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Harry Potter: New Worlds

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AU: Harry gets to travel to parallel worlds, where he meets strange new people, with new types of magic. He's also told two prophesies, and meets Fate & Time. Smarter, sensible, crafty, fighter Har...

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Disclaimer: Only the ideas and OC's belong to me everything else... whatever.

Harry Potter: New Worlds.

Chapter one, White Void.


Everywhere he turned, nothing but an empty void of… white. It was not even white mist as one might expect it a weird situation like this, but no! It was just a void of white. It was the purest of white he had ever, lay witness, yet it was not bright, he could look at it clearly. The white was quite beautiful; it seemed to calm his fears of where he was completely. He looked as far as he could see; the void seemed to go on forever.

The young boy of 10 years looked round turning full circle in the hope of seeing someone else, there was no one; he was alone, but did not really mind; he was use to being alone, at least here, he felt safe and protected.

The 9 year old, (soon to be 10), scratched his bear chest, and then tightened his oversized pyjama bottoms, that had started slipping off his small form. He was just grateful that wherever he was it was not cold, though that is not to say, it was warm. The temperature was just… perfect.

The young lad thought he must be dreaming, but he had conflicting emotions on that, if it was a dream why did it feel so, for lack of a better word, real. In addition, normally his dreams were not this nice, or peaceful.

He wished he could dream of northing but white all the time, but his life was not that simple, far from it, he was just the useless freak of the family. He was not even sure why he was a freak, but that was because if he were to ask; he would be punished for it, and the punishments his uncle gave him were not for the faint of heart.

The youngster sighed. He wished something interesting would happen, as long as it did not involve his uncle; otherwise, he would be just as contempt to stay alone it his void of white.

He had been standing in the void for what felt like hours when his mind wondered what day it was now. The last time he cheeked it was July 30th, the day before his 10th birthday.

At that moment the young boy felt a searing pain run through his body, he screamed out in agony, trying to reach round to his left shoulder blade, he felt like someone, or something unseen was drawing on him, and not with something as mundane as a pen or ink.

He felt like he was being cut open with the sharpest of blades.

Ice, from the coldest areas of the Earth burning into his soft skin, his throat was burning as his screams reached higher volumes, and he fell to his hands and knees.

Fire, from the deepest volcanoes, like the magma was crawling along his skin; working itself in a pattern like thin but deadly burning snakes.

He felt like he had been hit by lightning, then he felt a soft comforting feeling run through his shoulder that made him stop screaming. He was breathing deeply and had tears in his eyes. The pain was completely gone and he felt good, better than good, he felt at peace.

Taking a deep breath, he stood up wiping the tears from his eyes on the back of his hand.

Then two voices spoke from behind him, at the exact same time; knocking all thought of his pain from his mind; “Happy Birthday, Harry!”

He wheeled round to see two old men; one wore dark blue robes, while the others white, the man in white had a long beard while his companion was cleanly shaven. Harry was briefly amused that the old man in white almost blended into the background.

The old men smiled kindly at him before the man in blue decided to break the silence to speak, “I am, Fate, and this is Time,” he said gesturing himself and his friend.

Harry did not quite understand what they meant by that, but, one thing was for sure, their parents must have been weird naming them, Fate and Time.

Time chuckled as though he could hear what Harry was thinking, “no, Harry, m’boy, we are Fate and Time, those are not just our names.”

Young Harry just ran his right hand through his messy raven black hair, frowning in confusion; he locked his emerald green eyes with the two men, “you mean, like,” he began nervously, “like, actual Time and Fate, you’re Gods?” He finally asked.

Fate grinned while chuckling, “in a way, yes you could say we are.”

“Then what do you want with me?” The raven-haired boy asked, “I’m just Harry, I’m not worth your time… Excuse the pun.”

The two deities frowned, “that is not true,” Fate begun heatedly, “you will become great, soon you will be a legend, a hero, and much more, throughout time and the other realms.”

Harry just gawked at them for a moment, “I… I don’t understand, how can I do that?”

The two men laughed. “Don’t you remember?” Time asked. “It just happened a few minuets ago.”

Harry thought for a moment then he remembered the pain he was in, “what was that? It hurt so much.”

Time and Fate both grinned at him, it was quite sad that the boy did not seem at all bothered by the pain, but they both knew that Harry had suffered too much in his short life to be bothered by a small blast of pain such as what recently happened.

“That, that was destiny,” Fate began, “you are to be the Lord of Time. It has been a path that has been laid out for you before anything ever existed, you will travel all the different universes, you will make friends and no doubt enemies, but you are the ones who will nudge destiny, and guide those to their true path.”

Harry just stared wide eyed at the two men, shock written all over his young face. These two Gods were saying he was going to travel through other worlds and time and help people, that he will have friends. He did not know what to say or think.

Time suddenly decided to speak, “Harry,” he said, “that pain you felt was your powers coming to you. You now have the power over time and dimensional travel. Such things as time travel and crossing over dimensional gateways are easy. However, once used, you will have to wait 48 hours before you can use them again. Therefore, things like stopping time, speeding it up, slowing it down or reversing it, use up a lot of magical energy, so you’ll have to practice and get stronger, you’ll soon discover even you have your limits.”

Harry was not sure what to say to that, but one word stood out from the rest, “magical?” He asked.

Fate and Time grinned even wider at him, “Yes, magical” Time began. “You’re a wizard Harry.”

Harry gulped, that made a crazy kind of sense, it would explain why his relatives hate him so much, and why they call a freak. That also explained why weird things happened around him. He smiled slightly at the thought.

“What else can I do?” He asked eagerly.

The two deities smile happily at his eagerness. “well there is one more thing of importance, the others you can discover on your own,” Fate said, “you can change your age, once you have reached 20 for example, you’ll be able to revert your age back to the age of 10 or higher, but under 20. Once you reach 21, 22, 30, and so on, it works the same. It’s so you can be gone from the world for years at a time without anyone knowing you have ever disappeared.”

Harry was completely and utterly gob smacked, “does… Does that mean I can’t die,” He asked, that being the first question to pop into his head.

Fate frowned sadly, “no, it does not mean you can not die,” he began, “it just means that you can theoretically live forever, but you can be killed, though you cant get sick, and poisons will not affect you.”

Time nodded in agreement, “plus, you are not all powerful, in fact I would advise you to only use your powers over certain aspects of time, stopping or slowing it for example, sparingly, because those powers will drain your energy and weaken you, leaving you defenceless.”

Harry nodded thoughtfully, “what about my magic? How can I use that?” He asked curiously.

Time looked at him thoughtfully for a moment before he responded, “you may not be able to use it until you start at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

Harrys’ eyes shot wide open, “I’m going to a school for magic?” He asked eagerly.

Time and Fate chuckled grinning impishly, “yes, Harry, where else did you expect to learn, wizardry.”

Harry grinned brightly, “when do I get to go?”

“September after your 11th birthday,” Fate told him. Then Time and Fate between them both, told the young lad all about Hogwarts, Voldemort and how his parents really died, and that he, Harry Potter was famous because at the age of one he did what full-grown wizards couldn’t do. He defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort, and became the boy-who-lived.

Harry had chosen to sit on the floor and listen to what Time and Fate had to tell him, he stared down at his crossed legs in contemplative thought. Harry was not the best when it came to school work or anything like that, mainly because if his class grades were better than his cousins were, he would be punished severely by his uncle; mostly by use of a leather belt. Nevertheless, that did not mean young Harry was stupid, quite the contrary, he has always’ been quite intelligent, even teaching himself to read and write at an early age. He even taught himself some basic Japanese from Library books so that he could read Anime graphic novels, when he had found a box full of Japanese comics in a skip.

Harry was not sure about his fluency in the spoken language but knew he can read and write it very well. He has heard only a few people speak the language, mainly on TV, and he can understand it fairly well, but he was not sure whether he is any good at speaking it because he might have trouble with the difficult pronunciations of the words. Most of the time when he had been trapped in his cupboard under the stairs where the Dursleys’ kept him, he lost himself in the imaginative world of the Japanese books.

Now, however his intelligence was kicking into overdrive. His aunt and uncle discouraged asking questions, but Fate and Time seemed to be waiting for them. There was one real conundrum, which would drive him crazy if he did not ask.

He looked up at the two Gods, “why?” He asked. “Why did Voldemort want to murder a baby?”

Fate and Time smiled sadly down at the boy, “because of a prophesy he was told, one of two to be exact,” Time said.

Harry looked surprised but thoughtful about the news, “what do they say?”

Time nodded knowing that the boy needs to know, “the first is the one he knows about, though he only heard the first half,” Time told him before continuing. “The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies ...”

Harry just sat ideally playing with his fingers thinking about what he heard and letting it all sink in. “What’s the mark?” He asked, “Is it my scar?” he touched the lightning bolt scar on his forehead looking up at the two men.

Fate and Time both nodded; “do you wish to hear the second prophesy?” Fate asked. Harry took a deep breath before nodding. “Two with the power over Fate and Time… together they shall save their world… the girl calls this earth home, though the boy no longer does… they shall travel together and save many. They shall guide and assist heroes of many worlds, and their love shall be eternal… the boy who has no family, shall find one in his new world… he will eventually return to where he was abandoned, and the world where he shall find the other… in the future neither will call this, their home…”

Harry was shocked to say the least, if he was correct, this second prophesy says he shall leave earth and find a family else where? The prospect of leaving the Dursleys’ sounded very good to Harry. He was very curious though, this prophesy sounded much nicer than the other did, and gave him hope for the future.

Harry wondered more though about the girl the prophesy mentioned, “who’s this girl?” He finally asked.

Fate grinned at him cheekily while Time looked sour, “I win,” Fate laughed, then seeing Harrys’ confused look elaborated. “Myself and Time made a small bet, I said you would ask about the girl first, and he said you would ask about the other world you will call home, first.”

Harry giggled. “Well, who is she?”

Time smiled slightly, “we can’t tell you,” he said saddening the young lad, “sorry but you’ll have to discover her yourself, she will have the markings of the phoenix on her right shoulder blade like you have the Dragon on your left.” Harry frowned, contorted his body, and craned his neck round so he could see his left shoulder blade, and there he found it, a red circle with a red and black Dragon in it.

Harry looked back at the two men with wide eyes, “has she got her powers yet?” He suddenly asked thinking that she might not have if he is to return to find her.

Fate shook his head, “she doesn’t come into her powers until next August.”

Harry nodded, “what about my new home?”

Time shrugged, “even we can’t predict where you’ll go, or even when you’ll leave.”

Fate nodded. “Sometimes people have to find the answers themselves. Life would be very boring if we told you everything.”

Harry chuckled slightly and nodded, “but what about the prophesies though? Who else knows them?”

Time smirked, “we told you of the Hogwarts Headmaster?”

Harry nodded. “Yeah. Albus Dumbledore?”

Fate and Time both nodded, “he knows of both prophesies, though he only knows the first is about you, the second still confuses him because it contradicts the first to a degree,” Fate said happily as if confusing an old man was funny. “He doesn’t realise that if the second contradicts the first then they are both referring to you.”

Time chuckled. “You must be cautious of Albus; he’s not one to like being out witted. He will seek to control you; he will attempt to make the first prophesy come true even if you turn your back to it, which you can do if you choose. He will not care if you are killed while trying to defeat Voldemort as long as you take Voldemort with you.”

Fate nodded sadly, “I’m afraid Time is right. Tom Riddle or Voldemort as he now calls himself will seek your death, while Albus will try to manoeuvre you to kill Tom. But heed my words, sometimes to protect something from being taken, you must take it first.”

Harry just nodded, not understanding what he meant but sure one day he would, and he knew even if he asked, he would not be told. “So I’m guessing Professor Dumbledore wouldn’t tell me the prophesy?” He asked.

The two deities laughed. “He probably would after something went wrong,” Fate, informed him. “He will try to hide it from you under the guise that he was giving you a good childhood.”

Harry frowned unhappily and stood up to face the two gods. “But didn’t you say he left me at the Dursleys’?” He asked. Time and Fate both nodded. “Then why would he ever expect me to believe he wanted me to have a good childhood? I supposedly saved the world then he leaves me with them?” Harry was seething mad; he wanted to teach the old codger a lesson in how he has been forced to live.

Fate and Time looked nervously at the angry boy in front of them, “calm down m’boy” Time said, “you will get to ruin his plans, and make his life hell, that you can be sure of. Take care, Harry, for our time,” he chuckled, “is up.”

10 year old, Harry Potter sat straight up in his bed, which was really just a mattress on the floor of his small cupboard; his thin blanket fell of his sweaty body, and he was breathing heavily. He sighed, was it all just a dream? Was he that imaginative? It just seemed so real, and for some strange reason he felt different. Harry took a deep steadying breath, and then contorted his body to look over his left shoulder, where he saw it in the dim light streaming through the gaps in the door… the Dragon tattoo. He then realised he wasn’t wearing his glasses and was about to put then on when he realised he no longer needed them, he just smiled, maybe it was a gift from Fate, he giggled silently at his thought, and just left his glasses on the floor.

He then jumped and looked at the door as he heard someone bang on it. “Get up you lazy boy!” his aunt screeched at him from the other side, he knew his cousin would not be awake yet, probably for another few hours, so how could she call him lazy? He then heard the clicking of the locks they use to stop him from sneaking food.

“I’m up, Aunt Petunia,” he replied grumpily.

“Good!” She said as he heard her head towards the kitchen, “and hurry up, you have breakfast to make!” she called back.

Harry frowned and quickly got dressed. He wore an overly baggy snotty green faded tee shirt, with a pair of faded torn jeans at least five times to big, held up with some string he tied through the belt loops. He then put on some holey socks and trainers that were falling apart.

Harry quietly exited his cupboard and entered the kitchen to find both his aunt and uncle sitting at the table waiting for him to make their breakfast, when a thought crossed his mind, why should he? He just stopped and stared at them with undisguised disgust and confidence.

“Boy!” Uncle Vernon said heatedly, “I want my breakfast today not next week, you useless little freak!”

Harry glared icy cold at his uncle and was surprised to see the elephant sized man flinch, and his bony thin horse faced aunt looking nervous. “If I’m so useless,” Harry begun, “then, makes it yourself.”

The look of surprise on his aunt and uncles faces would have been funny had he not hated them so much. “You dare speak to me like that, boy!?” His uncle suddenly roared, replacing his surprised face with one of contorted rage. “You ungrateful little brat!”

That was it, Harry snapped, he looked daggers of pure hate at his uncle surprising even himself, his resolve was settled; he was leaving, and he was going to do it today. “Ungrateful? What the hell do I have to be grateful of, huh? You beating me up? Or the way you treat me like a slave? Maybe it is the way you do not feed me properly. Or it could be this crap you make me wear?” He grabbed the front of his ugly baggy hand-me-down tee shirt that once belong to his cousin Dudley too indicate what he meant.

“Or,” Harry continued. “The way you lied and told me my parents died in a car crash?” The two Dursleys’ faces drained of blood as they realised Harry knew the truth. “I’m magic, and I’ll pay you back in kind someday in the future, that’s a promise.”

Harry then turned on his heal and headed straight for the front door leaving his fearful relatives in his angry little wake, “where are you going brat?” His uncle suddenly roared getting over his fear as Harry opened the door.

“I’m going home!” He replied furiously as he stepped out of the door. Harry then felt an odd sensation as the world around him blurred. He felt like he was hurtling uncontrolled through space, he felt queasy and disorientated.

Then it stopped and he fell to the ground and got a face full of sandy dirt. The young wizard looked through blurry eyes around himself, blinking rapidly his eyes began to focus. He was in a mountainous region with dirt grass and sand on the ground. He could smell salt water in the air and looked over towards the horizon. He could see the deep blue ocean several miles away.

It was the first time he had ever seen the ocean this close before, and he hopped he might one day visit the beach down there. There were a few small trees around him with some weird fruit hanging off them. He then noticed in the distance a small village not to far from where he landed, it looked quite out dated from what he had seen before. He knew he must not be on earth anymore, well at least not his earth; the place just seemed and felt very different. It looked to be just after sunrise, and even the sky looked different, though the same colours.

He finally stood up, but then a low menacing growl made him wheal round in his tracks, now standing in front of him on all four large paw was a monster of a wolf, with dark brown fur and large bronze teeth, with huge claws, and surprisingly pointed bronze horns running down its spine.

Harry gulped as he stared petrified of the beast as it finally charged at him, roaring its intent to cause him harm. Harry put his right arm out to defend himself from the creature ripping his head off. The wolf like creature at least four times his size grabbed his protecting arm in its monumental teeth, crushing his bones and piercing his skin; blood dripping from his wound, he was in so much shock he did not even scream out in pain, until the beast picked him up by his arm and threw him.

“Urrrrrrrrgggggg” Harry cried out, as he was smashed into a large rock hitting his head; barely able to stay conscious as he struggled to look up in to the fierce creatures, taunting yellow eyes, as it slowly prowled towards him, its intent to kill him very clear. Harry closed his eyes and readied himself for the worst.

“Firaga!” Harry suddenly heard, and then the wolf started roaring in pain, Harry opened his eyes as the wolf was engulfed in a blazing inferno of flames, its ear splitting screeching only lasted a few moments before it collapsed to the ground… dead.

Harry looked up through his groggy, tired eyes, the only thing he truly wanted to do was sleep, his head was pounding and his crushed arm stung with intensity, protesting his wakefulness. He saw a man who looked to be in his early fifties, at least 6 foot tall with short straight brown hair with flecks of grey, he had blue eyes and the weirdest clothes Harry had ever seen before. His top had no sleeves, and he wore a strange gauntlet on his left forearm, with five gems in it, three of which were green, one blue and the other red.

One of the green gems was glowing faintly for a moment before it stopped. In the mans right hand saw a large Double Edged sword, one blade was touching the ground while the other pointed up a few inches taller than him, Harry saw the man was looking down at him with a look of concern before he noticed there was a young girl with the older man.

The girl had long brown hair that hung below her shoulder blades and sparkling teal green eyes, she looked to be around 14 or 15 years old; she also wore weird clothes, though Harry noted she was very pretty. She also had weapons; two long daggers were, sheaved on either side of her hips.

The girl finally ran to Harry and knelt down beside him, worry etched all over her pretty face, “its okay, kid. You’re going to be okay now; we’ll take care of you.” Harry felt comforted as she gently turned him over onto his back and stroked his cheek comfortingly, then he let the darkness take hold of him as he finally passed out, and knew no more.

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