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Harry Potter and the Seven Dark Emperors

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AU: 5yr. Voldemort awakes the 6 Dark Emperors, proclaiming himself the 7th. However, the First wants nothing to do with them. He searches for redemption, finding Harry and offering his teaching and...

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warning: Contains violence, scenes of a sexual nature, and bad language. I do not own Harry Potter, but this storyline and OC’s I do.

Harry Potter and the Seven Dark Emperors


“Ah, finally,” hissed a cold voice filled with venom more poisonous than the giant green and black serpent slithering beside him as he walked. The man lowered the hood to his cloak as he looked into the dark chamber before him, the dim light of the moon barely showing its existence. The mans face, narrow with dangerous blood red eyes with slanted pupils, and two slits for nostrils, his head bald and his skin looked slimy and light grey. His lips twisted into a horrible smile, as he looked around at his twenty-two faithful followers, well faithful he was not too sure. Even the rat-faced man cowering next to him who resurrected him under a month ago only did so through fear.

The other of his death eaters wearing long cloaks with hoods hiding their masked face’s in the dark. He peered into the tomb so many years had passed since he discovered the tomb of the dammed. Back then, he feared it; he wanted nothing to do with it. However, his forces were very little and he had no way to get his hands on the brat that had thwarted him so many times.

“Follow me!” he demanded coldly of his pitiful minions taking a step forward he walked onto the chamber, pulling his wand from a pocket a narrow beam of light came forth lighting the path. Soon his death eaters’ wand light joined with his as he led them at a steady pace through a narrow, dank and disgusting corridor that led them into a larger chamber. Seeing torch brackets on the nearby wall he lit one with his wand, smirking when his death eaters jumped back as all the other torches suddenly lit with that one.

Looking around the walls of midnight black mould ridden blocks, his eyes finally lay on his prise. Six large blocks of crystal of pitch black, except one of deep blood red. The red at the front they were pitched in an arrowhead formation, pointing towards him.

Walking cautiously forward he looked at the red one closely; he could just make out the outline of what looked like a human. He felt a shiver run down his spine this one frightened him, looking at the other five he got no feeling from them, it was like the one in red knew he was there and knew he was to be freed.

“M-my Lord,” one of the death eaters got his attention.

“What is it Lucius!” he demanded with a deathly glare. To his pleasure, the hooded man cringed back.

To Lucius’s credit, he pulled himself together to speak. “A-are you sure this is wise. These a-are t-the Dark Emperors. W-what if they won’t-won’t j-join you?”

“They shall,” he replied calmly. He raised his wand mumbling an incantation, lightning shot forth, blasting, and wrapping around the crystal prisons for a moment, then it stopped, nothing seemed too happed.

“I-it didn’t work?” asked Lucius sounding quite relieved.

“Have patients Malfoy,” he whispered. Then it happened, the red one cracked as the monster within, eyes opened glowing a golden-yellow and the crystal smashed, the shards spraying Voldemort and death eaters, most manage to protect themselves with shields. Dust covering their sight, waited as it settled.

Stood there with cold, hardened golden-yellow eyes, silver-white hair sticking up, neat but messy in all directions including along piece hanging down between his eyes, he looked about twenty to twenty-five years old and very hansom. He wore a long and heavy looking dragon hide blood red and black coat completely open, his coat collar high and would cover his mouth and nose if done up. Under his coat a black dragon, hide body armour with a red coat of arms on the right hand side of what looked like a cross between dragon and phoenix an ancient symbol for the balance of power. He wore black dragon hide trousers and boots with buckles. On his right thigh hung loosely a dark red metal wand with black dragon hide leather bound handgrip, and a plain hand guard.

He stood seemingly surprised as he looked at his black dragon hide fingerless fighting gloves, clenching and unclenching his fists. He frowned and his eyes clouded over with sadness. He then looked up ignoring the death eaters and their boss he saw the others trapped, he could just make out their prisons slowly cracking.

“Y-you are now free my friend,” a cold, slightly fearful, slightly amused voice interrupted his pondering what had happened. Voldemort noted that he also had his crest on the back of his coat in black. He turned to the snake faced man, his eyes blank. “I have freed you!” proclaimed Voldemort, noting his death eaters had all moved away. “I am Lord Voldemort,” he hissed. “Who are you?” Voldemort was a little surprised this one looked so young.

His yellow eyes bored into red. “I am Kantton,” he replied in a surprisingly normal and strong voice, full of authority and power. “I am the destroyer of civilizations. You were foolish to wake me, but I am curious as to why you did so?”

Voldemort felt himself sweating nervously this is the reason he had never awoke them before. “T-to conquer the world of course,” he replied shakily.

Kantton glared. “I want nothing to do with your stupid notions and beliefs,” he replied scanning the minds of the worthless minions as he started walking towards the entrance he stopped, turning to Voldemort he had what appeared to be a smile though it never reached his eyes. “You were defeated by a baby, you’re pathetic, listening to a prophesy, they only come true if you believe in them you moron,” he gave a soft chuckle as he continued walking.

Voldemort fumed, letting his anger get the best of him. “STOP HIM!” he commanded. The three death eaters by the entrance nervously approached wands at the ready as they moved to intercept, though Kantton looked unconcerned, then disappeared, reappearing next to one death eater grabbing his face, he squeezed, crushing the mans mask and face, his brains spilling out as he fell to the ground. He then raised his hand to the other two, the dirty ground below them shot up fast, crushing them into the ceiling, the dirt fell down, so to did two bloodied crushed bodies.

Kantton looked back at the others. “Leave me alone and I may let you all live. I have a new world to discover, it has been nine thousand years.” A blast of chilling wind swept in causing a chill to run down Voldemorts’ and his death eaters’ spines and Kantton just disappeared within it. Voldemort gulped, he may have just made a mistake, he had a feeling if he ever sees that man again he wont be as nice.


Kantton appeared in a city with a chilling wind, people around where he appeared startled, and quickly moved far from him. Kantton sighed as he took to walking, looking around a huge and spectacular city. He had never seen anything so wondrous before. He looked in shop windows and saw weird contraptions that showed some kind of entertainment like plays and theatre from his time only a lot better.

He scanned loads of minds for information. This time was different from his, the people as a whole were not bad, but of course, some still are. They are now a lot smarter and some of the things they had come up with are simply ingenious. However, he also discovered most of them knew nothing of real magic except a couple he discovered have magic in their family or have children at a school called Hogwarts.

‘What should I do Serenity?’ he asked in his thoughts. ‘I’ve already caused so much death and destruction,’ he continued as he walked around, he thought of heading for a magic place called Diagon Alley just to see what it was like but changed his mind. ‘I’m so lost… please won’t someone help me, Serenity.’ He sighed sadly, his eyes downcast.

‘Maybe that boy?’ suggested a quiet voice in his head. ‘Maybe you could right some wrongs and help the boy grow strong?’

He stopped in his tracks, that voice sounded so familiar, but he had almost forgotten, it did not sound like his guilt-ridden side, plus it was female. ‘Who-who are you?’ he asked in his head then his eyes widened. ‘S-Serenity?’

A soft giggled. ‘I thought you had forgotten the reason you did what you did for a moment. I have to say I am disappointed, but you can make up for that with young Harry Potter.’

He groaned. ‘And what exactly am I going to do for him?’

‘You shall be his, um, mentor, the one he has now is, well, lame,’ she replied.

He quirked an eyebrow, ignoring the weird looks he was getting for standing on the path staring blankly, well almost blankly, a small spark of hope had lighten in his golden-yellow eyes.

‘How are you talking to me? Am I just imagining it? Am I now truly insane?’ he asked worriedly.

‘Not any more insane that anyone else,’ she replied. ‘Anyway, I don’t have much time, I can only talk to you because you have awoken from a near dead state and your full power has almost returned in full, when that happens we’ll be cut off.’

‘O--okay,’ he responded. ‘What do you want me to do?’

She sighed. ‘I want you to help the boy and take him from Albus Dumbledores’ control and help him get stronger.’

‘Dumbledore? Isn’t he some important wizard, headmaster of a magical school?’ he asked in confusion.

‘Yes, and stop reading peoples memories,’ she agreed and reprimanded. ‘Albus Dumbledore sent Harry to live with his aunt and uncle when he destroyed Voldemort and his parents died. Harry is far from treated right, I knew assholes before that treated slaves better, yet Dumbledore knows and does nothing about it but force him back just because the blood wards protect him.’

‘Blood wards?” he replied frowning. ‘There are better and plenty more means of protection.’

‘Exactly, Harry has the potential to be great,’ she agreed. ‘However, his relatives have made him feel that he is useless and he blames himself for everything the villains do because he thinks himself useless. In addition, he has had nothing but mediocre schooling, defence classes being the worse.’

Kantton sighed. ‘Very well, I shall try,” he replied.

‘And Kantton… I love you, and I want you to find happiness,’ she sighed. ‘Find someone you can love just as you do me, please,” she begged. ‘I want you to be happy again.’

Kantton felt some tears leaking from his eyes. ‘I-I don’t think I could ever do that.’

‘Please!” she begged. ‘Just be happy.’

‘I’ll-I’ll try,’ he replied wiping the tears from his eyes forcing a small though sad smile.

‘Our time is up, Kantton. Good luck, love. I love you.’

“I love you too,” he whispered aloud as the connection with the realm of spirits ended.

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