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Breathing Deeply

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Lunch timmeeeeee

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Loving the response I'm getting, keep ‘em coming and your sure to get more chapters probably at a faster pace than if I didn’t get any at all (hint, hint).

Xnataliex – Haha yeah I had fun writing that part, actually I'm having fun writing this whole story, I'm glad you can’t wait it makes me happy knowing someone wants to read haha.

Okay wondering how I went from 3 reviews to just 1. Remember to review please? Oh and points to anyone who knows the song title of this very chapter =) Anyways I now present to you chapter 3

Art class was over and the rest of my classes were pretty boring. It turns out I had a few more classes with Patrick through out the day, but the day wasn’t nearly over yet. It was lunch time, the best time of the day, although it didn’t feel like it. My mind kept wandering back to what was going on in ’09. You could call it a bit of homesickness, or just the fact that I didn’t belong here.

“Elly!” I turned around and saw Patrick waving me over to a table he was sitting at. I smiled, maybe I didn’t have to belong, maybe I could just stay here. Belonging somewhere has never been my thing anyways so what did it matter? I walked over to the table and sat down.

“Hey, Patrick.”

“Hey, how were your classes?”

“Eh, they’re whatever, boring for the most part though.”

“Yeah, school can be pretty boring.” He smiled, which made me smile. He had an amazing smile, kinda just made my heart melt. We both started laughing, at nothing in particular except ourselves if anything. “So what kind of music do you listen to?”

“Well, its hard to say since most of the bands I listen to don’t even exist yet.”

“Oh right, future girl.” He laughed.

“Hey you don’t have to believe me.”

“Okay, so what kind of bands are in the future then?”

“Well, there’s my favorite band Fall Out Boy they’re pretty awesome.” I laughed to myself.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing its just well, I’ve been kinda talking to their lead singer all day.”

“Really? Does he go to this school?”


“Is he in our grade?”


“Well, who is he?” I laughed at how clueless he was.

“Patrick Stump.”


“No, that’s his name.”

“Really? Me?” He asked surprised.


“I think you’re lying.”

“Nope, ‘cross my heart and hope to die, splinter from the headboard in my eye.’” I laughed as I quoted one of their song lyrics.”

“Okay then, who else is in this band?”

“Pete, Joe and Andy, except Andy doesn’t join until the second album before he joins T.J. and Mike are in the band.”

“Pete? Andy? As in Pete Wentz and Andy Hurley from Arma Angelus and Racetraitor?”


“Okay now I know your lying.”

“You still think I'm lying?”

“Yes, one because Pete and Andy are in bands already and wouldn’t want to be in a band with me anyways, two because I don’t even know who Joe Trohman is, and three because I don’t sing; I drum.”

“Very nice points, but you’ll see, it’ll all happen like I said you’ll see.”

“I'll believe it when I see it.” He said, and then the bell ending lunch rang. It’s funny because it didn’t really feel like lunch since neither of us ate, but we still had to get to class unfortunately. On the fortunate side of things the two of us had the next class together, yay.
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