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Welcome to the Xavier Institute

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Enter Professor Xavier...

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DISCLAIMER: See the Prologue.

A/N: I hope this chapter will answer some questions for you guys, like how the X-Men saw the dementors!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I edited the name of my OC (the "dragon-boy"), just so you all know.

Chapter 3: Welcome to the Xavier Institute!

For what seemed like an eternity, Harry "dreamed" that he was in Azkaban, where he was forced to relive his worst experiences as though the dementors were affecting him.

That whole time, Harry felt like he was under the dementor's effects, and was forced to relieve his worst memories, mostly the deaths of his parents, Cedric, and Sirius. Those memories then eventually gave way to nightmares where they accused Harry of being the reasons for their deaths, among other crimes and atrocities.

No matter how much he tried, he couldn't seem to get out of it...

Then finally, after what seemed like immeasurable time, he felt something tingling throughout his body, which then expanded out... it was one of the most uplifting experiences he ever felt, much like phoenix song...

And slowly, very slowly, he opened his eyes.

He was in a clean white room. There was medical machinery all over the place, and next to him, Harry could hear (and then see) an EKG monitor showing the beating of his heart.

Looking down, Harry could see he was dressed in hospital garb, under a blanket. He wondered where he was, but he had a shrewd feeling that those strange people involved had something to do with it.

With nothing really better to do, Harry just rested his head back when something occurred to him. He could see perfectly well, and he wasn't wearing his glasses.

'How...?' he thought, when suddenly, a door opened to the room he was in.

Three people entered. The first was a bald man in a wheelchair, dressed in a suit.

Next to him was the woman Harry remembered from the dementor attack: She had white hair, mocha skin, and let off a friendly aura about her.

The third person was the teenager who had fried the dementor as a dragon. Now Harry could get a better look at him: He had short auburn hair, dark green eyes, and a rather strong build.

"Who are you?" Harry croaked out. "Where am I?"

"Allow me to introduce myself, Mr. Potter," the bald man said. "My name is Professor Xavier. You're in the Institute I founded for gifted youngsters."

"Gifted youngsters?" Harry repeated, not quite catching on.

"I believe you may have heard of the term 'mutant?'"

Harry's thoughts wandered back a little to one occasion back during his most recent stay at the Dursleys, where there was some news report about people with strange powers... his aunt Petunia had been screeching like a mythological harpy the whole evening and well into the night.

"Rings a bell," Harry finally said.

"Simply put," Xavier explained, "Mutants are individuals with a certain gene in their DNA, which allow them to use extraordinary powers. Miss Ororo Munroe -" here the woman nodded with a smile "-can control and manipulate the weather. My most recent student, Damian Dracon -" here the teenager grinned and gave a small wave "-can transform into a dragon and alter his size as a dragon. I myself am a telepath and can read minds, which is how I found you."

Unable to say anymore, Harry could only nod in acknowledgement.

"Furthermore, Mr. Potter, that was how I found out you were a mutant yourself."

Harry couldn't believe his ears. "I'm sorry, Professor Xavier, but I'm not a mutant. What you saw me do was -"

"Magic?" Xavier finished for him with a small grin.

Harry stared. "How did you know..."

"Because I'm also a wizard," the boy named Damian said, speaking up for the first time. "I happen to be both a wizard and a mutant." First, to demonstrate, Damian pulled out his own wand and made Harry levitate an inch off the medical table. Next, Damian put his wand away and transformed into a dragon hardly any taller than Miss Munroe; he was now covered in ruby red scales all over, except for dark green on his claws, fringe and spine. He then shrank down until he was the side of a house cat, and leapt onto the medical table next to Harry, trying to look cute.

"Very funny," Harry commented flatly.

Turning back to Xavier, he asked with something like a sinking feeling deep within him, "You're absolutely sure I'm a mutant?"

"Positive, Mr. Potter. You are indeed a mutant, and make no mistake, it's absolutely nothing to be ashamed about."

Harry couldn't help but think back to when Hagrid first appeared in his life and took him from the Dursleys, and Harry thought he wasn't a wizard.

Ah, I see you've been in this sort of situation before, the professor's voice said inside his head.

Harry jolted a little at that. "Did you just see the memory I thought of?"

"Yes, and in fact, I know what you've been through." Harry made to protest and what he felt was an invasion of privacy, but Xavier cut him off by raising his hand and saying, "First of all, Harry, I couldn't help seeing them, and furthermore, all your secrets, fears, and worst memories are safe with me. And believe me when I say it, for all the amazing accomplishments you've done, you deserved none of that pain, grief or agony."

Harry could sense the honesty in his voice, and relaxing, he settled down somewhat.

"So what is my power?" Harry finally asked.

"Like nothing I've ever before seen before," Xavier said with a growing smile. "Mr. Dracon's ability to transform into a dragon seems to have some ties with his magical power, your ability is to manipulate magic, making your own brand of it. Your mutant and magical abilities are merged into an incredible power."

"Well," Harry said slowly, "If I am indeed a mutant, then how come I didn't have this ability before? I think I would have noticed."

"I believe that over the course of this past summer, while you were mourning your godfather's death (which I would like to offer my condolences for, by the way), you kept dwelling on it and thinking about it, among other things. I know of another mutant who was able to unlock his power through meditation, and you seem to have gone through a similar experience. With practice, you can perform magic as though you had a wand."

Just then, Harry remembered about that. "Wait, where is it? My wand, I mean."

Miss Munroe spoke up for the first time, looking sympathetic. "I'm afraid we couldn't find it; it must have been destroyed in that skirmish with those monsters."

While a little sad over this, Harry reasoned it was for the best. "At least now it can't fall into enemy hands," he now said quietly.

"Anyway, Harry," Xavier continued, "We would like you to stay in the infirmary for another day or so, where you can regain your strength."

"Why, how long was I out?"

"I believe for a month. According to Damian, it was from the effects of those horrible monsters."

Harry fell over back into a reclining position at that revelation.

"Yes, well, at least you're awake now. And we came in when we detected a power surge."

"Power surge?"

"Yes, you healed yourself somehow just before you woke up. In fact, I believe you're a few inches taller now, which is the height you should be."

Harry thought to how the Dursleys never gave him as much food as he needed and said nothing on the subject.

"We have a room set up for you, and all your possessions are there," Xavier said, swiveling his wheelchair around. "Just rest and take it easy, Harry. You've been through enough as it is."

After he and Miss Munroe left, the small dragon popped up from where he was hiding under the medical table. He leapt onto where Harry was and crawled up to him while gazing on him those dark green eyes, looking like same travesty of a cat.

"If you're trying to be funny, you're failing miserably," Harry said.

The dragon hopped off the table changed back into Damian, who wore a look on his face of mock hurt.

"I was only trying to cheer you up," he said with a sudden small smile.

Harry rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, well, at least we were able to drive off those dementors," Damian said in another attempt to cheer up the younger teenager.

"Speaking of which," Harry asked slowly, "how is it they were able to see the dementors? I mean, even though they are mutants, they're still Muggles, right?"

Damian grinned. "I've been quite an asset to Professor Xavier ever since I came to the Institute, and even more so after the idiots finally announced that Voldemort had returned. I've been able to use some magic to help the others see things that they would otherwise have problems with."

Harry merely nodded, taking the older boy's word for it.

"See you later," Damian said, walking back out.

As Harry lay back down, he kept thinking back to his friends and surrogate family, wondering what they thought about all this. He knew they had stuck with him through thick and thin, which he was so grateful for.

However, something deep within his heart told him that things were not right back across the pond.


A/N: So what do you think so far of my OC, Damian? (Also, I hope I didn't make him overly powerful.)

As for the topic of his friends' loyalty: I will neither confirm nor deny any questions. Just wait and read. (And, as a matter of fact, I'm still deciding on that. They are friends with him in my Gryffindor cycle, and yet they betray him in my Azkaban cycle... I'll just have to see what happens, I guess.)

Next chapter is introductions all around... -Quillian
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