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To be honest...

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How do you tell your mom you have a bofriend?

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Cleaning up after a weekend with the boys isn't fun. But Gerard and I make sure that no one leaves before the house is spotless. Gerard and Frank clean the bathrooms while Bob Ray and I tackle the kitchen and living room. We finish cleaning just in time for mom to arrive home. She smiles, amazed that the house is clean. Gerard smiles.

"Moooooomie!" He hugs her "Guess what!"


"YOur son isn't single!"

My heart sinks What the hell is he doing?

"Oh really?"

"Yup!" He grabs Frank's hand "See?!"

I feel relieved. He was talking about himself...

She smiles "Alright." She looks over at me "When are you gonna find somebody? You've been alone for 5 months."

I blush furiously "MOM!"

Her eyes widen "Oh. Sorry..."
Frank and Gerard snicker.

"Mom, I know its a school night but... can I spend the night at Frank's Pretty please?" Gerard asks, batting his eyes.

She shrugs "Sure... just make sure to pack school cloths and remember your toothbrush!"

Gerard and Frank run to his room and pack some clothes.

"I gotta go.... thanks for inviting me Mikey." Bob smiles picking up his bag.

I hug him "Later"

I look over at mom "Um.... mommiiiiie!"


"Since you're gonna be short one kid and Gerard got to go somewhere on a school-night, Can Ray spend the night?"

She smiles "Yes. I guess so."

Ray smiles.

We go up to my room.

"You didn't tell your mom..."

I bite my lip "I don't know how yet. I intend to tonight... I just..."

He hugs me "I understand... I just wanted to know how long we have to be careful..."

I kiss his cheek "Not too long, I promise...."

He kisses my lips. I kiss back and rub his hip with my hand. He grins into the kiss and he licks my lip trying to enter my mouth. I allow his acess and moan into the kiss. His grips my hair and kisses harder. The door squeaks open and I hear my mother's gasp.

I pull away from Ray "Not long at all..."

Ray turns pale.

"M-mom I... I can explain"

She sits beside us on my bed "I'm listening."

I look down at my fingers, in my lap.

"Ray's my boyfriend..."

"When did he become your boyfriend?"

"Last night...I was going to tell you later..."

She nods "Ok well I do have to admit I'm suprised. But, I don't mind." She smiles "Next time, i'll knock..."

I nod. She leaves the room.

I hold Ray's hand in mine and kiss it.
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