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A Devil In Disguise

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that's what you get for waking up in vegas

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Chapter 2

A Devil In Disguise

I pressed my eyes tight together and stretched slightly. I made a ‘hmm’ noise and opened my honey eyes. Bright, almost flourescent light flooded my brain and my whole body started to ache. Suddenly, I heard a slight snore from the other side of the bed. I screamed, pushed my neon pink bangs back into the black hair and sat up quickly. Whoever was next to me screamed too and rolled out of the white sheets on to the floor. Things slowly started peicing together. Sllloooowwwwwllllyyy. Like snail mail slow.

I was in a hotel room. A very trashed hotel room. . The hotel was…Ceasers. Yeah, Ceasers. With…Chantell. And Bella, Britney, Erinand Jessica. And my name is Chelsea.

But who the hell was next to me and lying on the hotel floor?

“…Listen, I don’t know what’s going on here, but maybe you can tell me who you are and we’ll fix all this?” I stated, hoarsly. HE sat up on the floor hiding his head in his hands.

“I’m Brendon. Who are you? What did we do? Why is it so bright in here?”

“I’m Chelsea, I don’t know what we did, and I think we’re both hung over. What school did you go to?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“Just answer it.”

“Palo Verde High School. Why?”


“WHAT?!” He screamed and stood up to run over to see.

“OH MY GOD! Your totally naked!” I covered my eyes.

“You are too!” I looked down at myself before screeching and running to the bathroom. There was a knock on the door.


“I think these are yours.” I opened the door and a long fingered hand held out a collection of clothe.

“Thank you.” I sighed and got dressed. I left the bathroom in a pair of black skinny jeans and a pastel pink shirt with the word BRIDE on it. I looked down at the shirt. Brendon turned around to face me. He had a shirt with a printed tux on it.

“Did we get hitched?” He licked his lips and looked up at me through suede brown puppy dog eyes.

“It would seem so…oh god.” My eyes met his and we realized the depth of the situation. Almost on cue, a loud buzzing came from the nightstand on my side of the bed. I walked slowly, my feet squishing into the soft carpet. I picked up the cell phone to see a text from Chantell.

text from Chanti
WTH hppnd 2 u?
U like pced on us.

I replied saying I’d explain when I knew what was happening.

“I’m so sorry. If I knew what happened last night I would tell you.” He sat down on the other side of the bed.

“It’s okay, Brendon right?”

“Yup. Nice to meet you, Chelsea.” He half smiled which made me laugh a little.

“Wait, Brendon Urie? As in the lead singer for Panic?” I stared dumbfounded. Just when things were getting clearer, something like this turns up and clouds everything over. He nodded with a smirk and I fell back against the pillows.

“Is that a problem?” He looked worried.

“No, actually. I’m a huge fan.” He sighed in relief and flopped down on the bed. We stared at the ceiling for a whole five minutes. The chorus to Karma Police sounded from the other table. Brendon picked up his phone and answered it.

“Hello…oh hi Spence…the other girls? What? Oh…uhm…kay…we’ll be down in ten.” Then he hung up.


“My friends and your friends are downstairs waiting for us in the lobby. They might know what happened.” He sighed.

“Awesome. But first, what do we do about this?” I held up my hand with the class ring in place of a wedding band.

“Uhm, at this point in time? I have no clue.” He groaned. I sat up and walked to the bathroom to redo my makeup. He walked in and started to brush his teeth.

“Uh…the hell?” I asked.

“We’re married now, I think it’s okay if we share the bathroom.” He grinned with foamy lips and made me giggle. I finished getting ready and let him have the rest of the space. I picked up my wallet of the table and fished through it. All that was left was a couple of dollar bills and a quarter or two.

“Oh my god. My fake.” I stuttered realizing my fake ID was missing from it’s designated spot.

“WHAT?!” Brendon came storming out of the bathroom, all minty fresh.

“My fake ID is not here! I can’t lose that!” I cried searching the room for it.

“Your underage? I’m a pedophile! DEAR LORD!”

“Calm down! I’m twenty! I wanted to play the slots, stupid! Now help me find it!”I threw blankets, clothes, shoes and a feather boa (?) to find it.

“Just, let’s breathe okay?” He walked over to me and grabbed my wrists, pinning them to my sides. “We’ll find it later. Let’s just find out what the hell happened last night.” I nodded. He was very persuasive, shockingly. He grasped my hand and we left the hotel room and headed for the elevator.


Standing at the sliding doors for the elevator, we just stared at our reflections in the cold metal. Soon the doors opened and we stepped in wordlessly.

“Congratulations.” A women smiled at us.

“Thank you.” We replied in unison before blushing and looking at the carpet. His hand brushed mine and I wondered if I should hold it, just to sell the part. Plus, it was Brendon FREAKING Urie of my favourite band ever. He seemed to read my thoughts and intertwined his fingers with mine. The doors opened again to the confused, surprised and all around shocked faces of our friends.
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