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CH 1 - Goodbye cruel world ... sigh?

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Harry is killed and soul is fused to and takes over Au Harry .

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Like A Dark Lord Only Crunchy
Harry is killed and soul fuses to and takes over Au Harry Not A Children Story Dark, Sexual References, Character Abuse.

Disclaimer: I am only having fun with characters and a world created by JK Rowling
no money is being made here.

My first story so VERY SORRY for all errors and mistakes made before, during and after this sentence.

Summary: Making the story up as I go so the only thing I can say is it will be a Harry's soul goes to AU fic.
Goodbye cruel world ... sigh?

A lone street light stood like a beacon in a deserted street in central London, if you could call it a street. With huge craters and masses of rubble where buildings had once stood, it was not what one would normally call a street. In this twilight hour nothing stirred. Where people once would've been running from shop to shop making last minute purchases before retiring home for the night, there was silence.

The eerie quiet was interrupted by a loud pop. A man in a tattered black full length coat appeared out of thin air. He quickly glanced around the street looking for something. When he was satisfied he was alone he quickly drew what appeared to be a short stick. This was no ordinary stick but a wand and indeed this was no ordinary man, for this was Harry Potter.

A name only whispered, sometimes out or reverence and sometimes out of fear. This was a man who had accomplished much in his short nineteen years. But to him and the rest of the resistance it was still nowhere near enough. They still felt like kids playing a very adult game, and in truth most of them still were. It was a game in which only one small mistake was a death sentence.

Harry bent to sit on his hunches and let out a ragged breath. Just moments ago he had witnessed the execution of the last remaining member of the Rresistance. He had been disguised as he forced himself to watch from the back of a mob of angry wizards. It was his fault once again that another member of the resistance was caught. And for that he had made sure he was there if only to pay his respects.

If any of the crowed had even suspected that he was there he too would have died. The Resistance was not seen in a very favourable light these days. They were seen as criminals trying to upset the new found freedom the Wizarding world had over the Muggle one.

These days if a wizard or witch wanted something they could just reach out and take it. They lived as kings among men, with Voldemort above them as their god. Many wizards and more than a few witches had pretty Muggle slaves for their every whim and desire. And these 'domesticated Muggle's were the lucky ones since they had survived the holocaust.

It had all started at the end of Harry's sixth year. It was during which Voldemort turned his terror campaign into a fully fledged war. Against both the magical and Muggle worlds his victory's were swift. In a little over a month the united kingdom and half of Europe were under Voldmorts control. By that time the fact that magic existed had be made painfully obvious to the Muggles.

When it had become apparent that there was a worldwide crisis the Muggles in America tried to intervene. But they completely blotched it. The resulting nuclear war completely vulcanised the earth surface. If it was not for the huge protective shield put over the British isle's then mankind would have been totally wiped out.

One thing that had been made painfully obvious to him after today's events was that Harry was all alone now. Grief swelled up inside him and a single tear fell down to hit the dusty footpath. He had not felt like this since 'the Ministry incident' so many years ago. Where his godfather had fallen through a veil to his death.

That first incident which sparked seven days of carnage and had left him numb. It was the week which changed the course of the war, and brought it out into the open. But it was too little too late. The world was well and truly on its head now with Voldemort as the overall ruler. The first man to rule over a whole planet. Alto there was not much of a world left.

What could he do he was hunted by the Death eaters. He could no longer hide amongst the Muggle or wizard population as there was none. And the only habitual place on earth was this island he was on.

The world truly was getting smaller it was like a chocking feeling. Rage began to fill him with a red hot fire. One that had been burning for the last few years. His anger gave him power it gave him purpose and he knew what he needed to do.

He need to end this war. He the mighty chosen one needed to do what he was prophesied to do. And that was to kill Voldemort. What's the worst that could happen he thought. “I die” harry said aloud and for the first time in years he felt what may have been joy. For Harry either outcome promised an end to this horrid life. A way out “Wont mum be proud” he laughed. And with a slight pop he was gone.


Harry popped into the central keep area of the monstrosity that Voldemort had built and immediately looked for threats. Seeing one Harry let loose a modified cutting curse which decapitated the death eater. Who he supposed was meant to be a guard.

Before the head of the guard even touched the ground Harry was off. If he was to even make it to Voldemort before being killed he had to hurry. Running up a grand staircase he ran into what would be his second kill of the night. A Muggle slave by the look of her stood at the top of a grand central staircase with her mouth open in surprise. The look lasted but a moment before her eyes rolled back into her head. she had been hit with the green light of the killing curse.

“Sorry” Harry muttered. He hated having to kill innocents but he could not afford to be discovered just yet. It was not the first Muggle he had killed either. And if he thought about it he would have said that it was getting easier.

After climbing the stairs he headed forward through a grand hall furnished with all manner of high class items. It looked to harry as if the entire imperial museum was stashed around the room. Checking both side doors which lead to dead ends he again continued forward as only a Gryffindor could. His bravery or as even he would admit stupidity had led him to lose so much. But for right now it was the only thing keeping him going. He crept up to the next door seeing it ajar and peeked inside.

Voldemort sat on a central dais looking very bored. Lord Malfoy was finishing a speech about something the vain man thought demanded the dark lords immediate attention. “Enough Lucius I don't want to know where you think Potter is, I want him here” Voldemort cut him off losing patience with the man.

Not for the first time had the dark lord thought about killing the pompous idiot. Suddenly the main door to the chamber exploded inward scattering derbies Around the room.

“Well, look who graces our presence Lucius” Voldemort said as Harry walked Determinately into the room. “You weren't looking for me were you” Harry asked innocently. “I mean you could have sent an owl or something”.

Harry saw Malfoy stand and make his way to the dark lords side. A plan started to formulate in his mind. This was one thing he was good at, just making things up as he went. He knew his best chance of winning this fight was to even the odds. He also knew he would never be able to catch Voldemort of guard.

“How dare you talk to the dark lord like ...” Lucius started to say when the same spell that decapitated the death eater guard outside ripped through his stomach. The proud mans entrails splated all over to the marble floor. Voldemort instantly brought up his wand.

“Well well how very Slytherin of you Potter” He remarked while Malfoy on the floor was attempting to put his intestines back in his mutilated abdomen. “Mm-My l-lord ... P-please ....” Lucius tried to whimper for help but could not talk around the pain. “It's you own fault for being useless Malfoy .. Why should I help you” Voldemort spat.

Harry took this opportunity to throw a killing curse at Voldemort. But the dark lord just stepped out of the way casually. “You'll Have to do better than that Potter".

"Watch here's how it's done” And with that remark he hit Malfoy with a sickly green light ending the high pitch wailing that had started when he had refused to help the blonde.

“So Potter come to arrange a meeting with your Muggle mother and your pathetic excuse for a wizard father”. “No I just came to inform you that I've arranged for the plot next to your father's grave for you Tom” Harry spat back. “Like Muggle like son” he added as he shot a killing curse and a bone crushing curse in quick succession.

Again Voldemort stepped away from both spells. “Pitiful Potter” Voldemort said angrily. “If you're so willing to die who am I to stand in your way".

And with that the dark lord proved once and for all, even the great harry potter was no match for him. He was almost sad that the duel had been won so easily. Well not sad obviously he was a dark lord.

It was a feeling of slight disappointment that the last real challenge in the world was nonexistent. He had hoped that the duel with Potter 'The chosen one' would have been just a bit more exciting. But one curse later and Harry Potter was dead. His spirit passed on to the next great adventure.


Harry Potter son of Lily and James Potter, brother of Kaitlyn Potter lay trashing in his four poster bed at Hogwarts. His forehead dripping with perspiration. A dream or a nightmare rather was plaguing his mind. He saw faces some familiar some unknown. Many he saw dead or dying.

He had been having these dreams for as long as he could remember. They had started off with harmless things like him looking after bacon in a strange kitchen for two very large humans. To flying motorbike's and Giants. Then when he had started school at Hogwarts he dreamt of spells and potions. He had found them very useful when they came up in class. It was because of this fact that he was top of his year in all of his subjects.

But recently they had been getting darker. He saw killing curses and death eaters. Muggle men torn apart and women raped. He sprang up panting quickly awaking for the worst nightmare he could ever remember having.
He had just witnessed a Muggle family being tortured. The farther was forced to rape and mutilate his wife first and then his two daughters. The death eaters left him alive but by the time the Aurors had arrived he had hung himself with his belt. He had done it to end the torment he was feeling at what he had been forced to do.

Harry sat in his bed fighting for control of his emotions. Before failing and running to the bathroom and empting the contents of his stomach down the toilet. He squatted there head in the bowl thinking it was times like this he wished he had told someone about the dreams. They had been useful yes but lately he had been afraid to sleep. And it was starting to show in his classes.

But he also knew that even in a world where flying brooms and goblins were normal. Dreams of people being tortured were not. If the contents of these dreams ever got out he would be carted off to St Mungos.

No he sealed himself no one can find out. Besides he thought today was the day that his sixth year ended and in a few short hours he would be home. And he knew he very rarely had dreams at home. With that in mind he busied himself with packing and getting ready to leave a place that he had come to both love and hate.


Hours later found Harry sitting by himself on the Hogwarts express his usual friends had not really been hanging around him lately. Which was just another effect of his increasingly bad dreams. He was startled out of his thoughts when the door to his compartment was loudly thrown open.

“Well well if it isn't the golden boy of Gryffinwhore” Harry herd Draco Malfoy sneer. “What do you want Malfoy another duel” Harry retorted Bringing up an incident just a week before when Moody their Defence against the dark arts teacher had finished the year off with a duelling competition.

The final duel was fought between the two and harry had made a complete fool out of the other boy. When it came to duelling even the seventh years could only test harry. But as he was alone at the moment he had real doubts if he could take on the two or three Slytherins that Malfoy had with him.

This advantage must have been apparent to Malfoy too because he started to reach for his wand when a soft voice interrupted him from behind. “Have you found us a carriage Draco”. Seconds later an attractive Slytherin girl stepped into the compartment. When she saw what was happening a strange sad look crossed her face, before it was quickly replaced with a sneer.

“I wondered what that stench was”. She started to walk back out of the compartment but stopped when she noticed that Draco was not moving to follow her. “Come on Draco let's find some place private” she said seductively to the Slytherin. Draco glanced back at her “Of course my lovely Kaitlyn” he said and turned back to face Harry.

“You've been lucky this time Potter, but it won't matter you'll get yours and I'm betting it's sooner rather than latter” he said taking an exaggerated look at his watch. The other boys around him started laughing as if they knew something he didn't. As the Slytherins exited the compartment harry gave the girl a small smile of thanks, but only got strange look in return before she too turned on her heel and left.

Harry sat back down after the strange confrontation and wondered not for the first time that year why the girl, his sister, had defused another fight between him and Draco. They we practically strangers at school having not spoken since Christmas. Did she do it because she felt she had to protect him or was she just trying to protect her boyfriend Malfoy.

It sickened him how much she had changed after finally caving to the blonde boys advances and agreeing to going out with him. For years she had been friends with the Slytherin prince and for years she had reject going to the next level. Only weeks after the start of their relationship and she had cut all ties with Harry or so it had seemed. Did she really hate him like see did the rest of the family.

When she was sorted into Slytherin it had put a big strain on her relationship with her father James. And while her mother Lily pretended not to care where her daughter was sorted. Deep down even Harry knew she did.

It only got worse when she had started going out with Draco. It had gotten to the stage where Harry was unsure if she was even coming home to Godric's hollow. It was a shame because he had always gotten on with his sister.

Harry went back to reading a Muggle novel that his Mum had given him for Christmas. When the train suddenly jerked forward and he smashed his face on the seat in front of him. Dazed he got up while rubbing his now stinging nose and swearing at the unforgiving chair. What the hell was that he wondered, did we hit a bloody house or something.

Then his thinking was cut off by a high pinched scream. Harry looked out the window and saw a clocked figure running towards the train. Having seen a scene like this in his dreams he quickly pulled out his wand, ready to defend himself. He could hear spells being cast towards the front carriages and screams becoming more frequent.

He wondered if he should make his way forward through the train or just stay where he was. A second later and his choice was taken from him when, the carriage he was in was turned on its side. Harry having hit his head for a second time that day was swiftly overtaken by unconsciousness.


Groaning he lifted his head up and opened his eyes. Instantly wishing he hadn't because of his splitting headache. “Did anyone get the name of that Hippogriff” he mumbled.

He opened his eyes again this time slowly and he found himself tied to a chair. Huge chains attached him to the strange mechanical chair. He found himself in what could have been a dungeon at Hogwarts if not for the bars around him. He was in a dank slime covered basement with all sorts of strange instruments along the walls. And then it hit him he had been here before.

Well not physically but in his dreams he had seen this place, he knew it too well. He stopped dead and dread started to fill him. He had seen a young woman tortured here. Even now he could start to smell that metallic smell that indicated that blood had been spilled near.

Why was he here. Were his dreams a warning about what fate had in store for him. And then something he had heard earlier that day repeated itself in his head “You've been lucky this time Potter, but it won't matter you'll get yours and I'm betting its sooner rather than latter”.

He started to panic Malfoy had known that this would happen. But what was happening he asked himself and how did he get out. He went to test the chains strength when the door to the room suddenly sprang open.

In walked the conformation to just how bad his plight was. He would know that face anywhere. Even if it was not as aged as in his visions and still contained the gorgeous looks that had gotten her front cover of witch weekly during school.

It was none other than Bellatrix Lestrange.
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