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A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You

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Hmm...what is up with BDEN

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Chapter 3

A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You

After explaining all we knew to everyone, we all ended up at a Carls Jr. for lunch. Pete suggested we stay together until it was out of all the magazines. He said it would ruin Brendon and Panic's career if he got married and then divorced the random girl the next day. I then decided there was no way I was sitting next to Pete. So, Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, Jessica, Chanti, and I sat in one booth while the others ended up in the booth behind us.

text from Jessi
yo, dude. UR MRRIED ND

text from Belsie

“It’s all good. I think we’re still figuring out what happened.” Brendon laughed. Jessica looked up at me wide eyed from her phone.

“Excuse me?” I asked also in shock. There is no way he could be like Criss Angel, right?

“Sorry, I’m a creep.” He grinned. I half smiled and blushed.

“So, Jessica and I are thinking of going to see the Cirque show later on. Do you and Brendon want to come with?” Ryan looked up at me. I glanced at Brendon who looked entertained by the idea so I agreed as well.

text from Jessi

I grinned and Brendon grasped my hand.

“Tis the perfect opportunity.” He whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek. I wondered if it was all an act or if he really was trying. It wasn’t until I saw him grin to some cameras outside that I decided. I let go of his hand and picked up my phone again.

text from Belsie
stpd pprazzi.
I ht ths boy rght now


Jessica and Ryan obviously hooked up several times in the last two days. They were all over each other, which was very cute I had to admit. I leaned in to Brendon and kissed his cheek.

“Hmm?” He didn’t take his eyes of the performers to even notice what just happened.

“Are you just posing to like me for the cameras like Pete told you to?” I whispered.

“What?” He turned to me with a raised eyebrow.

“Are you trying to make this ‘marriage’ pleasant?” I replied using air quotations. “Or are you just faking it to please the cameras?” He looked hurt.

“No. Naw….NO!” He stated. Ryan leaned over and slapped his hand.

“Dude, shut up!” He hissed and him and Jessica went back to watching the show.

“What do you mean no?” I whispered.

“I mean I’m actually trying for this. I’m a huge believer in fate and maybe that’s what this is.” He tucked my bangs behind my ear and kissed my neck. It was at this moment I realized that…maybe…just maybe…I could…MAYBE…spend the rest of my life with Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco.

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