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CH 5 - Strange it really is

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Disclaimer: I am only having fun with characters and a world created by JK Rowling
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My first story so VERY SORRY for all errors and mistakes made before, during and after this sentence.

Summary: Making the story up as I go so the only thing I can say is it will be a Harry's soul goes to AU fic.
Not sure about any relationship but there won't be any fluff
And I'll add a warning for adult themes and all the other nasty's 18+ only please.
Strange it really is

When she had finally fallen to sleep Harry decided to see if he could for once and for all throw the dark dragon out of his mind. But he was surprised to find that the dragon had actually grown. He also learnt that the saying Don't tickle a sleeping dragon, was, in this case very wise. Especial as moments later he too fell unconsciousness.

When Harry had awoken again he noticed by the darkness in the room that it must be night time. He instinctively went to raise his wand to see what time it was, but he was not able to. Of course I can't he thought bitterly. His nose was apparently still working tho as he took in the scent of Rosemary and instantly thought of Kaitlyn. What was she doing, where were his parents, were they all asleep now. Great I wake up in the middle of the night so I can be bored to death in this stupid prison of a body.

As he lay there not that he had any choice to do otherwise, he started to think about what he would do if he managed to reclaim control of his body. The first thing he would do after doing a victory jig would be to yell his fucking head off. He started thinking about what his first words to his parents would be. Would he tell them the truth, 'Hi I'm Harry but my mind is from a different world joining this Harry after Bellatrix Tortured and then killed your son leaving him a sickened husk, can I have some tea'. Yeah I'm sure that would be received well. The more he thought about it the more he wanted not to tell them. Sure they deserved to know the truth but would they look at him differently?

Of course they would look at him differently and that was one thing he did not think he could handle. He had gone through his whole life with people staring at him and treating him different. Now that he finally had the chance for a Family he just wanted to have a normal life with them.

He was Drawn out of his thoughts when a ray of light ran across the ceiling. Someone must have opened the door he thought. But from his prone position on his bed he could not see who it was. The sweet smell of rosemary alerted him of who it was before he saw her. His heart leapt in his chest Kaitlyn was going to keep him company. Maybe he would not die of boredom after all. Even tho it was torture for him not to be able to talk to her at least he had something to help distract him.

As she walked closer to the bed he could see that she must have been drinking with the way she staggered into the room. He saw her tearstained face and a bottle of firewiskey in her hand as she climbed onto the bed next to him. So she had been drinking and apparently still was.

"Harry your awake" she slurred in her slightly drunken state. He felt the black presence stir when she had spoken. It flooded him with a feeling of lust and before he could stop it, it rose up and took complete control of his mind. No he screamed silently as he saw what it was going to try to do. It had replaced its feeling's for Bella with feelings for Kaitlyn. Feeling that Harry as her brother should never feel.

As Harry tried to fight the black thing he felt a hand rise up and touch his sisters face running a line down where her tears had fallen. She blinked as she saw him move and asked happily "Harry your back?". When he did not say anything she quickly repositioned herself so that she could look into his eyes. She saw that they were no longer blank, They held emotion in them but it was not what she expected to see. His eyes were full of lust, she knew that look well from her time with Draco and his band of sexist Slytherin's.

She froze, She expected to see confusion or anger in his eyes not lust. "Harry ar-" She had started to whisper if he was ok when his head had risen to meet hers. But what had interrupted her had been his lips covering hers in a passionate kiss. She was completely taken off guard as warmth started to spread through her lips. She felt a warm feeling start to rise in her stomach just before she regained her senses and pulled away from him.

"H-Harry what T-The Hell w-was" But again before she could finish talking Harry had grabbed her and pulled her back into another kiss. What the hell was going on she thought as she once again pulled away from him ignoring the tingly feeling that had risen in her. She pulled back and this time she got off the bed and stepped away.

Harry was horrified in his mind, and not in small part to the fact that this was meant to be his sister. He was also horrified because part of him had enjoyed it. He had not kissed anyone since Cho in his Fifth year, but he never felt like this when he kissed her. He knew he must be sick to feel good about this so he blamed the black presence and doubled his efforts in trying to make it stop. He felt his body start to form word's and thought for sure nothing good could come from this. "Please I-I need you" Came the words out of Harry's mouth.

Kaitlyn was flustered what was he talking about surely he didn't mean. And then it hit her he must still be messed up from Bellatrix's torture. She had Heard Draco Laughing with his 'friends' one day when
he thought she wasn't listening about a Muggle woman his father had told him about falling in love with a Death eater who was torturing her. She had put it down to being ridiculous until she had seen the newspaper article that was written after the Aurors had found her. Then what he had said in the hospital came back to her and it all made sense. He had believed he was in love with his capture and he still thought she was Bellatrix.

"Harry I'm not Bella" she said as she sat back on the bed and stared to stroke his hair. Then he said something that broke her heart. "I love you" He whispered to her passion strong in his voice. She had started to sob as she watched Harry looking so weak and believing he was in love with Bellatrix. "Harry Bella is not here it's me Kai-" She had started to say when he cut her off when he whispered "Kaitlyn".

"Yes Harry it's me, Bellatrix is gone she can't hurt you anymore". Happiness rose in her and she wondered if he finally got it. But after a few minutes of silence she wondered if he was still awake and aware. Leaning forward to see if she could she any emotion in his eyes she was once again trapped to his mouth. Again the warm blissful feeling rose up within her as he deepened the kiss, his tongue trying to gain entrance into her mouth. It was an overpowering feeling that promised her the world if only she let it. Falling deeper into the sensations her mind started getting fussy and her body had responded to him by kissing him back.

Harry was going crazy in his mind, he was kissing his sister and now she was kissing him back, What the fuck. He was starting to grow weary from trying to fight the dark thing in a battle that he knew he was losing. He knew if he did not stop his attack on the thing now he would have nothing to keep it from tearing down his mental wall and killing him.

As he stopped the attack the feelings that his body was going through hit him in waves. He lost himself to those feelings and his defences started getting stronger. He realised that by embracing the emotions he was slowly getting stronger.

Kaitlyn feel like she could fly, never had she felt this good. She had kissed Draco Loads of times even gone further and never had she felt anywhere near as good as she did kissing Harry. She felt secure, She felt something she had unknowingly needed for the last few years, She felt loved. Wait she was kissing Harry, O' my god she thought I'm kissing my brother. Abruptly she broke of the kiss and as she did she saw Harry's eyes cloud over, collapsing back onto the bed as he went back to his vegetable state.

She felt her body buzzing sending warm shivers down her spine as she panted. What had happened one minute she had been sitting their trying to comfort him. And the next he was kissing her and she was kissing him back. She had kissed him back, what was she thinking. And a small voice in the back of her head whispered because it felt so good. And it had, it was truly the best feeling she had every had and just thinking about it made her want it again. This is your brother she screamed at herself in her head.

Looking back down at Harry she saw that his eyes were closed. She had thought that he had mistaken her for Bellatrix but he had said her name, he knew who she was. But if he truly knew who she was why did he kiss her. Maybe he is completely crazy she thought and it was all her fault. Again the shadow of despair descended upon her and so she got up from Harry's bed and fled to her own hoping to hide from it. Part of her wanting to forget this night had ever happened but part of her never wanting to forget.


The next morning when Kaitlyn woke up she was strangely happy. She was out of bed and halfway to the bathroom before the events of last night came back to her. She had sat up half the night trying to make sense of it all. She was totally and utterly confused. She got to the stage where she only knew two things. The first was that she had loved every minute of it and was totally addicted to the feeling, it was unlike anything she had ever felt before. The Second was that what happened was wrong. Every time she thought back to that feeling when she had kissed Harry it filled her with warmth. It was as if the wool from her eyes was finally lifted and she could now see. It pained her to think that she would never know that feeling ever again. She had argued with herself and come to the conclusion that no matter what it could not happen again.

When she finished her Bath She defiantly felt better that she had in awhile. And happily walked down for breakfast. Finding her dad finishing his morning coffee, when he saw her he frowned "Today I don't want you falling asleep again. Harry completely missed his lunch because of you". Wow she thought what a greeting "No I'm Sorry" she started to say before being cut off. "I don't want excuses. your mother and I are out working to support you the least you could do is remember to look after Harry. After all its partly your fault that he's in his condition" He paused before saying ."If you can't manage to look after him we'll have to find someone who will" The last he snarled at her before getting up and walking out the door.

Completely shattered by what her dad had said she bolted up the stairs crying. And without meaning to she found herself in Harry's room. She walked over to his bed and lay next to his sleeping form. She hugged him in till she got control of her emotions again. Her earlier happiness had been shattered with those hash words from her dad. She was alone her parents hated her, she had no friends and her boyfriend Draco had used her to get to her Brother.

Thinking of her Brother brought up the same emotions she wanted to forget. She looked up into his sleeping face and she felt warmth flicker in her heart. She still had Harry, He still loved her he had confirmed it last night. But deep down she knew it wasn't him that kissed her. If he were to wake up now after last night's episode he too would hate her. It was something she could not handle. She could not lose him too if she did she would have no one. Nothing to stop her from drinking the poison that beckoned to her.

She lay with him hugging him tightly against the pain she felt inside until lunch time. When she got up and went down stairs to warm up his health shake. Halfway through warming up the vile looking lunch she was interrupted by a floo call. Her dad's head was sitting among the newly ignited embers. "So you've decided to help have you" he asked snidely. Saddened by his tone she replied "Yes ... I". He said one word before disappearing cutting her off "good".

Kaitlyn felt herself start to tear up as she pulled Harry's food off the burner. Her father had once again cut her to the bone with his comments. Putting the contents into a bowl and picking up a spoon she quickly raced back up to Harry's room suddenly feeling like she needed his company.

After she had finished feeding Harry she put the bowl aside and turned back to face him. His eyes were clouded still she thought disappointed. Even tho she had swore to herself that she would not let last night happen again she found it hard to think of anything else. Sighing she got up and took his bowl downstairs not trusting herself to be in the same room as Harry and not have a repeat of last night.

When she had gotten to the kitchen she started to clean the bowls and plate's up. She was almost finished when Lily walked in the door. "How's Harry" she asked as she put what looked like Chinese food on the table. She didn't know why but she didn't mention how he spoke to her last night and only said "Sleeping again". "O'" Lily said slightly deflating.

As soon as Kaitlyn had finished the dishes she went up to her room telling her mum that she probably wouldn't be down for dinner. When she got to her room she locked the door with the strongest locking charm she knew and started on the half empty bottle of firewiskey that was leftover from the night before. Losing herself to the comforting feeling she drank the rest of the bottle in a very short time and soon passed out on the small couch at the end of her bed.

The rest of the week passed in much the same way for everyone at Potter manor. James and Lily were very busy at work. James had been put in charge of trying to capture Bellatrix and he had thrown himself into the task. Sometimes he came home late and sometimes not at all. Lily had been swamped at work too as her small department was spread thin to help with spell reversal.

Kaitlyn had continued to help Harry all the while tortiously avoiding acting on any feeling's she had for him. But it was starting to take its toll on her, Drinking herself numb at night and fighting her feelings through the day. She was depressed, if it had not been for the promise she had made about looking after Harry until he was better she would have killed herself already. If only to escape the life that had nothing left in it.

It was a Late Monday night and Lily had Long since gone to bed when Kaitlyn snuck down stairs to see if she could snatch another bottle of firewiskey. But when she had opened the cupboard that usually was full of the glorious stuff all she found nothing. Her heart reached, she wanted to scream. Why was there nothing there? Desperate to be lost in the lovely liquid she threw herself into the search for where another bottle could be hidden.

An hour later and she threw herself hard on her bed, grimacing when she landed on her arm. Not one drop in the whole house, she was going mad. She had searched to whole house except Harry's room and her parents room which still refused to let her in. There was nothing for it she either risked going into Harry's room or she went without. But if she did search Harry's room and found nothing in it she would be face to face with the reason she wanted to drown herself with alcohol in the first place.

Getting up she walked through the bathroom and into Harry's room. Her eyes were instantly drawn to Harry and before she could stop herself she ran the rest of the way to him and jump onto the bed next to him. Seeing him staring up at her she gave into the feeling which had been trying to overwhelm her all week. Leaning down she marvelled at how good he looked, bathed in the moonlight that shown threw his window he looked like an angel to her.

Harry had spent all week biding his time never attacking the presence in his mind, only building up his strength. He also spent a lot of time thinking of Kaitlyn and feeling very confused. He had never felt like he did about anyone like he did about Kaitlyn. He knew it wasn't love and he didn't know her so it wasn't because she was his sister. It was a feeling he could not make sense of.

The thing that puzzled him more was that fact that the more he thought about her trying to understand her the stronger he got. He was just thinking about her when he smelt the slight scent of rosemary again. Kaitlyn was here he knew, even if he was not in a position to be able to see her. Then she emerged from the edge of his vision and sat next to him. She was staring into his eyes again and he suddenly knew why she had come to see him.

Lowering her head she slowly started kissing his cheek not saying a word to him. She knew she could not stop herself now and truthfully she did not want to. She started to kiss his lips and groaned as his mouth opened to accommodate her. Harry was not sure if it had been 'his other' or him that had opened into the kiss, and it shocked him.

Kaitlyn leaned into the kiss more and passionately deepened her kiss, pushing all her pent up desire into it. Her want to be accepted, and her need to be loved made her desperate for this feeling. Her mind started getting fussy as and she lost herself in her new found bliss.

Harry was disgusted with himself at first but then remember how much stronger he became the last time she had kissed him and he to let the feeling of his body wash over him. Besides he thought he had seen Ginny kiss Ron goodnight once so surely it wasn't too bad. "No" he screamed to himself she did not kiss him like this.

A bout half an hour later and Harry was still being kissed by Kaitlyn but her pace had slowed and she would stop every once in awhile to gaze lovingly into his eyes. Harry had used the situation to his advantage and was planning his escape while the 'black dragon' was occupied. All he needed was for a skilled Legimens to help him and he was sure he could expel the dark thing from his mind once and for all. His first stage of his plan was underway, he had not used all of last week strengthening his defences but he also spent it studding his adversary.

He found that if he concentrated he should be able to wrestle full control for a few seconds and hoped he could get a message to have Dumbledore come and help him. He knew he would be the only person strong enough to help him out of his predicament. He also knew that if he did not act soon he would never be able to eject the presence.

The perfect moment came when Kaitlyn had pulled back to gaze into his eyes again. He felt the 'dark thing' shift when she broke contact with his mouth and he took his chance. Aiming for his nerve centre he quickly took control striking so quickly that his 'other' could not react to prevent him.

Knowing he had full control he panted "Kaitlyn ..Get Dumbledore .... Legimens me ... Bring ... Pensive ... very .. important". She almost died when she heard him speak, looking at him confused. Was it another one of his ramblings? Harry knew he had only seconds left and realised that he had to convey the importance of the situation. "go now ... YOU owe me" and to emphasise his point he grabbed her shoulders with both hands and shook her. He then collapsed back losing control and was forcefully attacked but his 'other'. He knew it was a low blow telling her that she owe him but he knew it would get her to act, well he hoped she would.

Kaitlyn was shocked, 'get Dumledore' and 'you owe me' repeated itself in her head. Looking back down at harry she saw what could only be described as an internal battle behind her eyes. Knowing that it must be important she rushed down the stairs to the floo. Not caring if it was too late at night she firecalled the headmasters office.

It took a minute of screaming his name for a sleepy Dumbledore to walk out of his adjoining room. Clad in what had to be the most peculiar bed robes Kaitlyn had ever seen. When he saw her his eyes started to twinkle "ahh miss Potter what can I do for you at this late hour". wasting no time she said "Harry told me to get you, said it was important". Dumbledore looked at her with a small bit of happiness "So young harry is better now?" he asked.

"No he's not ... well he .. he said to get you and .. something about legtimens .. or something". She replied quickly casting her mind back knowing she had forgotten something important. After she had said legtimens Dumbledore felt his eyebrows raise what was going on. Watching the youngest Potter looking lost he decided to see what she was going on about looking for the memory of what happened.

Luckily for both Him and Kaitlyn he picked up the memory only from when Harry had started speaking. He watched as Harry struggled to convey his message to his sister, He looked as if he was under a attack from a legtimens the way his eyes moved. After watching the strange scene Dumbledore decide that he would grant Harry's request and grabbing a spare pensive he told Kaitlyn to step away from the fire and stepped through.

When both Dumbledore and Kaitlyn walked into Harry's bedroom that first thing the saw was that Harry was again laying on his back staring blankly at the ceiling. Dumbledore stepped close to the bed and gazed into Harry's eyes. Harry had wanted him to use legtimenacy on him, so pushing forward with his mind Dumbledore obliged him.

What he saw shocked him Before him stretched the most vivid mindscape he had ever seen surpassing even his own. Hogwarts castle stood before him in all its spender and the detail of it all amazed the old wizard. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the largest black dragon he had seen fly towards the castle smashing into the stone outer wall.

What was going on Dumbledore wondered if he was not mistaken Harry's mind was under attack. Without further thought he strode up to the front door and seeing it open for him he walked through. Standing just inside the doors was Harry looking extremely weak but a smile came to his face when he saw Dumbledore. "Thank you for coming Professor" Harry greeted the older wizard.

"It's good to see you Mr Potter and I must say this mindscape is very impressive, you have outdone yourself again. How long have you been practicing occlumency?" Dumbledore enquired eyes twinkling like mad. "I've been studying the art since fourth year Sir" Harry lied smoothly knowing that this worlds Harry was seen as gifted enough to have attempted it at that age. "But that is not the most pressing matter at the moment" Harry Said.

"Ahh yes that large black dragon I saw moments ago, care to explain" Dumbledore enquired of Harry. "Yes" said Harry, How would he explain it, god he felt like he was back at school . "Well Sir during my ... ah .. stay with Bella a situation arose where I could find only one refuge" here he paused and taped his head with his finger. "I retreated to a place where she could not hurt me .. as much and shortly after I was trapped here with that thing. As Kaitlyn no doubt told you I need a bit of help".

Harry outlined his plan to corner the black beast and when he had full control of his body he would expel the monstrosity into the pensive as one would with a common memory. The hardest part of his plan would be stoping Dumbledore from taking the pensive home afterwards to study. Harry had to stop him so he would not discover the identity of that thing, the other Harry.

After explaining the plan, which Dumbledore approved , they split up to goad it into attack one of them and then the other would attack from the side. Harry had walked straight down towards Hagrid's hut and moments late he was attacked by the beast. It descended on him like a hawk on a mouse and looked like it was going to rip him to shreds. He sensed its approach and turning around he sent the most powerful emotion filed thoughts he could at the creature as if he was throwing curses from a wand. Watching the creature get pushed back slightly he knew it was not enough.

Moments later Dumbledore add his mind magic to the battle and severely battered the Dragon. It cowered away from the older and more powerful wizard. Making one last ditch attach at Harry but only succeeding in crashing to the ground as it was knocked aside by Dumbledore.

By this time Harry had regain Full use of his mind and grabbing his wand from the bed side table he summoned the rest of his strength and pull the vile presence from his mind. He ejected it from him and slammed it down into the Pensive. The pensive normal cloudlike surface instantly turned an inky black and shifted shapelessly as it tried to escape its new prison.

Grinning from his succuss Harry quickly muttered a spell which bound the Pensive to him so only he could touch it. collapsing back on his bed he felt sleep start to overcome him but not before he got one last look at his sister standing confused at the end of his bed.


An hour later Kaitlyn was sitting next to a sleeping Harry on his bed, meanwhile Lily and James where sitting on conjured chairs talking excitedly about the news Dumbledore had given them. Dumbledore had told them what had occurred to trap Harry in his mind and how with his help Harry had finally dispelled the thing. Dumbledore had left telling them that he needed some sleep before the Wizengamot meeting tomorrow, but he said he would be back to talk to Harry sometime during the week.

Lily and James were discussing what they thought the black mass in the pensive was. The ideas they came up with ranged from a torture spell to a strange side effect gained from Harry's ordeal at the hands of Bellatrix.

Kaitlyn how every was lost totally different thoughts, ones concerning how harry would react when he saw her. And if he was angry at her for getting him tortured and almost killed what would his reaction be now after his own sister had kissed him so passionately. Kaitlyn was both loving and dreading the fact that any minute Harry could wake from his slumber.

What would her parents do when harry told them about what she had done, would they kick her out, would she have to sleep on the street. Slowly feeling depression again start to take hold she felt Harry's hand move in hers. Looking down at Harry she flinched her hand back when she saw he was Awake. "Harry" she whispered fearing the response he would give her.

Harry turned his head and looked at his sister for the first time since, well forever. He was stunned at how hot she looked, Sitting in a dress that was defiantly not flattering and she still looked gorgeous in it. The first thing he noticed was that her eyes were the same shade as his but they seamed bigger, they were surrounded by a velvet Curtin of long black eyelashes. Set in one of the most perfect faces he had ever seen, the whole effect made her look cute almost innocent with a hint of playfulness to her.

He had to shake his head before he started to evaluate how good the rest of her looked as that would be getting into very unbrotherly territory. Gulping Harry couldn't help the feeling of nervousness that rose in him as he looked at his sister and the blush that he knew must be obvious on his face did not help.

Seconds later he was torn away from his embarrassment at blushing at his sister when he was jumped on by a very happy Lily and James. "Harry" James yelled "It's good to have you back" while Lily started hugging him and putting small kisses on his fore head. "O Harry thank god" lily cried tears of joy streaming down her face.

Not knowing what to say Harry just grinned as the family he never had fawned over him. Gathering up some courage he said "I love you guys". This only served to increase the strength of Lily's hug. It was five whole minutes later before Harry could truly breath again. Lily was ecstatic, Her son was ok and he was laughing again. It was like a dream come true, the best she could have hoped for. James could not stop smiling and bouncing around the room.

Kaitlyn meanwhile had been pushed to the side when her parents started fawning over Harry. She felt depressed standing there forgotten, knowing that her family were happy with each other's company. Not wanting to interrupt their joy filled moment she spared Harry one last look. Seeing him contently looking at his parents she left the room through the bathroom door.

Hours later and Harry was starting to get tired, he had been talking to his parents. It was the best feeling he had had in years. It was only small talk he knew, nothing important was discussed and they avoided talking about the incident. But it filled him with happiness. Before going to sleep his mum told him that her and his father would stay home tomorrow so they could talk then. He smiled at them in utter joy and replied that he would enjoy eating breakfast with them as a 'family'. He then fell into a deep sleep, one that was devoid of dreams and dragons for the first time since the war had started in his world.

The next morning Harry awoke with a mop of red hair filling his vision and the scent of lavender filling his nose. Sighing contently he remember what had happened last night, he had talked to his parents, he could not explain how good that felt. He also rid himself of his claustrophobic prison and as he thought back on this fact he was reminded of how he had been able to regain his strength. It had been his sister who had helped him, but in a very unconventional way.

He did not know what to make of her actions last night. He knew that technically he had kissed her first, but then she had returned last night and kissed him. It was not just that she had kissed him, it was the why she had done it. It was a kiss that was filled with so much passion, so much longing and Harry thought but was not totally sure, love as well.

Was it because she felt guilty about getting harry hurt or was it more than that. Was it because he had kissed her first, did she think that's what he wanted. Did she think she owed him, and went along with it because of that. He knew he would have to talk to her later about it but he was very nervous with the whole situation. He just hoped he could talk to her before she told their parents about the incident.

Breaking out of his thoughts he felt his mum start to stir, she turned her head, that was at rest on his chest upward. Meeting his eyes Harry could see an identical pair of eyes looking back at him. When she saw he was awake her face split into a large smile. "Good morning son, sleep well" she asked Harry. Staring back at the beautiful redhead he said "I've never slept better in my whole life". Adne it was true he had felt like he could run a marathon after the sleep he had, not one ounce of drowsiness remained.

After cuddling with her son for a few minutes Lily got up and told him she was going to make a start on cooking. Before she left the room she woke James up and told him to follow her so Harry could change. When they were out the door Harry got up throwing his legs over the side of his bed. Scouting around the room he noticed a door off to the side of the room that he decide must be where his clothes were kept.

Walking over to it and opening the door he saw that it was not just a simple cupboard but a full size walk in robe. For some reason he felt a strange hint of jealousy, why couldn't he have grown up in there instead of the minuet cupboard at the Dursley's. He started laughing at how ridicules that thought was, he had his own room now, why would he want to live in there.

He Glanced quickly over his range of clothing some wizard some Muggle and decided on just a tee-shirt and an old pair of pants. walking to the other door in his room, the one he only ever seen his sister come from he opened it slowly. cautiously looking just in case it was Kaitlyn's room and not the bathroom like he suspected.

When he saw that it was indeed the bathroom he opened the door fully taking in the sight of the large room. He was taken aback by how much it looked like the Prefect's bathroom at Hogwarts. Wow he thought his very own Prefect's bathroom, it was great, the bath looked like it was big enough to swim laps in. looking around he noticed that near the other door, a full length mirror sat and in it was a very different sight than he was used to.

Walking over to it his first impression as he studied himself was how healthy he looked. He was taller than he had ever been and gone was the skeletal body he once had. He looked a lot fitter too, tensing his bicep muscle towards the mirror also show him that he had a lot more muscle than he had ever had too. It seemed that if you grew up eating regular meals and were not thrown into a cupboard everyday had changed a lot.

Harry marvelled at how good he looked, no wonder this Harry had a lot more luck with girls than he did, even with his fame. Turning around he turned the nearest tap on and ran his bath while he stripped off his hospital style clothes. He again marvelled at how much better this body was compared to his own. He had powerful leg muscles and abs, he actually had abs, how cool was that he thought. overall he was a leaner stronger version of what he had been, he was no body builder far from it but he was certainly a lot better looking.

Stepping into the warm water he sighed as it surrounded his body loosing aches in his muscle and his mind that he had not known existed. It had been years since he had had a proper bath or shower for that matter. When he had been on the run with the resistance bath time consisted of standing naked with one of the other members pouring water over his head. The first time he had seen a woman naked was when he had poured water over a soaped up Tonks. That was the limit of his experience with the fairer sex tho and shortly after that Tonks had been killed. Moaning again Harry sunk into the water a little deeper and lost himself to the pleasure filled felling. It would be half hour later that he would finally force himself out of the bath and get dressed, promising himself that he would have a longer bath that night.

When Harry finally found his way into the kitchen he realised how hungry he was as a strong smell of eggs and bacon hit him. His stomach growled alerting his parents that he was finished changing. "O Harry what took you so long, I was just about to send James up to get you" Lily said a concerned look on her face. "um sorry .. mum I had a bath and lost track of the time" Harry told his mum while pulling the bottom of his shirt down so it would cover his torso better. He must have had a growth spurt during the last year if his shirt was anything to go by.

Seeing this Lily told him that she would take him shopping for clothes on Saturday since he had grown since she had last saw him. "My boy all grown up" she continued as she put a plate full of steaming hot food in front of an empty chair. Seeing him still standing at the entrance of the kitchen she gestured him to take the seat and start eating.

"James, breakfast's ready". Lily yelled out surprising Harry with how loud a voice she had. Harry hungrily attacked his food noting that he had never tasted anything better in his life. He supposed living on tined food that was past its used by date for a few years had made him better appreciate 'real' food.

Moments later James bounded into the kitchen with an issue of the daily prophet. He sat down as he greeted Harry as the boy piled toast into an already full mouth "Bit hungry Son". All Harry could do was nod his answer as he chewed. "He a growing boy James, In fact I thing he might be taller than you now" Lily said to her husband as she gave him a plate chocked with food.

"Really" James said as he too started to feed his face with the same vigour as Harry did. "Yep I'm going to take him shopping on Saturday for some new clothes, if that's ok with you" She asked and James just nodded his agreement .

Harry meanwhile was getting excited at the idea of shopping with his mother. Any other time he would be fearing the need to go shopping for clothes but it would be a great chance to bond with his mother. He wanted desperately to bond with his family and get to know them.

Breakfast slowly turned into a race between Harry and his father, to see who could eat the most. When they had finished Lily told Harry they were going to give him a tour of the house and gardens. Harry joyfully jumped at the chance and spent the next few hours discovering the beautiful place that was Potter manor. When the tour had finished he spent the rest of the day just laughing and joking with his family. Not once was his capture even hinted at, that discussion would wait for Dumbledore he was sure.
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