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Don't Listen to the Insane

by birgitriddle 2 reviews

No one really pays attention to what the insane say or do even if they are Jonathan Crane. Warnings: Mentions of rape and mental hospital abuse.

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"You realize I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the fact that my fear toxin was going to affect the 'normal' tax payers in Gotham."

He didn't really listen. After all, I was the insane one now.

"No one cares what you do to the mental patients especially the criminal ones. You can rape them, experiment on them, make them scream in terror and no one would notice...or get caught. Do it to the outsiders, you'll get punished. Only because the insane don't count..." I went on knowing that by now he had tuned out what I was saying.

I once did the same when I was the one with the clipboard, god over the insane, the supposed source of their salvation. Now I am just a mere animal to them-not even privileged enough to be outside of the cage.

He was just doing what he was trained to do-what I once was trained to do. Just let the "patient" ramble, write down whatever they that might be important, ignore what truth they may say. If they get violent or yell, restrain them.

"They say that electroshock therapy is safer now, but how safe is putting electricity though a human's body anyways? How calming is it really is to a person to put them in four-point restraints? Wouldn't it make them struggle even more instead? Make them yell louder? Make them fight even more next time you do it?"

This time he looked at me as if to say, What do you know? You're insane.

"I used to be you."

He blinked in confusion and quickly turned back to the clipboard with his observations of me. Obviously a new one.

"They always assign the new ones to me. They don't like looking at what happens when one of them crosses the line and hurt the so called sane people instead of the insane that they are allowed to hurt in order to protect the city from the undesirables. No one listens to the crazies do they? Or maybe they do hear, but ignore the truth in our rambling-because after all, what truth could the insane tell of?

"To them I'm just a masked freak-not human at all. The master of fear is nothing but a boogeyman to the ones who've never met him in person. They end up regretting thinking that those crazy people will never bother them, never touch them, never attack them-but we do when you least expect it!"

Pulling out a fork, which I had stashed away at one point, I attacked the newcomer, giving him a welcome from the Scarecrow.


Two nurses watched as the orderlies rushed to help Dr. Martin restrain Jonathan Crane in his cell.

One of the nurses said, "Sometimes I really wish that the senior doctors would stop assigning the newest doctors to Crane."

"I think it's their way of breaking them in," said the other in reply, shaking her head.
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