say “Yeah I know you’re Patrick Stump, don’t ask me how I know that though since obviously we haven’t met before, but I swear its not creepy in any way at all.” But I refrained from doing so, because, well that would be creepy.

“Nice to meet you, Patrick.” I said, lame I could’ve come up with something better, but I was currently star struck or well I guess he wasn’t famous yet soo pre-star struck I guess haha.

“So, what were you thinking about?”

“Uhh, just random stuff here and there.” I lied, there was no way I could explain to him what was going on when I myself didn’t even know what was happening.

“Really? It seemed like you were in pretty deep thought about something.” He asked and it sounded as if he were genuinely interested.

“Yeah, well actually I was thinking about how I got here.”

“Oh. Okay, well uhh… I'll leave you back to thinking about that then.” He said awkwardly. And it took me about two whole minutes to realize what I had just said and I started laughing.

“No! Not like that! I meant like how I got here as in – well here.”

“Oh, okay that doesn’t seem quite as strange. But if you weren’t here, then where would you be?”

“Well, it’s not really a matter of where its more of a when.” As I said those words, I realized that I wasn’t in the year 2009 anymore. The remote had in fact teleported me through time, back to what seems to be 2001. Ah, well shit happens. I still have the remote so I could go back, or rather forward to the year 2009 whenever I want. Maybe things won’t be so bad here.
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