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Tip Our Glasses to Having No Direction

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School's over, what to do, what to do?

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I'm ecstatic about the feedback, so keep it coming. Still curious about how I received 3 reviews the first chapter and 1 and 2 on the others. So lets say I get 3 or more reviews just to match the first chapter on every future chapter or no new chapters? Don’t make me do that because I love posting new chapters =)

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Okay so I have this chapter, but I won’t have the next chapter till Sunday considering I left the notebook it was written in at my dad’s house and I'm mostly at my mom’s house. I don’t remember what was in it, but I know it’s better than anything I could type up now. So sorry if it’s a tad longer wait than expected, but I really hope its worth the wait. Blah I always end up writing too much before the story so go ahead and enjoy!

Finally, the last class of the day – Algebra 2 was over, well just about over anyways. There was less than 2 minutes of class left and then I would have made it through the first day of school of the year ’01. Surprisingly enough all the classes I was in started off from where I had left off in ’09. Strange, but it makes it easier if I were to decide to stay here for a while longer. Which is quite possible, considering who I had befriended. Then the bell rang, thank god. School is just as boring now as it was in the future, except the teachers aren’t as strict but it doesn’t seem like they care much anyways. I walked towards the exit of campus before realizing something. I had no car, shit. I had no where to go, I mean my house in ’09 isn’t my house in ’01 because we didn’t move there till ’05. Just great, now I'm a homeless high school student.

“Hey, Elly.” I turned around, Patrick.

“Hey, Patrick.”

“Are you doing anything, like after you leave the school?”

“Nope, nothing planned seeing how even this day wasn’t planned at all.”

“Right.” He laughed, I never realized how contagious his laugh was until I started to laugh too. He said it like he didn’t think I was crazy for saying I was from the future, he said it like it made perfect sense. “So do you want to do something then?”

“Yeah, sounds great.” I said smiling widely. Even if I did have something planned, I'd cancel in a heartbeat for him.

“Okay I was going to stop by Border’s first and get a new CD that I’ve been saving up for, you want to come with?”

“Yeah, sounds great.”

“Then we can hang out somewhere after.”

“Yeah, sounds great.”

“Okay what are you a fucking canary? Do you say anything else?”

“Just messing with you, Patrick chill.” I laughed.

“Oh, I knew that.”

“Sure, Patrick, of course you did.” I rolled my eyes.

“I did.” He insisted.

“That’s why you freaked, makes perfect sense.”

“Yep, all a part of my plan.”

“Plan? Plan for what exactly?” I asked curious, although I was 95% sure he was making this “plan” up.

“That’s for me to know and for you to not find out, yet.”

“Yet?” I questioned.

“Yet.” He confirmed. I twisted my face at how confusing he was being, which was apparently funny because he started laughing his contagious laugh again, which means both of us were laughing. “Okay, okay.” He said, “Let’s get out of here.”

“Yeah, sounds great.” I said, smiling at him as he glared at me like I knew he would. We both tried to keep straight faces, but failed epically. He didn’t bother saying anything else and just turned walking toward the parking lot and I followed suit. We stopped at a Nissan, which was covered in chipped black paint exposing the grey metal underneath. “Nice car.” I said, not meaning it offensive or anything. Nissans were my favorite kind of cars.

“Oh, uhh thanks, I think?” He said a little puzzled. “I know its not the best looking car in the world, but it gets me where I need to go and was cheap enough for me to save up for on my own.”

“Yeah, I don’t even have a car.”

“Back in ’09 right?” He smiled.

“Nope, didn’t have one then either.”


“Yeah, my parents wanted me to save up for my own. Said it taught discipline or whatever.”

“Oh, that sucks.”

“Yep, but I managed to get around fairly easy.”

“That’s good.” He started up the car and backed out of the parking space his car had been occupying.

“Yeah.” I examined the interior of his car. It was very clean, not like you’d expect a teenage boy’s car to be. I did notice there was no radio though. “Oh, no radio?”

“No, unfortunately the car didn’t come with one, I hadn’t had a chance to buy one yet either.”

“Ah, sucks.”

“Yeah, but its not so bad I still have my stereo system in my room at home, it’s awesome.”

“You’ll have to show me after we get your CD.”

“Yeah, definitely.” He smiled. Apparently he was quite proud of his stereo, I couldn’t wait to see it. But then it hit me. We were going to Border’s. What if this is the day? And I got stuck right in the middle. A huge smile grew on my face.

Oh just one quick thing before I go, that last part is talking about the day Joe met Patrick at Border’s, just for those who didn’t know. Okay you may continue with your mouse clicking the review button now to tell me what you think.
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