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CH 2 - Stay or could i go?

by DarkLordPandus

Harry/Belatrix scene Not A Children Story Dark, Sexual References, Character Abuse.

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Disclaimer: I am only having fun with characters and a world created by JK Rowling
no money is being made here.
My first story so VERY SORRY for all errors and mistakes made before, during and after this sentence.

Summary: Making the story up as I go so the only thing I can say is it will be a harry soul goes to AU fic.
Not sure about any relationship but there won't be any fluff
And I'll add a warning for adult themes and all the other nasty's 18+ only please.
Stay or could i go?

In walked the conformation to just how bad his plight was. He would know that face anywhere. Even if it was not as aged as in his visions and still contained the gorgeous looks that had gotten her front cover of witch weekly during school.
It was none other than Bellatrix Lestrange.

When Bellatrix saw that Harry was awake she let out an excited laugh. “So you've decided to wakeup then, finally our fun can start” she cooed. As she crossed the room to where he was tied up she jabbed her wand at him. He was abruptly hit with a jet of ice cold water. If he was not completely awake before he truly was now.

“Feel better” she asked as if commenting on the weather as she dried him. “What do you want with me” Harry enquired fearing the answer that she would give. Ignoring him she walked over and stood beside him looking him up and down as if appraising a piece of meat. “Draco has told me so much about you, wee little Potter” she reached up and traced her finger along his jaw.

He had seen this scene countless times before in his dreams. Bellatrix would taunt her helpless victim and when she started to get bored she would fall back on the tried and true method of torture, the Cruciatus. It brought her great pleasure to give such pain. But she completely startled him when she threw her leg over him and straddled him.

“Draco did not tell me that James had such an attractive son. How about we get to know each other first”. She said in a husky voice. Bellatrix then stunned him again when she roughly grabbed his face and kissed him. His mind stuttered, he was meant to be screaming in agony by now not being Kissed. He looked into her eyes and saw a look he had only ever seen once before in a member of the opposite sex.

It was the same look that Ginny had given him one fateful night over to many Firewiskeys. He never thought he could be more sickened than the night Ginny had tried to have sex with him. As he thought about that night he almost started to dry reach.

But here was an older and far more attractive woman sitting on his lap giving him the same look. He had a mixture of emotions, he hated this women for the scenes in his tortured dreams. But he also felt attracted to her. It was fucked up he thought, I'm being held against my will and I fancy my captor.

The warmth of her tights against his waist in addition to the weight of her in his lap started to produce a reaction in his lower region. She leant back in and kissed him again this time deeper. This action only increasing his growing desire. She must have noticed it to because she broke off the kiss roughly. “It seems I have little Potters attention” she laughed teasingly.

Harry had been betrayed by his teenage hormones. “I'll tell you what Potter you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours” she said breathlessly.“What a-are you, aren't you supposed to be torturing me” he choked out wondering what the hell was going on.

“Torturing you ... we can do that later” she laughed evilly. It hadn't been since her stupid idiot of a husband had been sent to Azkaban that she had been interment with anyone. She had got her pleasure from torture of so long that she had forgotten that she could get it in other ways. She had not felt lust for close to seventeen years, but when she looked at the Potter boy she felt the same way she had felt when she fell in love with Rodolphus. It was additively overpowering and she needed her fix. But she was determined to use this to her advantage and get what she wanted first.

The whole point of organising Harry's capture with that idiot Draco was to get the whole and unedited version of the prophesy. A prophesy made that included her lord and what was first thought to be Neville Longbottom. But as he was killed by the dark lord when the dark lord disappeared maybe they had been wrong about Neville after all. The only other person that the prophesy could be about was Harry. And Bellatrix would bet her life that her master couldn't return because of him.

While she had continued to stare into Harry's eyes her fingers started to undo the buttons on his shirt. When the last one was freed she threw his shirt open to reveal his bare chest and abdomen. While Harry was not the fittest person on earth he did have some teenage muscle which only served to heighten Bellatrix's desire. As she slowly reached to undo the fly of his pants he whispered breathlessly “please d-don't I ...”. But she did not wait for the rest of what he was going to say as she finished releasing him from his pants. His sex organ sprang free and stood proudly for her. While the owner way have qualms about what was going on it certainly did not.

Without further thought Bellatrix grasped him and started to slowly stroke his length. He grew harder at her touch, his breathing becoming uneven. It was driving him crazy he was captured and held against his will knowing that soon he would undergo torture that would most like end with his death at the hands of someone that could make him feel like this.

“Tell me about the prophesy Potter and this is only a taste of the pleasure I can give you”. Was she talking about the prophesy he kept hearing in his dreams he wondered. The one which proclaimed him to be the only one to be able to kill the dark lord. It must have been why else would she have you here. A little voice in his head told him that no matter what he would not reveal what he knew. Because then he would no longer be any use to her.

He started to lose himself to her administration and his hips started to buck on their own accord. Pre-cum started to drip from the end of his rock hard penis. “I don't know anything about a prophesy” he gasped Knowing she would see through this thin lie. It was not like he was in the best position to produce a great poker face. He was nearing release when he felt Bellatrix let go of him and stand up.

He wanted to cry out, why did she stop? “Come now Potter don't lie to me, I'll find out anyway” she cooed. He looked up to see her start to strip away her robe and reveal a still taunt sexy figure. He face became hot as she let her robe fall to the floor. Now completely naked she bent over towards harry until their faces almost met. Smiling she pulled a leaver on the side of the chair. In one swift motion the chair reclined so that harry was now laying down. “Perfect” she said as she climbed forward to straddle his waist again.

Leaning forward she kissed him again quickly as she repositioned herself so that he could feel her dripping wetness on the tip of his cock. Slowly she impaled herself, sinking down his whole length while moaning. She could barely believe the tightness she felt around him. While he was bigger than her husband she put the feeling down to it having being so long since she'd had sex. The feeling of incredible warmth spread where they were connected. Steadying herself from the almost overwhelming feeling of pleasure she moaned again.

Watching this harry was suddenly lost to the moment. He stopped thinking of his impending death. His thoughts were completely filled with raw desire. “Feeling up to sharing yet” she asked as she started to move backward and forwards on his dick. Not trusting himself to talk for fear of revealing the prophesy he clenched his jaw in silence. Receiving nothing from harry she slowly increased the pace while starting to play with her clit. Harry heard her whimper and his hips started to thrust upwards into her on their own accord. Again the pace quickened and Bellatrix put her hands on Harry's chest to hold herself up.

Muscles straining harry tried to thrust harder against her but the chains holding him restricted his need for release. Squealing in ecstasy Bellatrix tightens around him he could feel her start to contract. That was it for Harry his desire reached climax and he felt a massive release.

Feeling a gush of warm fluid inside her was enough for Bellatrix too as she reached an earth shattering orgasm. Collapsing onto his chest Bellatrix lay on Harry as waves of pleasure hit her in her post-orgasmic state.

It was minutes later that she finally had enough strength to pick herself up off him and clean herself up. She picked up her clothes and dressed not bothering to look at harry “Don't make me hurt you my love I don't want to but if you don't tell me the prophecy soon ” she trailed off and walked out of the small dungeon. And harry was left reeling from what had just happened for the rest of the day alone.


A week later found harry looking extremely worse for wear. Between his torture and occasional sex session he was almost at the end of his endurance. He had not had one ounce of food since he had been brought here and had long since lost the will to live. Any fat that had been on his body had since been spent nourishing him through the intensive torture sessions and he now was only down to unforgiving muscle. Bellatrix had become two different people in Harry's mind she was Bellatrix the death eater and his torturer but he also saw her as Bella his lover.

When she came in for the torture sessions she was an angry and aggressive witch bent on doing everything she could to return her dark lord to power. But then she would come back in the dead of night with a seductive smile on her face and gently make love to him for hours. Whispering how much it pained her to hurt him but that if he didn't tell her what she wanted he was forcing her to hurt him. “Don't you see how much it pains me to hurt you Harry my love, please don't make me do it again” she begged of him after their last lovemaking.

The door to his cell opened again for the fifth time that day. He looked up in apprehension hoping to see Bella who loved him and not the death eater he was forcing her to be. Seeing the hatred in her eyes he sobbed knowing what was going to happen for the next hour. His torture sessions were the same thing every time and even if he had gotten bored of the Cruciatus it seemed that Bellatrix had not.

Agony was all he knew in these times and it had taken a toll on his mind. During the first sessions he had felt unbelievable pain that had not let up. Now during a full bout of Cruciatus his mind started to get fuzzy as if he was losing television reception. It was during these fussy moments that the pain went away. Slowly but surely he could feel his mind slipping away.

“Well Potter has Bella convinced you to tell me yet” she snarled playing on the fact that she knew he now thought of her as two different women in his deranged mind. Cruciatus had a way changing the way people looked at reality after prolonged exposure. “All you have to do is tell me what I want to know Potter and ill let the two of you go”. His mind was weak he knew that but part of his mind kept telling him not to tell this bitch the information she sought. “N-no” he managed to choke out his voice sounding very raw from all his screaming. “You will tell me Potter or you will give me no choice but to kill Bella” she spat. And as he started to sob again Bellatrix gave him another hour of torture starting with the Cruciatus.

That night Harry woke to a find a woman straddling his naked body just like his Bella had done on his first night here. He looked up to the woman's eyes and saw the love they held for him.
It was his love, his Bella. He went to speak but only got out a choked sob “Shhh or she'll hear us, we don't have much time and I need you” Bella whispered. Every night the same words and each time they struck him the same. She needed him and he would do anything for her. She slid forward onto his chest as she lifted up her robe exposing her moist pussy lips. “Please Harry you know I love you” she said thickly. With her sex so close to his face he could smell the sweet aroma and it filled him with desire. He reached out his lips to kiss her pleasure box. Using his tongue like she had showed him to lick up the juices that had already started flowing free.

Bella lets out a sigh of joy as Harry busied himself with licking her snatch and she started playing with her tits. Harry knowing the best way to bring her to climax started to lick her clit lovingly. It was not long before she had her hands warped tightly around his head holding him to her pussy as she came roughly. Needing more and knowing harry would be up for a lot more tonight. She repositioned herself over his cock as she had that first time. Grabbing her wand she muttered a lubrication charm and smiling at what she was about to do. Slowly and carefully she slid him into her.

Only this time she had him pointed at her recently lubricated ass. This was one thing she had wanted to do with Rodolphus when they were young. But as he barely lasted two minutes at the best of times they had never got round to it. Harry groaned as he felt the tightness of her ass squeeze around him. This is how much she loved him he thought. No one else had made him feel like this. And she was doing this all for him. Because she loved him the same way he loved her.

After getting used to his size and the foreign feeling of him buried deep in her ass, she started to rise and fall strokeing him inside her. She could see harry straining against the chains that bound him to try and thrust up into her and it amazed her that in his depleted health he still had more stamina than Rodolphus ever had. Moaning as she could feel the pleasure building only drove Harry to try even harder to satisfy her desire. Bella soon became only a passenger. And it was all see could do to stay on harry as he trust with a reckless abandon into her. “Yess H-harry f-faster” she squealed panting and seconds later she had climaxed again. It was pure bliss that's the only way she could describe it.

It took her a few minutes resting on Harry's chest to bring her back to the reason she was there. Noticing he was still rock hard inside her she smiled slipping off him. Now was the time to get what she really sought from him. She pulled out her wand again and after cleaning herself off Harry see knelt down between his legs. Grasping his still hard member knowing he was close to release. She bent forward so her lips were just touching his prick. “Harry you do love me don't you” she asked in what she made sound like a nervous voice. meanwhile she had started to bob her head up and down sucking him. “y-yes o-course” he gasped out breathing heavily.

Pausing from her ministrations she said “Then why don't you tell me the prophesy you know she'll kill me”. As she went back to sucking his dick he replayed “I don't know it a-all” he was getting so close to release that he could barely focus. Part of his mind was still screaming for him not to tell her. But she loves me he thought “I-I only ... the p-power the .... dark l-lord didn't k-know ... c-can live w-while the o-other s-u-r-v-i-v-e-s”.

Bella was so caught up listening to what he was saying that she forgot to stop sucking him. And as he said the last part of the prophesy his cum exploded into her mouth. She was shocked and not just by the sweet tasting cum Harry was blasting into her mouth. So there it was her lord could not come back because harry was alive. Harry had collapsed and his cum had slowed to a trickle when Bella finally made sense of the information about the prophesy. All she had to do was kill Harry and her lord would be able to return. It sounded so easy.

But when it came down to it could she kill him. Harry had brought her more pleasure in the last week and a bit than she had her whole life. She sealed herself she was being silly. While she would miss him there would be others, many others when the dark lord took over.

And with that thought she stood up and aimed her wand at him. Harry saw her stand and instantly noticed her changed demeanour “No please B-Bella come b-back” he cried distraught. “Good bye Harry” Bellatrix said and with his cum still coating her throat and mouth she whispered the curse that would end his life.

Moments later a huge magical explosion shook the room destroying almost everything inside it. The blast threatened to bring the roof down on an apparently unharmed Boy laying on what remained of the chair which had held him captive. The boy in question was laying as if sleeping but behind those closed lids a battle raged. A battle between two minds both apparently belonging to Harry Potter. One strong and healthy mind from another world and one delusional and partly missing mind. Both battled for supremacy in a brain that itself was damaged.


Hours later and Harry stirred. A pain like he had never felt before ripped through his head. Well he thought if this is death no wonder Tom tried so hard to avoid it. He opened his eyes and looked around the room he was in. He was shocked as he recognised the room. Bellatrix's torture chamber. Great I've gone to hell he thought sarcastically. But he knew deep down that he was still alive. Maybe Voldemorts curse had backfired again and he had been taken her for interrogation. But wait I destroyed this place months ago.

Slowly images came unbidden into his mind. A life not his own flashed before his eyes. The life of Harry Potter but not his life. It was a very strange feeling. He saw his parents still alive, his sister, Godricks Hollow and Hogwarts still standing. Somehow he had ended up in another Harry's body in a world where Voldemort had gone after the Longbottoms first. Neville had died but Harry's parents were still alive. Not in his wildest dreams had he thought that it was even possible.

Harry felt a strange calmness in a part of his mind. The part he realised that contained the Harry from this worlds memories. Even thou the young Harrys mind had been crushed by a killing curse bare moments before he had occupied his body. He could summon up thoughts that defiantly belonged to the young Sixth year Grifindore.

Looking around Harry saw Belltrix's wand lying next to the witch just within reach of his right hand.Grasping it he apparated to the front door of the house that had flashed to the front of his mind mere moments before. Godricks Hollow so this was his home.

A home what a great feeling he thought. No more running away as safe house after safe house was located and destroyed by death eaters. Harry felt a strange feeling in his mind it was the same feeling he felt when his mind was invaded through Legilimency. There was another foreign presence in his mind apart from the Sixth year Grifindore's thoughts. It was a black presence. Its purpose was survival and it struggled for control. With a sharp strike to the front of his mind he could feel it start to suppress his thoughts. Suddenly he was overcome from the effort of trying to throw out the black presence. And he was consumed by darkness.
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