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CH 3 - Recovery or heaven?

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Disclaimer: I am only having fun with characters and a world created by JK Rowling
no money is being made here.

My first story so VERY SORRY for all errors and mistakes made before, during and after this sentence.

Summary: Making the story up as I go so the only thing I can say is it will be a Harry's soul goes to AU fic.
Not sure about any relationship but there won't be any fluff
And I'll add a warning for adult themes and all the other nasty's 18+ only please.
Recovery or heaven?

Harry felt a strange feeling in his mind it was the same feeling he felt when his mind was invaded through Legilimency. There was another foreign presence in his mind apart from the Sixth year Grifindore's thoughts. It was a black presence. Its purpose was survival and it struggled for control. With a sharp strike to the front of his mind he could feel it start to suppress his thoughts. Suddenly he was overcome from the effort of trying to throw out the black presence. And he was consumed by darkness.

Harry awoke with a very dry throat in what could only have been the hospital wing at Hogwarts. His head was spinning out of control and his body racked with pain. He quickly put up his Occlumency shields when he felt the black presence in his mind. The first thing he noticed in his dazed state was that he was not alone. Next to him holding his hand was a sleeping lily potter and behind her were James Potter and Sirius black conversing in soft tones. He turned to look to the other side of his bed and his eyes met what he thought was the most beautiful Girl he had ever seen. Her raven black shoulder length hair highlighting a cute tear stained face, awoke a feeling of warmth in his chest. Her Bright emerald green eyes shone from behind a curtain of long dark lashes, stareing back at him.

As he started back into the depths of her eyes he tried to remember who she was. She must have noticed that he was awake when she said “I'm so sorry Harry I-I” tears started to well in her eyes. The black presence in his mind seamed to slip past Harry's hastily put up defence. And an incredible feeling of love arose in Harry.

It pained him to see this girl sad. “Don't cry Bella” his voice chocked out on its own. he had lost control, and was only a passenger in his mind now. Her eyes widened at his statement a look of confusion coming across her face. Why did he call her Bella she thought and then it hit her. He thought that she was Mrs Lestrange. How far had she pushed him to make him forget his own sister. Why had she fallen for Draco's lies she asked herself.

Before she could respond to him James and Sirius rush over “Harry how are you feeling” James said nervously. Before Harry could comprehend the words spoken to him Lily had woken up “oh thank god your awake” she exclaimed. “Go get Madam Pomfrey” she barked at the girl beside him.

“B-but H-Harry just ...” she sobbed out before being interrupted by James “Now” he had raised his voice in a commanding tone. As she went to stand Harry reached out a shaking hand and grabbed her arm. “No d-don't leave me” he cried weakly. He had started to cry now and those around him could feel the room cool with the sound of his anguish. With a sad face James turned and looked at Sirus with an unspoken question. Without a word Sirus left the room quickly to find the nurse.

When he had returned with Madam Pomfrey in tow Harry had lost his battle completely with the presence and was fast asleep.

Awhile later the nurse had finished her final testing and turned to face the stricken family. “Well it seems it's worse than I first thought, as you all know prolonged exposure to Cruciatise can cause damage to nerve endings and muscles like Mr Potter first showed, but it can also cause damage to the brain.

Lily had started crying “he'll get better right” Sirus said quickly. The nurses expression saddened “I won't know for sure until I hear back from a mind healer friend of mine. But you must prepare yourself for the possibility that Mr Potter may have been pushed to far”.

Lily was shattered how would she go on without Harry, would he ever be the same.

“But he was just talking to Kaitlyn, wasn't he Kat” Sirus said hopefully looking pointedly his goddaughter . “He Talked to you” the nurse asked Kaitlyn quickly.

“Y-yes he did, But he called me Bella” Kaitlyn sniffled out.

“What” lily exclaimed
“So he thinks he's still being held captive” James Said looking like he wanted to wake Harry and tell him everything was alright. “Well either way we won't know anything until tomorrow so I suggest you all go home and get some rest” Poppy said. Lily tried to object but poppy refused saying “Your no help to Harry here. He needs sleep”.

After being dismissed James grabbed lily in a hug and steered her toward the floo. Sirus and Kaitlyn following the sad parents. As Kaitlyn left the Hospital wing she whispered so that no one could hear “I'm sorry Harry please forgive me”.


The next day Found the elder Potters sitting at their small kitchen table at Godrick Hollow. They were exhausted for staying up half the night packing. Organizing all their worldly processions for the big move to Potter Manor. It had been decided after the attack on the Hogwarts express that the family would move to the ancestral home for improved protection. And now that Harry was back they had sped up their efforts in an attempt to take their minds off his condition.

Kaitlyn especial took to the task and already had the library and both Harry's and her own rooms done. She was currently going through the attic putting everything in special Portkey boxes that her dad had brought home from the ministry. As she worked she thought about the events that lead to Harry's capture and her involvement. She had known for weeks that her now ex-boyfriend Draco had been conspiring with his aunt over something that they were planning for the end of the year.

She had asked him about it and he had told her that they were going to scare the Mudbloods into not coming back for the next year. He had told her that they were going to put identifying charms on all the Purebloods so they would not be caught up in the drama that he had planned. She had even put the charm on her brother Harry. As Draco could not add it to him because of the protective spells that Dumbledore had put over their family.

She had been utterly manipulated by the Malfoy heir. When she had confronted him still shocked with what had happened he had laughed at her. He had told her that it was his duty to get rid of 'That Mugglelover Fool'. And when she had threatened to tell Dumbledore about what he had done he laughed again. He Had told her to try and prove it. After all she was the one to put the tracking charm on him he had mocked.

She hated herself right now and not just for being manipulated by someone that she had started to love. No she hated herself for getting Harry caught. When she had told her parents it was all Sirus could do to hold lily back from trying to strangle her. But it was her father's reaction which hurt her more he had been silent as lily struggled against Sirus. When he turned to her he had rage in his eyes and said only one word “out”.

She had left immediately having no idea where to go. She Had no friends places to go to, Draco had seen to that. The only other family she had were here hatful aunt and uncle. Who she'd rather kill than stay with again. She had settled of living on the streets of Muggle London for a few days until Sirus had found her. And with her sobbing into his arms he apperated her back home. Her parents were very cold with her after that but that was something she was used to.

The days before Harry had apperated back home were miserable for her. But had gotten worse when she had discovered Harry's naked scar ridden form on the door step. The damage that he suffered had only increased her descent into despair.

When Madam Pomfrey had informed them as to the extent of his injury's it had become apparent that he had been tortured. The information that because of her. The only person in her family who had treated her nicely was tortured. It was almost too much for her. She had sat up for hours contemplating killing herself. She could have easily done it. She had even started brewing the potion which would take her life. But in the end she decided to dedicate herself to helping harry recover. She would not rest until he had. And when he had recovered she vowed to make Bellatrix and Draco pay for what they had done.

Hearing soft footsteps coming up the stairs she turned around to see Sirus enter the room. “How are you doing kiddo” he asked her sincerely. He had been the only one to notice how much the incident had hurt her. How much it killed her to be the one responsible for Harry's condition. “Hi Sirus” she mumbled her reply. Sirus seeing that she was in no mood for a chat said “Well just letting you know we are going to visit Harry soon”.

Seeing her drop the book she was holding into a box and dusting off her hands. He turned around and started his decent down the stairs knowing Kaitlyn would follow him.

When they had arrived in the kitchen Kaitlyn saw her mother bristle when she saw that Kaitlyn was going to accompany them. But without further conversation they left by floo to see Harry in the hospital wing at Hogwarts.


Upon arrival the group were met by Madam Pomfrey.“You can't see him yet my friend Dr Peters the mind healer is still with Harry” she had said as a greeting. “Is he doing any better” James asked before lily could demand to see her son. “well he slept most of the night and only woke a few hours ago when Dr Peters arrived. He has been with him ever since. Hopeful it won't be to long” and as the nurse finished talking the door to the ward opened and a short blonde haired man walked out.

“Ah Dr Peters we were just talking about you” Madam Pomfrey said and proceeded to introduce everyone. After everyone had met Dr Peter Said “Well the young man's definitely got a long road ahead of him. He seems to have no damage to his speech or writing side of his brain. He seems to have retreated into his mind. something that is common with the trauma he suffered. I do detect spell damage but I'm hopeful that he will recover most of it in time.” Here he paused to give Madam Pomfrey a sheet of parchment “I recommend he takes these potions on a regular basis until I see him again next month. They will heal the damaged fibres in his brain. But the rest will be up to him I'm afraid. I recommend that once he is physically better that he be transferred to a more calming environment, Back home perhaps. He will need constant supervision until I see him again”. And with that Dr Peters gave his farewells and flooed back to St Mungos.

“Can we see him Poppy” James asked the nurse. “Ok but you have to promise not to get in my way while I'm running test's” and with that the group walked into see a Sleeping Harry.

After a couple minutes of Madam Pomfrey double and triple checking the results of Harry's physical condition to say she was stunned was the understatement of the century. If she had have been sitting on a stool she would have fallen off it she was certain. Harry's body had almost completely healed and he had only been here two days. While she prided herself in being one of the best healers around it was just not possible that he could have healed in such a short time.

Lily seeing the nurse sit down in shock mistook her look and asked “What's wrong Madam Pomfrey is Harry ok”. Turning to lily with a blank look crossing her features she said “What lily. Oh no it just well it's unbelievable. Mr Potter is almost completely healed”. And then she added “The only thing wrong with him now other than mentally is that he's tired”. The Potter Clan looked at her in shock “How's that possible” James said.

“Look for yourself” Madam Pomfrey said while pulling the covers of his bed back to reveal a bare chest that only yesterday had been full of scars and festering sores. It now was completely clear of all marks. “It's the best I could have hoped for in weeks of treatment and it happened overnight. I've never seen anything like it”.

After a few minutes of discussion in which they were joined by Albus Dumbledore. It was decided that Harry would stay under Madam Pomfrey care until she was sure he had no side effects of his quick healing. And once Madam Pomfrey was sure he was ok he would be taken to Potter manor to finish his recovery in the security that the manor offered.

Half an hour later Dumbledore and Madam Pomfrey stood discussing Harry's amazing recovery after the Potter clan had left. “What do you make of it all Albus” Poppy asked the aged wizard. “I'm not sure poppy, Harry has always excelled at most things he sets his eyes upon perhaps he wiled himself better” He responded. “Is that possible Albus” poppy asked.

"Almost anything's possible Poppy it is a magical world after all" he said with a twinkling in his eyes. Before the nurse could respond A strange moan sounded from behind them
Both Witch and wizard turned shocked to see Harry sitting up in his hospital bed. "Harry it's good to see you back with us so soon" the elderly wizard said while his eyes started to twinkle more. Harry wanted to scream he was trying to wrestle control of his body back so he could tell them what was happening to him.

To the outside world it looked like he was struggling to talk. When suddenly his eyes closed and his head snapped upwards while his body convulsed. Poppy ran over to make sure he was not having a seizure. when he had finally stilled he opened his eyes again this time they were dull and lifeless "where's my Bella" he asked tears coming to his face.

"Don't worry Harry She's not here she can't hurt again".

"What" Harry said looking very confused "I want to see her, she was just here I saw her". His voice started to raise "where's my Bella".

"Please Harry don't strain yourself" poppy said putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"BELLA" he yelled longing dripping in his voice. Then his body collapsed back into his bed, but not before whispering "I love you Bella, Please come back". After he had fallen back into a dream filled sleep Poppy turned to Dumbledore a questioning look in her eyes "What do you make of that Albus".

"I don't know what to think he is obviously delusional who knows what happened to him while he was tortured. It has been known for people to begin to physiologically attach themselves to their capturers in conditions such as the one he was in. The Muggles even have a term for it. They call it Stockholm syndrome. I think it likely that he developed this attachment as a form of self defence. And as Dr peters said he must have buried himself in his mind. I could have attempted Legilimency but I'm afraid it could do more damage than good. No we must wait until he has healed his mind more".

"I didn't tell his family but I found traces of more than just Cruciatus on him Albus. He had her" Here she paused wondering how to put it. "Well he had her scent on him" she finished knowing that the older wizard would know what she was hedging around.

Dumbledore's eyes turned even sadder "well that would explain a lot". But why did she organise to capture him specifically in the first place he thought. Did she do it to get back at the Potters or was it something more. He wondered if it could have something to do with the prophesy. He would have to contemplate this more in his office. "Thank you for telling me that Poppy. I'm going to return to my office please let me know if he wakes again".

"Certainly Albus". poppy said turning back to a still sleeping Harry and wondered not for the first time how someone could hurt such a gentle boy. Sighing she turned back to her summer cleaning hoping that Harry would get better eventually. If only for poor lily and James's sake.


An hour later Dumbledore sat in his mahogany chair at his desk thinking about the events surrounding Harry. Harry had always been incredibly smart. He sometimes put the older wizard in mind of another boy who half a century ago attended this same school. But that other boy Tom riddle was like the night to Harry's day. Where Riddle had been in Slythrin and tried to control his surroundings and the people in it. Harry just went with the flow living a happy life with friends and family who loved him. While he had been a bit off the last few weeks Dumbledore had put it down to the extra studying he did for his exams. It was not unusual to have students start acting oddly during exams. No Harry was not like Riddle at all and for that Dumbledore was very glad. This latest event could change all that though.

From what he could piece together from interviewing a very depressed but willing Kaitlyn. Bellatrix Lestrange had contacted Draco with a plan to capture Harry and had tricked Kaitlyn into believing they were attacking muggleborns to get her help. A quick read of the girls mind showed him that she had not know what their true plan had been. but it stilled disturbed him that Kaitlyn would hate the Muggleborns enough that she would have gone along with a plan to hurt them.

Albus had taken her prefect badge and had told her that if Harry decided to press charges he would have to testify against her in front of the Wizengamot. He was surprised when she had replied that if Harry wanted to press charges that she would willingly tell the Wizengamot her role in the plan. Such was her quilt. He knew from that conversation that there would be no way to pin Draco to the attack. It seemed he was well trained by his father when it came to slipping out of trouble. Meanwhile Bellatrix was already wanted for torturing the Mckinnons, so it looked like the attack would go unpunished for awhile. With a sigh he heaved himself out of his chair and headed for the dungeons to see if Servus could shed some light on these horrific events.
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