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CH 4 - Why to Why What's Why

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Disclaimer: I am only having fun with characters and a world created by JK Rowling
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My first story so VERY SORRY for all errors and mistakes made before, during and after this sentence.

Summary: Making the story up as I go so the only thing I can say is it will be a Harry's soul goes to AU fic.
Not sure about any relationship but there won't be any fluff
And I'll add a warning for adult themes and all the other nasty's 18+ only please.
Why to Why What's Why

He knew from that conversation, that there would be no way to pin Draco to the attack. It seemed he was well trained by his father when it came to slipping out of trouble. Meanwhile Bellatrix was already wanted for torturing the Mckinnons, so it looked like the attack would go unpunished for awhile. With a sigh he heaved himself out of his chair and headed for the dungeons to see if Servus could shed some light on these horrific events.

The Sun had just begun to rise on the Potters house in Godricks Hollow as Kaitlyn threw the last item from the kitchen into a Porkeybox. She activated it so that it would be waiting for her at Potter Manor. Now all she had to do was wait until Sirus came to pick her up. She decided to pass the time with one last look around the house. This house had been her home her whole life and she felt slightly sad at leaving it.

As she entered the lounge room she noticed a black mark on the far wall behind where the couch had sat. Casting her mind back she remembered what had caused that particular mark. It was Christmas of Harry's first year and Sirus had given him an exploding cauldron thinking it was extremely funny. Lily had ordered Sirus out of the house for the whole day, only to have him return before lunch in his dog form with his tail stuck between his legs and whimpering. Against her best judgment Lily let him stay only to have her chicken diner blow-up minutes later. It was the last time Kaitlyn remembered true happiness. It had been before she went to Hogwarts, before she had been sorted into Slytherin.

Absently she brushed at her skirt to get it to sit flat while she was lost in thought. After she had been sorted into Slytherin her life had changed forever. She had been an outcast in the house of green for the first few years. It had not been until she had started to grow into her good looks that she finally had friends. But as she knew now they were not real friends, they had only wanted to use her. She had thought Draco was different but he too had used her.

Thinking about the Blonde boy made her angry so she quickly walked back to the kitchen. Looking around hoping for something to distract her from thinking about that dickhead. Sitting down at the old rickety table she forced herself to think about the new house. She welcomed this move with open arms, it would give her the chance to start over again. She did not dare to hope that she would ever be close with her family again. But it would give her the chance to be alone more in the spacious house.

Potter manor was a huge place that had been built in the late eighteenth century. It was modelled in the style that was popular to Muggle royalty at the time and was a marvel. It was a four storied masterpiece made from the finest limestone and caped with cream coloured marble. It was adorned with large window's which spanned the front of all four floors. The manor itself sat on twenty acres of beautiful rolling hills and forests. Making it one of the most beautiful places Kaitlyn had ever seen, or hoped to see. It was a sight for sore eyes and gave the family hope. Hope for a better future, for them, but more importantly for Harry.

The only reason that they had not lived at Potter manor instead of their Godrick's Hollow house was it was too large a place for Lily to have kept an eye on her children when they were young. That and lily wanted her kids to grow up as normal as possible, well as Muggle as possible. She wanted them to have Muggle friends and attend the local Muggle school. But now they were grownup Potter manor offered the best protection, especially with the way the world was slowly turning dark again. Now with the move they finally had enough room for Sirus to live with them. Something James had been trying to get Lily to agree to for years, but they had never really had the room for him.

Kaitlyn had a room at potter manor on the fourth floor with an adjoining bathroom to Harry's new Room. It was decided that this was the best way for Harry's recovery since James and Lily would not be able to be around to much because of work. That and the view from the large windows in their rooms were spectacular. Kaitlyn had wanted to help Harry with his recovery anyway, after all it was her fault he was in this condition. It took some convincing on her part to secure the room as her parents still did not trust her fully.

Today they were going to set Harry's room up, so as soon as he was cleared by Madam Pomfrey he could come to their new home too. The mind healer had hoped that being in such a comforting environment would help him recover. And it was this or a bed in spell recovery at St Mungos, Which was instantly apposed.

A knock at the front door brought Kaitlyn out of her thoughts, it must be Sirus she thought. With one last look around the kitchen she grabbed her coat and opened the door. Leaving her old life for what she hoped was a better one, one with less suffering.


Harry struggled under this latest onslaught as the 'Dark Thing' as he thought of it, attacked him. He did not know how much time had passed on the outside world, but at the present moment he did not care. The 'dark thing' embodied as a huge black norwidgen ridgeback dragon, again attacked his mental defences, or as he had visualized them Hogwarts castle. He had come up with this defence when he had finally learnt Occlumency during his time on the run. It had been Tonks that had taken the time to help him sort out his mental defences and he had taken to the mind art very quickly under her tutelage. He had learnt that clearing his mind was not the only way to keep people out, it was only the most popular way to defend one's mind. He had become even better than his teacher when it came to resisting foreign searches.

Tonks had given him some of her old Auror books that she had saved from her London flat before it was destroyed by death eaters. Other than learning Occlumancy he had also learnt Legilimency and the spells and tactics that Aurors employed. He was not anywhere near as good at Legilimency as he was at Occlumancy but it had taught him how a skilled Legilimens attacked and what to look for.

The Auror spells he had learnt were the most valuable piece of his on the run training. The most valuable spells he learnt were the unforgivable's and they had soon became some of the most popular spells he cast.

Again the black dragon attacked his defences and he felt them start to weaken. He hastily increased his concentration to strengthen them. He wondered not for the first time what had happened, he was killed by Voldemort but instead of dying he had ended up in what he had come to find out was a different world. He was overjoyed when he had seen his parents alive in the other Harrys memories and then again when he saw them visiting him in hospital. He had wanted so desperately to talk to them, but he had no control of his body thanks to that 'dark thing'.

It was an odd presence that he had since come to realise was a mutation of the young Harry's mind. It was all that was left of his soul after Bellatrix had tortured him. She had destroyed his mind until all that was left was a sick blending of his delusional need to be loved and a colossal hatred for everything else. It had but one goal in life and that was to reclaim full control of this body from the older Harry. It could not control it at the moment thanks to Harry's presence but was getting stronger feeding off Harry's happy thoughts, especially his feelings for his new family.

Harry sighed mentally as the black dragon swooped down to attack again. Bitterly thinking that maybe he was wrong and he was dead. Maybe this was hell, to know that he had the life he had always wanted but it was forever out of reach. The battle of the minds continued neither side gaining or loosing much.


In the largest bedroom at the newly occupied Potter manor a restless Lily potter was tossing and turning in her bed. Waking up from her restless sleep she sighed and clamped a pillow over her face. she had a splitting headache that may or may not have been from the bottle of Firewhisky that she had polished off last night. She had fallen into the habit the night harry had been attacked and abducted from the Hogwarts express. it had comforted her at that troubling time.

After Harry had been discovered on their doorstep and she was told that he had been tortured only made her drink more. It took the pain of imagining the horrors that her eldest son had been through. The horrors of what that bitch Bellatrix had done to her son.

She threw the pillow she was holding and sat up slowly, wincing at the pain in her head. Reaching over to the ornate bedside table she picked up the potions she had come to rely on. One Hangover potion and one pepper-up potion. Downing their contents she instantly felt her headache dull and the thoughts she had been trying to repress came back to her. "Damn" she said allowed to the empty room while she contemplated getting another bottle of alcohol. Deciding against it she got out of bed and walked over to her closet, where she grabbed some clothes.

As she turned to cross the floor to where the bathroom was she looked at a moving photograph on the wall. It showed a scene from last Christmas where the family sat opening presents. Her eyes were drawn to a laughing Harry sitting next to her blushing form. He was holding up a copy of naughty witch monthly, a magazine which Sirus had gotten him. Shaking her head as she remembered the scene she wondered if Harry would ever laugh again.

Snapping herself out of those dangerous thoughts she noticed Kaitlyn in the photo shaking her head at Harry's present. Lily felt her anger and disappointment rise up when she thought of Kaitlyn, she felt betrayed by her.

Lily proceeded to the bathroom not bothering to close the door behind her. She striped off her pink satin night dress and stepped into the shower. Why had Kaitlyn turned out like she had, she was always a quiet girl when she was young. She used to idolise Harry but all that had changed when she had gone to Hogwarts.

Where she had been sorted into Slytherin and had started to distance herself from the family. Then she had become friends with all the wrong sorts of people and would not listen to her when she warned Kaitlyn about them.

And now because of her involvement with Draco the worst thing imaginable had happened, she had gotten Harry captured and tortured. Even if she had not meant to hurt Harry she was still guilty of going along with what she had been made to belive would be an attack on the Muggleborns students. Clearly she had come to hate Muggles and Muggleborns but why, Was it something she had done. Was it because Lily was a Muggleborn or had she been brainwashed in Slytherin. Lily had always passed off her prejudiced comments about Muggles as her trying to fit in with her house but now she knew she was wrong.

Lily lent into the hot water and sighed as the water poured over her body. At least she still had one comfort these days. Well other than James but it had been days since she had that type of comfort. Thinking of that last time with James she could feel herself starting to get hot.

It had been the night before the kids were to come back from Hogwarts. Knowing that they would not have time to be together again for a while had made it a very passion filled night. A night where Lily had found a good use for the new coffee table she had bought in the after Christmas sales. She had even need to Reparo it when they had finished because of how hard a pounding it had got. She was sore all the next day when they had gone to pickup Harry and Kaitlyn from London.

Sighing she stopped herself thinking about that wonderful time and turned around deciding to have a cold shower after all.

After she had finished her shower she dressed into a casual shirt and flowery skirt that James was quite a fan of. She decided to go get some breakfast before flooing Hogwarts to check in on Harry. She descended down the stairs into the large kitchen and found Her husband sitting at the table reading the daily prophet. He looked so mature when he went about his morning ritual she thought. Then as if he heard her thought he let out a massive burp and started to scratch his crouch. Totally ruining the mature look with his vulgar display. Sighing Lily continued into the kitchen and greeted James "Your disgusting You know".

James looked up from his paper and with a lopsided grin and said "I'm not disgusting I'm James Potter, you know your husband". Lily raised her eyebrows "Really my husband how did that happen was it a love potion?". James gave her a indignant look and puffed up his chest before saying "No it was my dashing good looks and charm". Giggling Lily walked up behind James and started to massage his shoulders "Well it defiantly wasn't your brains that's for sure" And as if to prove it she pointed to the word puzzle in his paper "Number four across is not Goblinboy its Gillyweed ".

Before James could argue that his answer was correct Sirus walked through the door looking very dishevelled with grass sticking out of his hair "Who's weed" he asked. Then seeing Lily standing over James he Quipped "Did you get caught again prongs, I told you not to hide it in the bathroom.

Lily's head snapped back to James and gave him a cold look "James Potter how could you, you promised you wouldn't smoke anymore". James gave Sirus an angry look before he turned to lily "He's only joking Lily, I told you I would stop and I haven't done it since". Laughing Sirus sat down across from his best friend while grabbing a muffin from the tray on the table.

Lily having lived with Sirus antics for the last twenty odd years ignored his laughter. "What happened to you Sirus it looks like you've fallen off your broom, not drinking and flying again are you?" she said commenting on his appearance. Having just stuffed the muffin he had picked up into his mouth it was a couple of moments and lots of flying crumbs later before anyone could understand what Sirus was saying. James was laughing while Lily made a horrified face "That disgusting, Sirus you're a pig".

When he had finished chewing Sirus finished saying "And so here I am". James was now interested in what had happened to Sirus and asked him to repeat what he said in English. "Well Melissa dumped me this morning over some silly little thing and as it turns out she's got quite a blasting hex". Lily knowing that there was more to the story than what he was saying said "and does this 'silly little thing' have a name, Joan perhaps or is it Mandy again".

Sirus gave Lily a sad look of indignation "How dare you accuse me of cheating on my lovely Melissa I loved her". Lily looked sorry when she saw the crestfallen look on Sirus face. "Oh sorry Sirus I Thought" but before she could finish James had interrupted her "Its Amy isn't it" he said with laugh.

Sirus had the decency to look a bit guilty "Well she is little and a bit silly, she has some of the best tits I've ever seen". Lily looked angry and Sirus quickly ducked under the table as a muffin was thrown at him "Sirus don't talk like that". Here James grinned and said "besides I'm sure Amy's got nothing on Lily". He was quickly hit on the shoulder by a heavily blushing Lily as she exclaimed. "James Please, What have we talked about, don't bring yourself down to his level" here she pointed at Sirus.

Trying to change the subject James asked Sirus "Did you remember to pickup Kaitlyn ". But before Sirus could answer Kaitlyn walked through the door with a box of kitchenware. "Good morning what are you guys talking about I heard laughter" she said timidly glancing between her parents and Sirus. Sirus was the first to answer Grinning like a Cheshire cat all the while "We we just talking about your Mums tits isn't that right Lily". Blushing even more Lily Chased Sirus out of the kitchen yelling at him.

"Well that's a very strange thing to be talking about over breakfast I won't ask how that came up" Kaitlyn remarked to her dad as Lily came back through the door. James Just laughed and said "Muffins" holding two up for Kaitlyn. Rolling her eyes Kaitlyn rested the box she was holding on the bench and left the room as Lily yelled at James for encouraging Sirus. As Kaitlyn left she sighed wishing Harry was here to join in with her father's antics. Well at least she could set up his room so that he could leave the hospital quicker. And with that thought in mind she climbed the stairs to the fourth floor to start unpacking Harry's stuff.

Mean while back in the kitchen Kaitlyn was already forgotten as the trio of adults finished eating breakfast a bit more sombrely than before.


Looking around at Harry's new room Kaitlyn felt proud at what she had accomplished in such a short time. It was a lot quicker setting everything up than it was packing it. Thanks to the fact that she could use magic here without fear of being detected by the ministry. Harry's room was beautiful with polished wooden floors and an ornate marble fire place being the focal point of the whole room. His old stuff looked very strange in such an open environment and very spread out.

Kaitlyn had gone through his magazine stack to see if there were any Quidditch posters she could use to decorate the room when she found a copy of Naughty Witch monthly. Smiling sadly she noticed that it was not the same one that Sirus had given harry at Christmas, it was in fact a few years old. Flipping through it she was a bit shocked that anyone would do some of the things that were pictured in the magazine. She was just about to put the magazine down when Sirus had bounded into the room. When he saw what she had in her hands he said "I thought you were into guys Kat, did that slimy little Malfoy turn you off men altogether". he said laughing.

But when he saw the sadness in her eyes he said "I'm sorry Kat, Bad joke". As he walked over to sit next to her she said bitterly "Well if all guys are like that dickhead could you blame me". Sirus hugged her not knowing what to say while Kaitlyn started to cry. She did not know why but she needed to talk to someone about what she was feeling. "Why did I not listen to you guys .. I-I thought he was different .. B-But he was just using me the whole time .. owww Harry". Here she sobbed into Sirus's shoulder "why H-Harry".

Sirus saw that Lily had come to see what was happening and so he said "Shhh it's not your fault". At this point Kaitlyn not aware that Lily was standing at the door Sobbed "Y-Yes it is .. I-I can't do anything right and now Harry's .. how can you even talk to me Sirus, why don't you hate me too". Sirus glanced at Lily in the doorway and replied "No one hates you Kat, We realise you we manipulated, Dumbledore showed us what happened in his pensive". Slowly her tears started to subside as she said "You should hate me, I know I do".

Sirus saw a strange look cross Lily's face before she backed out of the door way and headed for the stairs. Sighing he stood up stroking her hair and knowing the moment was over he said "Take a look at page twenty-three that'll take your mind off things. I know it helped Harry". Laughing with a tinge of hysteria Kaitlyn flipped to the page he had indicated and shocked Sirus when she remarked "Wow I'll never look at a wand the same again". Shaking his blushing head he said "Well were going to get Harry so don't have too much fun while were gone" gesturing to the magazine. Sirus laughed as he seceded in getting Kaitlyn to blush and walked out the door.

On the stairs just outside the room was a very Angry looking Lily. Knowing that she must have heard the last part of his embarrassing conversation with Kaitlyn he quickly transformed into his dog form and ran passed her before she could lay into him.


Harry lay in his bed in the hospital wing staring up at the ceiling with a blank look on his face. This was a direct contradiction to what was happening in his mind, he was screaming for control. His parents had come to pick him up and he could not communicate with them in anyway. After the three adults had entered the room lily had hugged him, sadly telling him about the move to Potter manor. She had been holding his hand ever since looking into his dull eyes.

He wanted to be able to hug her back and tell her that he was fine. But he had no control over his body at all. The only progress he had in the battle that raged inside his mind was to limit the control his dark counterpart had over his body. He had cut off the others access to his muscles so it was effectively a prisoner just like him.

The dark presence tried again to wrestle control of Harry's muscles back and slowly Harry could feel himself losing his foothold. He knew he would not be able to resist indefinitely. As he thought about how he could try to overpower the presence he heard Poppy say that it was ok for him to go home. He felt joy at this statement finally he could go home, it was a dream come true. A place where his parents , Sirus and his sister lived. As he felt the feeling of joy arise in him he felt the presence recoil a bit. Ahh he thought I've found its weakness but before he had finished that thought it smashed back into him slightly stronger. His vision started to dull and he felt his body going to sleep, not again he screamed but like always no one heard him.

Lily saw Harry closes his eyes and fall to sleep he looked so peaceful she thought. "Well if it's alright with you poppy I think we should take Harry home now. Thanks for everything you have done for him". And after collecting the potions that would help heal his mind James levitated Harry out through the doors and down to the path to Hogsmeade with Lily and Sirus at his side. While they were getting closer to the end of the wards James let himself smile for the first time since they had arrived for Harry. They could finally take him how it was a wonderful feeling. And with that thought he side-along apparated Harry to their new family home, Potter manor.


Kaitlyn was busy hanging the last of the Quidditch posters she had found in Harry's magazines when she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Her breath caught in her throat, Harry was home. Finally Harry was here it was as if he had been gone from their lives forever. She felt like it was a new dawn, Harry was home and now her life could start anew once he got better. With this new feeling of hope rising inside her she turned to greet her parents as they came through the door while levitating Harry.

"How is he" Kaitlyn asked no one in particular. Lily gave Kaitlyn a strange look before answering. Lily could not understand Kaitlyn, she increasingly disliked their family throughout the last few years. She outright argued with Lily during Christmas. She had even told Lily she had wished she was not related to them. But Just this afternoon Lily had seen her talking to Sirus distraught and hating herself for Harry's condition. If she had not seen the look in her eyes and the heartache in her voice she would have passed it off. But after what she had seen she started wondering if maybe Kaitlyn had seen that it had been her that was wrong all along, had she changed.

"He has not changed" Lily answered bluntly. Even if Kaitlyn had truly changed she was still not Lily's favourite person right now after what she had done. Meanwhile throughout their exchange James had finished levitating Harry to his new King sized bed. He looked like an unanimated puppet just put down by its master. His limbs splayed out haphazardly around him and his head lay blankly looking at the ceiling. The room had quieted as if expecting Harry to now wake up and be ok now that he was home.

Lily shook her head trying to keep her tears at bay. She could not shake the feeling that Harry would never be able to talk to her again. Looking at him on the bed now, he looked like an empty vessel. But consoled herself with one thought, he had talked to Kaitlyn so surly he just needed to regain his strength. With that thought she walked over to him and started straitening his arms and legs to what should be a more comfortable position. Just as she had started Kaitlyn had walked over from the other side of the bed and started helping her. Lily looked up and saw the same emerald tear ridden eyes looking back at her. Eyes that contained so much hurt that Lily stoped what she was doing. She was about to reach out to comfort her daughter when James spoke.

"Kaitlyn go get some water for Harry" James said making it sound like an order, which it was. Kaitlyn lowered her head and without a word she walked out of the room to get a cup for Harry. While she was gone Sirus contemplated saying something to his best friend, about the tone he used when he talked to Kaitlyn. He knew James had always had a very uneasy relationship with his daughter ever since she had left for Hogwarts. The latest events did not help the situation, but Sirus wondered if James knew how bad Kaitlyn was feeling right now.

Kaitlyn was the baby of the family and her parents had doted on her when she was little. She was James's little princess, if she ever wanted anything she had but to ask for it. Sirus would have gone so far as to call her spoilt but he would have to take a big part of the blame for that. But when she started Hogwarts she had changed. At first it was only small things like not joining in the annual snowball fight at Christmas because it was belittling to a witch to get her hands dirty. But it had escalated when she had started to go out with Malfoy. That was one argument that Sirus would never forget.

It had been the Christmas before last when she had asked to spend the day at the Malfoys. And when a horrified Lily asked why see would want do that, Kaitlyn informed them all of their status. Pandemonium greeted her statement, Lily was trying to deny it and James was outright yelling at her. After about an hour of yelling, screaming and more than a few slammed doors Kaitlyn had ended the argument by screaming that she wished she did not belong to such a prejudiced family. She had then gone on to yell that they should be happy that such a noble pureblood would wish to go out with her with Lily's blood being what it was.

Lily had cried all night after that while James comforted her all the while outraged at what his daughter had said. Meanwhile Kaitlyn had barricaded her door and wouldn't even let Harry in to talk to her. From that day forward James and Lily were very awkward around Kaitlyn.

While Sirus had been thinking Kaitlyn had come back with a glass of water and James had roughly grabbed it off her and walked over to Lily's side. Seeing her farther hand her Mum the glass Kaitlyn started to back out of the room knowing she would not be wanted or missed for a while. She walked back down the stairs with a claustrophobic feeling rising in her. Harry was here and nothing had changed. Now that she had finished packing and setting up the new place it finally hit her that nothing was going to change. The work had given her hope and now she had nothing to do, the reality of what her life had become sunk in.

It was with this despair that she decided to stop by the kitchen and grab a bottle of firewiskey before heading back to her room. If it worked for her Mum maybe it could work for her too. Besides if it didn't she still had the ingredients in her potions case to make a nice poison.

Hours later back in Harry's room Lily was lying next to her son stroking his hair as he slept. James and Sirus had left to celebrate Harry's home coming. Meaning they were going to get drunk down the pub, so they didn't have to think about Harry's condition. And despite knowing how upset she would get Lily was thinking about that very subject.

So many thing's whipped around inside her head. Would he get better and if he did would he be the same. The healer had told them that he had some brain damage would he recognise them. Would he ever be able to have a normal life now because of what happened. He had been a great son, Loving , caring and very bright. She had been so proud when he had tied for the record number of owls with his study rival Hermione. She remembered the day they had gone out to that fancy Muggle restaurant to celebrate his achievement.

She let out a small sob now he was like a vegetable most of the time and when he did speak he did not make any sense. Both times he had talked to her he had said no more than a few words with no meaning. Then when he had talked to Kaitlyn he had thought he was still a captive of that Bitch Lestrange. Lily promised herself that if she ever caught the evil Bitch she would make her pay for what she had done.

Looking up at the clock on Harry's bedside table she saw that she only had three hours until she had to get to work. Sighing she got up and left the sleeping Harry with a kiss to his fore head. She knew she should get some sleep if she was going to be able to function. The ministry was going to be busy and at this time of year she as the head of administration for spell reversal had forbade her workers from taking time off, so it would have been hypocritical if she didn't turn up for work in the morning.

A few restless hours latter and Lily was showered and ready to head to work. Bumping into a groggy James she reminded him to get Kaitlyn up before he left to look after Harry. Nodding painfully James said he would as she stepped into the floo and disappeared.

James did what Lily had asked him to do after a few hangover potions. Waking up a very worse for wear looking Kaitlyn who if he didn't know better was more hung over then He and Sirus had been. Groaning she got up and walked to the bathroom as James told her what was expected of her. She closed the door before he had even finished talking to her. "Little Bitch" he muttered as he shook his head. He had a long day ahead of him and decided to skip the painful visit to Harry's room. Today he hoped to convince his Boss that he should head up the hunt for Bellatrix so he could take his mind off things at home.


Before showering Kaitlyn took a headache potion she had left from her exam week and vowed to steal a few anti-hangover potions from her parents later on. letting her night dress fall to the floor she walked over to the large bath that dominated the room. Apparently the previous Potters had not thought to put a shower in this bathroom. But Kaitlyn did not mind she would rather soak for a while anyway.

The large sunken bath reminded her of the prefects bathroom at Hogwarts in that it was more like a small swimming pool. It had the same multiple taps that the prefects bath had too. Turning on one of the taps and she was greeted with a purple coloured water pouring from its spout. Smelling of rosemary, she decided that would do for today and she would leave the other taps for later. It might even give her something good to look forward to discovering the other scents. Sinking into the Huge bath she sighed at the warmth that began to surround her body she could get used to this.

After half an hour soaking Kaitlyn dragged herself out of the bath and dried herself off. When she was dry she walked over to the floor-to-ceiling mirror that run from one end of the bathroom to the other. She examined herself trying to see if anything had changed in her appearance since she last had looked. Nothing was different she still had a slender form and small tits. How she hated them and after seeing The magazine in Harry's room she felt very inadequate.

She had always taken pride in the appearance of her body before, loving the fact she had tight abs and slim smooth legs. She knew how much her appearance affected the boys at Hogwarts and loved every minute of it. Well she had loved it, but now she looked past the things that made her one of the sexiest girls at school and saw her true self looking back. What she saw frightened her.

Shaking her head she headed back into her room to find some clothes to wear. Since she was tasked to look after harry all day she opted for just a shirt and some baggy shorts, nothing fancy. Not wanting to even look at the clothes she used to ware to impress Draco. Once she was finished she decided to grab a bite to eat before coming back to see Harry.

On her way back from eating breakfast she stopped by her parents room with the hope of grabbing a few Anti-hangover potions. But the door to their room barred her access. She tried a few unlocking spells she knew but it would not open. Great they locked her out, what did they think she was going to do, rob them blind. This just reaffirmed her belief that her family did not trust or like her. Feeling the dark shadow of depression coming back she tried to ward it off by swiftly walking up the stairs to see Harry.

Seeing him staring blankly up at the ceiling only helped to increase the sadness inside her. What was she going to do. Walking over to Harry she sat next to him on the bed not noticing that Harry's spirit suddenly rose upon seeing her. Harry had always been so good to her, he had helped her when she was finding it difficult to fit in at Hogwarts and at home. Now he was this vegetable state because of her, how would he react if he ever got better. Would he still love her like she did him or would he too abandon her. She would not blame him if he wanted nothing to do with her ever again.

She felt a pang of grief at this, what would she do if he too turned his back on her. She would truly have no one. Latching onto the hope that if she helped him to recover that he might one day forgive her, she cradled his head. Softly patting his hair as she lost herself to her thoughts about how she could help Harry.

Meanwhile Harry a prisoner in his own mind and body watched on as the sister he never knew sat sadly cradling his head. He had heard the conversation that Dumbledore had had with his parents after he was found about Kaitlyn's role in his capture. And seeing her looking at him now he knew that she felt guilty for it. He could relate with what she was going through, after all he had lead Sirus to the Ministry. Only His mistake had gotten Sirus killed and a war that would end up killing billions started.

He wanted nothing more than to throw out the daemon that fought him. To finally meet his parents and his sister. But his struggle had come to a standstill since he had been brought here if anything the dark thing had grown slightly stronger. Harry wondered what he would do if her ever escaped this prison. He had never know love he had never got the chance. He did not know the love of family or the love of a woman.

By the time the war had started he was pretty much alone The only friends he had ever known had abandoned him when he had finally reviled the prophesy. And when Dumbledore had died those that still stood with Harry had been dwindled down to a mere handful. Lupin, Tonks , Moody and surprisingly enough Fletcher had been the only ones to stand with him.

Harry's thoughts were interrupted when Kaitlyn started whispering to him "I'm so sorry Harry I didn't know what Draco had planned and I'm-I'm". Here she had started to tear up her face filling with sorrow "Please don't hate me .. I never meant for this". Seeing no reaction from him she added "I-I ... how can I help you Harry ... I .. we ... need you back".

It tore at his heart he desperately wanted to comfort her, tell her he was ok. But he could do nothing and he became sad as he could see her struggling with her tears. Maybe that was what love was he thought, giving comfort to him when he realised how his family felt about him.

After a few hours Both of them had fallen asleep. Kaitlyn had cried herself to sleep hugging Harry, resting her head on his chest. It was almost torture for him knowing his sister was crying for him and not being able to hug her back. It was maddening the feeling of his sister hugging him was very confusing to Harry. It filled him with a sense of warmth, he felt protected in her arms. But he also felt something else something strange. Had his past life damaged him, could he live a happy life now after what had happened.

When she had finally fallen to sleep Harry decided to see if he could for once and for all throw the dark dragon out of his mind. But he was surprised to find that the dragon had actually grown. He also learnt that the saying Don't tickle a sleeping dragon, was, in this case very wise. Especial as moments later he too fell unconsciousness.

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