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When Dementors Attack!

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Harry fights dementors and meets new people in the process...

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DISCLAIMER: See the Prologue.

A/N: Oops, sorry I forgot to say this sooner: Glad you all liked the prologue! I hope I did a good job of capturing the essence of Fudge in all his /glorious stupidity/... XD

Chapter 2: When Dementors Attack!

The dementors, about a dozen of them, flew overhead and snaked around trees, eager to get to their quarry and bring him back...

Trying to concentrate desperately on a happy memory, Harry croaked, "Expecto Patronum!"

Some silver wisps formed from the end of his wand, but just as quickly evaporated into nothing. He kept trying and trying, but nothing worked.

As the dementors were closing in, and Harry was forced to hear those dreaded memories of his parents dying, and he at least hoped he would be with them soon...

As a dementor had its face about a centimeter away from Harry's own, the most unexpected interruption occurred.

A shaft of red light blasted into the dementor's side, knocking it away from Harry. Harry whipped his head around to see a man firing some sort of lasers from his eyes.

Lasers from his eyes?

As the dementors prepared to attack their new enemies, a woman with white hair summoned gusts of wind, and then fairly electrocuted a dementor with a shaft of lightning, which made it release n unearthly shriek of pain.

Another dementor found himself being the target of a blue-and-yellow clad figure with metal claws extending from his firsts.

Power over the weather?/ Metal claws?/

Who were these people?

Most of the dementors were retreating (they didn't want to face these strange people), but an angry dementor made one last crazed attempt to give Harry the dreaded Kiss.

The said dementor was within inches of Harry when a blur of dark red and green scales intercepted it. Knocking the dementor over and pinning it to the ground, this new thing (a small dragon, Harry saw, much to his amazement) then unleashed a fiery blast upon his Dark enemy, which caused it to screech and writhe horribly with pain.

As the dementor stopped screeching and writhing, the dragon changed shape and became a teenager, hardly any older than Harry (who at this point was so dizzy and tired that his vision was becoming blurry). As Harry fell on his knees, the teenager rushed over to him and asked concerned, "Are you okay?"

Before Harry could even articulate an answer, the man with metal claws shouted, "Kid! Look out! Behind you!"

The dementor suddenly sprang back as though resurrected from the dead. It lunged at both of them, ready to strike...

Suddenly feeling an unexpected surge of happiness at his rescue by these newcomers, Harry raised his hand (but where was his wand?) to try to stop the dementor, but was unable to even say the incantation for the Patronus Charm...

Instead, a cloud of silvery mist shot out at the dementor like a strange comet, which burned into the Dark monstrosity. Even as the dementor flew away, it had dark silver smoke trailing out of its wound.

Finally, Harry blanked out and knew no more.


As you can see, I had Cyclops, Wolverine and Storm make appearances. The "dragon boy" is an OC. He'll be introduced shortly.

Next chapter is where Prof. X explains everything... -Quillian
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