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CH 6 - More ache for you head

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Here's another unedited chapter.As alway's please tell me if iv'e missed anything thank you.

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My first story so VERY SORRY for all errors and mistakes made before, during and after this sentence.

Here's another unedited chapter.As alway's please tell me if iv'e missed anything thank you.

More ache for you head

Breakfast slowly turned into a race between Harry and his father, to see who could eat the most. When they had finished Lily told Harry they were going to give him a tour of the house and gardens. Harry joyfully jumped at the chance and spent the next few hours discovering the beautiful place that was Potter manor. When the tour had finished he spent the rest of the day just laughing and joking with his family. Not once was his capture even hinted at, that discussion would wait for Dumbledore he was sure.

Two days later and Harry was just finishing breakfast with his parents when a loud bang sounded from the front of the house. Grabbing his wand quickly he stood up and took a position in the far corner of the room to cover both doors. His parents sat still looking at him with strange looks on their faces. "It's ok Harry it just Sirus, he always likes to do that remember" James Said watching Harry.

Shaking his head he was about to sit down when Sirus ran into the room sliding to a halt not far from Harry. "Harry" He greeted happily before he saw that the boy had his wand raised to his face. "umm .. I didn't take your magazine Kaitlyn did I swear" he pleaded. Harry was stunned, Finally it hit him. He was truly in a wonderful world, Sirus was alive. It was something that he had dreamed about for years and here he was in the flesh.

"Harry put your wand down its only Sirus" Lily said soothly looking at Harry cautiously as if he was about to explode. Jerking him out of his thoughts Harry lowered his wand and slipped it into his pocket. Living on the run for so long had instilled reactions that would not be healthy in a family environment. He had almost shot first and asked questions later, as Moody had taught him.

"Sorry Sirus, You just scared me" Harry Said to his godfather. "Yeah same here" Sirus remarked as he walked the remaining distance to grab harry in a hug. Harry could feel the tension in the room from his strange actions and decided to see if he could lighten the mood. "I thought you like girls Sirus" Harry teased. Sirus jumped backward as if Harry had burnt him and blushed "Harry ... I". Harry waved his hand at him as both his parents laughed at the scene "I'm flattered Sirus really but I don't swing that way".

Hoping that he had done enough to lessen the tension in the room Harry resumed his seat and began eating again. He had been surprised with his appetite at first but he figured that with the extra weight he had now it must require more food to sustain himself.

After some small talk with his Parents and the newly arrived Sirus, His father had turned to him looking very uncomfortable. "Harry I've been put in charge of capturing Bellatrix, so ill need to ask you a few questions tonight about what happened. Umm ... If you feel up to it that is" James asked.

"James I don't think this is the time for this". Lily Said

Harry just smiled at his father as he replied "Of course Dad". And turning to his mother he grabbed her hand as he said "Don't worry about me, It would take more than what she did to me to really hurt me". Lily's eyes started to glisten as she stood up and grabbed her son in a hug. Harry felt a warm feeling start to rise up in him again and not for the first time since he had been here.

"Well if your sure, we'll talk when I get home tonight Harry" James said as he to stood up and walk to where Harry and Lily were. Joining the hug before untangling himself and biding them goodbye. Sirus too said his farewells and followed his friend talking animatedly about how they could prank the minister again.

Harry herd his mother sigh as she released him and said "I'd love to stay home with you again today Harry but work is a bit flat out at the moment and I don't think I could really take any more time off ". Harry turned to her and smiled while saying "Don't worry about me Mum I'll be fine, besides if I get bored I can always talk to Kaitlyn. I haven seen her since school". He was about to say since before he was tortured but decide it would not prove his point to well about being better.

"Harry I'm not sure anyone's told you yet but Kaitlyn was involved in .. well .. the thing" Lily said sadly struggling not to say anything that would bring up the incident. Harry shook his hands in a gesture letting his mum know it didn't matter "I know what happened Mum, I herd Dumbledore talking to you guys about it in the hospital wing. I know she didn't mean it.

"But Harry she .." Lily began before being interrupted by Harry. "She was manipulated by Malfoy Mum and the only thing she is to blame for is trusting that git". Harry said strongly knowing from what little time he had spent with his parents that their relationship was very strained with their daughter. His mother looked at him strangely before giving him a goodbye hug and crossing to the Floo. "I'll see you when I get home tonight Harry, I'll bring home your favourite for diner" She called just before stepping into the green flames and vanishing.

Harry felt his heart drop as he watched his mother disappear. Sitting back down he wondered what his favourite food was, pizza perhaps or maybe fish and chips. Well it might be his favourite in his family's eyes but it would be a surprise for him.

Thinking over the past few day he had spent with his family made Harry happy. He had been able to ease into his role as their son even though he sometimes felt like an imposter. Whenever something came up in conversation that he should know, he could hide behind the guise that his head was a bit jumbled from his ordeal. It seemed to make sense to his parents so they made it their duty to help inform him of the things he may have forgotten.

They mainly just sat around telling him about events that had happened in the past, like Christmas's, pranks and anything to highlight to him how much they had missed him while he was 'away'. He had never felt happier, he had a family now. His mum he had come to find was gentle but very protective of him, While his Dad was almost always joking and laughing. Watching the two interact and Harry could tell that they were very much in love. The way they played around teasing and laughing with each other put him in mind of a young couple just got together, not an older married one.

thinking about his family made him remember Kaitlyn. He had not seen her since he had woken from his prison and he was starting to think she was avoiding him. She stayed locked in her room and did not come down for meals. Whenever he brought this fact up to his parents they would always look at him strangely and change the subject. He could tell that there was a bit of bad blood between his parents and his sister and it did not totally come from her role in his capture.

It puzzled him, why had she spent so much time with him when he was unresponsive but now he was awake she hadn't seen him. Was it because what happened between them the other night. She had come in and kissed him, did she feel guilty, embarrassed. Or was she disgusted with him for kissing her I the first place. Well at least he could discount the last one after all she had returned and kissed him after that.

From what he had seen when he was a prisoner of his own body it seemed his sister was very depressed. Her whole world had been turned around she had been manipulated by Draco someone she had apparently sided with against her family. And because she had chosen him over her family it seemed she had become disliked by them. Another thing that bothered him was the look in her eyes when she had pleaded with him to forgive her for what she had done to him. it was like he was her last hope, like she was clinging to him to save her.

He had wanted so much to comfort her then that it still tore at his heart now. No one should be made to feel that lonely when they still had a family. Knowing that there was nothing else for it Harry headed upstairs stoping in front of his sisters room. He paused summoning the will to knock on the door, knowing he would have to face the embarrassing issue of him kissing her. Don't be an idiot he said to himself, this is your sister it was all a miss understanding.

Knocking softly he waited for awhile before knocking again this time louder. Maybe she was still asleep he thought, no he had heard the bath filling before he went down of breakfast four hours ago. Still no response harry opened the door almost expecting the door to be locked. "Kaitlyn, can I come in" he called, Hearing no response he stepped into the room.

The first thing he noticed was the strong smell of sick wafting through the almost pitch dark. walking to the centre of the room Harry noticed his sister was lying on her bed, Her hair still damp from her bath. Walking towards her he saw that the pink silk night dress she had on was covered with vomit. When he reached her side he saw a empty bottle of Firewhiskey clutched tightly in her hands.

Taking in the sight Harry could not help but feel the pain and heartache in the air, it was a depressing sight. Taking the bottle away from her grip he put it on the bedside table before turning back. At the loss of her bottle his sister's eyes opened and looked at him slightly unfocused. "H-H-Harry" she murmured looking confused. Harry had had enough of seeing her like this so he pulled out his wand and was about to clean away the mess when he remember that he was underage here and his wand was still being tracked.

Quickly he thought back to the time Moody had showed him how to break the spell. it was so simple he had kicked himself for not thinking of it when he was told what to do. It was an intent based spell, all he had to do was focus on the fact that he was of age, whether it was true or not and focus that thought into his magic while he did a spell. This process would trick the tracking charm into thinking he had just turned seventeen and breaking. It was a genius piece of spell work, because when a witch or wizard reached the age of seventeen and tried their first spell they would unconsciously be thinking about how they were of age and now could do magic, hence breaking the charm.

Harry broke the Tracking charm by casting a silent cleaning charm on the vomit that covered his sister. Confident he did it right he looked down at his sister noticing her looking at him with a look of fear. "H-Harry I'm sorry ... please forgive me" she pleaded weakly glancing at his wand. Which Harry noticed was still had pointed at her, did she think he was here to attack her.

"Kaitlyn there's nothing to forgive, you were manipulated, I know that" he said in a calming voice. Noticing how groggy she looked he Cast an Accio, looking for a hangover potion she no doubt needed. Seconds later a vial came flying out of a pack of about fifty sitting on Kaitlyns desk. Looking at how many hangover potions she had defiantly told him that this was not a once off thing.

Grabbing the vial out of the air Harry bent down to give it to his sister when he noticed she was crying. It broke his heart seeing her like this. "Here Kaitlyn drink this for me" he said soothingly lowering it to her trembling lip. Surprisingly she did not hesitate but drank the vial strait away.

What if that had been poison he had given her, did she know nothing of constant vigilance. But growing up in a world free of mad men trying to kill you at every turn seemed to instil a lot of trust in people. He supposed it was because he was family that she drank it without testing it. Harry found the noting a bit strange, but then again coming from the boy who tested everything he ate or drank he would be the one that was strange. He still only ate this that lily gave him after he had tested them.

A few moments after she had drank the potion he could see it had already removed the toxins from her blood stream and she was coming back from the painful existence she had just been in. Harry took this time to wave his wand at the curtains, opening them so that light shone through to illuminate and warm the room. When he had finished he noticed his sister was sitting up in her bed staring at him.

Not knowing what to say Harry just said the first thing that came to his head "umm Hello". The greeting sounded like he should be shaking her hand or something, she was not a stranger for god sake. "How are you feeling ... Kaitlyn" Harry said starting to get slightly embarrassed with her staring.

"You're not .. Angry with me" She asked looking at him with a hopeful expression. "Angry with you, Why would I be angry with you. I know what that swine Malfoy did to you, I don't blame you for that". He said smiling at her in an attempt to convey his feelings.

"Really but I ...I" she said before being cut off by Harry. "I know what happened and I don't blame you, so please don't blame yourself" Harry finished his sentence by sitting down next to her and grabbing her hands in his.

"But you should hate me, she ... she tortured you" she chocked out.

"Don't be silly Kaitlyn, she would have got me with or without your help. Besides how could I be angry with you your my only sister". Harry Said while messing up her hair.

Laughing softly Harry was reminded of just how beautiful his sister was, even now with messed up hair and tearstained eyes she still looked like a goddess. Thinking about this brought up a blush to his face one that he was sure she had seen.

When she saw her brother blush Kaitlyn was reminded about what had happened the other night right before he had sent her to get Dumbledore. Thinking of that moment brought up feelings she had tried to repress for the last few days. Her face fell and she whispered "What about the other night .. before you woke up ... I ...I". Harry could not help feel miserable as well as embarrassed when she started stumbling over her words. Interrupting her he said "I know what happened".

"I'm sorry Harry I don't know why I did it ...I .. Can't explain it ... I .. just" She lowered her head and started crying cutting herself off. Harry reached forward and turned her face upward to face his he hated to see her cry. "Please don't cry" and now it was his time to stutter "I ... Kissed you first ... remember".

They sat there for a few moment in silence for a few moments before Kaitlyns stomach growled. They looked at each other before they both turned away quickly. They both started laughing slightly hysteric from the tension in the room. Harry got up and said "Why don't you go and have breakfast while I have a quick bath". Seeing her nod her ok harry walked into the bathroom shutting the door behind him.

Kaitlyn Got up off her bed and quickly changed into an old dress before heading down stairs. All the while she couldn't help but happy that Harry had forgiven her. unfortunately there was also a tinge of pain in her heart every time she looked at her brother. She knew the feelings she had for him that no sister should have, and the fact that they would never be reciprocated made her feel sad.


Halfway through breakfast Harry came down in his slightly tight t-shirt and jeans. Kaitlyn felt her heart jump when he smiled at her. Why did he have to be so sexy she thought to herself as she gazed over his body noticing his tight abs. Blushing at him she berried her head into her bowl. Seeing her look at him and blush Harry frowned slightly. The conversation they had had up stairs had still not solved the issue of them kissing.

Not wanting to embarrass each other further Harry Asked her what she was planning to do during the holidays. "I haven't got anything planned why" Kaitlyn asked him in a timid voice. "Well Mum said she was going to take me shopping on Saturday for some clothes I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss the chance to get some more clothes, not that you don't have enough" he said laughing not really knowing if she had lots of clothes or not but just going with what he had learnt would be normal for a Teenage girl. Seeing her smile slightly he knew he had guessed right. But her smile turned to a sad look before she said "I don't think Mum will want me to tag along".

"What of course she won't mind, besides I want you to come I will need ideas for what to get you for your birthday". He said mentioning her birthday which he had found on a calendar in his fathers study the day before. It fell three weeks before his own did making them less than a year apart in age. "Ok ... but only if you ask Mum" she replied looking a happier. "It's a deal" Harry smiled at his sister earning another blush. Seeing it he was about to say something about it but he decided to let it go, her embarrassment would fade he was sure.

After she finished eating Harry asked her if Kaitlyn wanted to go for a walk which she replied that she would. Kaitlyn thought that she would agree with almost anything right now if it meant that she could be around Harry. He was her new life line, the only person she was sure still liked her company, even though she could not work out why he had been so quick to forgive her.

"Harry can I ask you a question" Kaitlyn apprehensively asked Harry. Harry looked at her as the continued walking along a gravel walkway towards the front gates of the estate. "Of course you can, what's up" He said wondering what she wanted to know. "Harry I saw you do magic this morning ... but no owl has come ... why is that" she asked.

"O you noticed that huh. Well last year I was researching a few spells for charms when I came across a way to break the underage charm on my wand" he replied waiting for her to ask him if he could show her how to do it too. But after a moment of silence it seemed she wasn't going to, either she didn't really care about not being able to do magic over the holidays or she was too scared to ask him. Looking at her face told him it was the later as he saw her holding her bottom lip with her teeth looking nervous.

"Do you want me to help you get your tracking charm off too" he asked her hoping to get her to open up a bit to him. For the first time since she had woken up she looked at him in the eyes before quickly looking down again. "You would teach me how" she breathed almost waiting for him to laugh in her face. "Of course I will, have you got your wand on you" he asked.

"Umm ... no .. I left it in my room" she said still looking at her feet nervously. Harry stoped and watched as she too stoped but did not look up. She looked so weak to harry, why was she so nervous around him, was she still embarrassed about the kiss. Harry wanted to get to know his sister but the way she was acting made him sad, he had to get her to talk to him. He wanted to have fun, play games and stuff like that. Most of all he wanted what Ron had had with Ginny, that playful relationship that only close sibling could have. He decided he would get to the bottom of her embarrassment and make her come out of her shell.

Stepping close to her he Reached forward and grabbed a hold of her chin between his index finger and thumb. He slowly lifted her head up so that they were staring into each other's eyes and said. "Look at me, I want to tell you right now so that there is no doubt left in your mind. I do not blame you for what happened on the train and I don't blame you for what happened the other night. I was the one to kiss you first remember even though I was not in complete control of my body at the time. I'm sorry it happened and I'm sorry I made you feel you had to kiss me back because you owed me something or felt guilt. I can't let you go on feeling guilty or embarrassed, when it didn't mean anything". Watching her start to squirm a bit he let go of her chin before saying "ok".

Waiting for her to say something he saw her face turn sad before she shocked him by saying "But what if I don't want it to mean nothing". Harry's eyes widened as he tried to grasp what she meant. Before he could say anything though she turned quickly and ran up the drive towards the house. He was about to call out to her when what she had just said hit him.

She had wanted to kiss him, she had meant it. His mind was starting to go blank, why had she said that. The way she had kissed him had been more passionate then the kisses he saw Tonks give Moody and they were practically married, if there had been any priests still alive to preside over one. And Kaitlyn had meant it, He was her brother but she had wanted to kiss him and she wanted it to mean something.

This was not how siblings were meant to act surely. Harry was sure this had never happened to any one he knew except for Sirus's aunt and uncle who had married for blood. But that was because they were pureblood nut cases surely. The more Harry thought about it the stranger it became in his head. It became stranger still when he found that he was not averse to the idea, to him he had never had a sister. They did not grow up together, she had grown up with this harry but he was not him. Another thing that made him more confused was the fact that she was so beautiful and he felt attracted to her. he had put that down to a strong family bond but now he looked back he could see most of it was just plain lust.

Harry too started walking back to the house feeling a headache coming on. Damn it he cursed why could this never be easy with him.


That night dinner was a bit of a sombre affair as Harry could not stop thinking about the latest development with Kaitlyn. His Mum had brought home pizza which should have excited Harry but it didn't. She had put his mood down to his pending conversation with James about what had happened during his time with Bellatrix. If the physical damage was anything to go by she did not blame him for dreading the talk. When she mentioned that Harry did not have to talk about his ordeal so soon Harry only replied that it would probably help him to talk to someone about it.

As they finished dinner Lily packed away the three plates as Kaitlyn had not joined them again, when She heard James say "Alright Harry are you ready". He looked up at his farther and nodded and got up from the table and made to follow James. He saw that His Mum was about to come as well when he stopped and looked at her "I'm sorry Mum but I don't want you to have to hear this". She was about to protest when he said "If dad feels like telling you then he can, but I could not handle having to tell you what happened. It's bad enough that I have to talk to Dad about it but that his job". Seeing her nod sadly at him he allowed her to give him a quick hug before turning to follow a sad looking James to his study.

When harry had sat down on the couch next to his Dads desk he watched his Dad put up a silencing charm before taking a seat at his desk. James setup his quick quill so he could take the whole conversation down before looking up and smiling half-heartedly at his son. "I never thought I'd ever have to interview my own son" he said sombrely.

"Well when ever your ready son and we can start"

Harry looked at his father before saying "got any Firewiskey" James grinned at him slightly "why do you want some Harry". Harry shock his head indicating he didn't "no but i think you might want one by the time were finished". James's grin vanished and his head dropped slightly.

The next few hours were spent with Harry going through every single detail of what he could remember from what he had seen in the other Harry's mind before he had ceased to be. Harry had edited the story slightly so it did not include him giving Bellatrix the prophesy that he should not know or her casting the killing curse at him. Obviously he left out haw he was from another world too, as that would be a bit problematic. By the end his father was as white as a ghost and had even cried a couple of times.

Harry looked up as he finished "and so I apparated here with Bellatrix's wand". His father was silent for a few minutes still taking in everything that his son had been through. He had seen this brand of torture before from Bellatrix and many other witches or wizard's and not lasted through half of what Harry had endured. It saddened him that Bellatrix had been able to get to harry, he was just glad that other than a bit of memory loss Harry was ok. He had made a miraculous recovery, when they had told the mind healer Harry was ok the man was shocked. He had insisted on come to see harry for himself. The short visit from the mind healer had confirmed that he was fine but should keep up with his potions just in case.

James stood up from his desk and walked over to Harry sitting next to him. He threw an arm over his shoulders before saying "Thank you for telling me that Harry ... I ...I don't know what to say". Harry looked up at his Dad "You don't need to say anything, what happened is over. I want you to promise me to be careful if you ever cross her in your investigation. Make sure you disable her strait away DO NOT FOOL AROUND". The last he said bitterly as the thought of Sirus falling through the veil was followed by a dishevelled James.

James was about to say something when Harry held up his hand "I know you wouldn't do it intentionally but things happen. She's very dangerous Dad, if you do catch a hint of where she is I want you to take backup. Can you promise me that" Harry begged. He did not want to lose the farther he had never had again. Even though he did not know if she was still alive after the explosion he wanted his farther to be careful just in case.

"Of course son I promise, I always take my job seriously when capturing criminals" James replied looking reassuringly at his son. James got up and walked to his desk stoping the quick quill from taking down any more notes. He had pages and pages of writing on his desk with he would have to shift through later in case he missed any leads on where Bellatrix could be hiding.

Harry too got up and was just about to open the door to leave before he turned around and said "Dad could you do me a favour". James looked up from his desk and nodded "what is it Harry". Harry looked at him a bit sheepish before saying "if you tell Mum about what i said can you leave out that Bella ... umm ... you know ". James's look faded a little as he knew what harry meant. Harry did not want Him to tell his Mum that in conjunction to being tortured Harry was also Raped.

"Harry I wouldn't have told her any way, she will be depressed enough as it is". James replied. Harry said a quick thank you to his Dad before leaving to find his mother. Who he found in the kitchen sitting nervously glancing at the clock on the wall. When she saw him she quickly jumped up and ran over to him enveloping him in a harm hug. They stood there for a few moments with Lily laying her head against Harry's chest. Slowly she pulled away and looked up to his face which stood a whole foot taller. "Are you ok Harry" She asked in a voice full of concern. Harry nodded "I'm fine, don't worry about me".

Sighing she looked like she was going to say something before she stopped seeing a happy look in his eyes. "Please Mum I'm ok, I love the fact that your worried about me but I just want things to go back to normal" Harry said. Lily gave Harry a slight smile before saying "If you're sure". Harry nodded confirming that he was. "Well deserts ready if you want it, I didn't know how you would be feeling so I made some vanilla sundaes". She said looking slightly happier while she turned around to the fridge and grabbed out two sundaes and handed on to her Son.

Taking the offered desert Harry sat down at the table and started to eat the delicious treat. Not for the first time he wondered how he could still be hungry. It seemed ever since he had awoken there was not a moment where he didn't feel hungry. They ate in silence, Lily kept glancing at Harry while they ate as if to make sure he was still there.

When they had both finished eating Harry turned to his mother "How was work today". Lily looked slightly taken aback before she sighed "I was run off my feet, we were so busy. I'm still trying to catch up with last month's work. It looks like I won't be home much for the next few weeks with the overtime I will need to put in". Harry felt sorry for her she did as much work around the house as Molly Weasley did and on top of that she had a fulltime job.

A thought came into Harry's head "Why don't I cook the meals from now on to give you a break. You have enough on your plate at work to have to come home and do more". Lily smiled at him and look like she was about to protest when Harry had to cut her off "besides ill have to leave home soon enough I should start to learn cooking at least".

"Harry you know you can always live here, you don't need to leave as soon as you get a job you know" Lily said. Harry smiled at her "I know that but I can't live here forever". His mum looked at him like she disagreed. "So ill cook dinner from now on" Harry said. His Mum looked a bit happier "well ok, But only if you want to". Nodding Harry asked her to show him where everything was in the kitchen that he might need.

After a couple of minutes and his mum had shown him were all the imprudence and utensils were. Harry was for the first time in his life grateful for all the experience he had gotten when he was a child cooking for the Dursleys. They had given him something he thought bitterly, he had no childhood but he could cook like a master.

Hearing his mother yawn Harry bid her good night and walked up the stairs to his room noting that his father was still in his study as he passed it on the second floor. When he got to his room he was about to grab a change of clothes and have a bath when he noticed a light coming from under the door. Sighing Harry knew that meant his sister was already having one. Shaking his head to remove the images of her in the bath Harry decided he would just go to sleep and Have an extra long one in the morning.


Waking up for the deepest sleep he had ever had Harry felt energised and ready for the day. He Went down for breakfast with his parents and a very happy Sirus. They sat around joking while they ate until it was time for his parents and Sirus to head to work. Harry was a bit surprised when he had heard that Sirus was an Auror with his dad alto he did not let on that he did not know this fact.

Harry finished saying goodbye as his Mum disappeared through the fire place feeling a bit lost. What should he do for the rest of the day, he could go talk to Kaitlyn but for some reason he was dreading that talk that they would have. Eventually he decided to make use of the space that Potter manor afforded and went for a run. He had spent the last few days just having fun and doing his best to integrate into this new dreamlike world. He knew form what little research he could do that Voldemort was most likely still stuck in his non-corporeal form somewhere biding his time.

Harry even thought about tipping the Aurors off about where he was located in Albania when he had hidden after trying to kill Harry the first time. But it did not matter if he was there or not because any Aurors that went to investigate would, knowing Harry's luck be turned into a helpful servant by the dark lord. No Harry would use whatever time he had before he came back to get ready for the fight. He would train so that what happened to his world would not happen to this one.

To start Harry would follow the physical training course laid out by the Auror academy. After he was confident with his physical fitness Harry would start his spell work again. Now that he had time on his hands and was not constantly running from Death Eaters he could focus on learning some new spells instead of having to rely on his old bag of tricks all the time.

So after a brief warm up Harry set off on his run around the fence line of Potter manor. It had taken him about an hour to complete one lap and he was immensely proud that he had succeeded in completing it. This new body was in a lot better condition than he had ever been.

Puffing in exhaustion Harry walk leisurely back to the Manor and after stoping for a dirk of water headed up to his room. Pleased that the bathroom was unoccupied Harry grabbed some old clothes before going to run his bath. He had been looking forward to another long soak ever since he had fist had a bath here and was not disappointed as he sunk deep into the water. Sighing he let the warmth enter his slightly fatigued muscles and relaxed as the feeling of bliss took hold of him.

It must have been a complete hour later and harry was startled awake as he heard the door to his sisters room open. Moving to cover himself he saw Kaitlyn walk into the room and walk strait to the cabinet under the dress mirror. She had not noticed he was there as she downed a vial of hangover potion and started to rummage around in the draws for something else.

Harry was just about to say something when she stood up after finding what she was looking for and saw him in the mirror. She let out a slight shriek before she whipped around facing him and dropped another vial onto the floor smashing it. "Harry" she gasped her eyes going wide.

Finding the situation slightly funny harry grinned a bit as he greeted her "Good morning to you to Kaitlyn". She stood there stock still not even blinking a big blush rising in her face. Harry thought she looked like a dear in a spotlight and Said "Umm ... If you don't mind I need to get out now". Her face opened and closed like a fishes before she quickly ran from the room closing the door behind her.

Shaking his head slightly Harry got out and dried himself off with a towel before getting dressed. When he had finished getting dressed he decided to go see his sister and apologise for not locking the door, even though he could have swore he had.

He walked to the door to his sisters room and knocked, hearing a faint moan he opened it and walked in. Like yesterday the room was dark so Harry again flicked his wand at the curtains before turning towards Kaitlyn who was lying on her front in her bed. She had a pillow over her head and he could here soft sobs coming from her. Harry walked over and sat on her bed next to her noticing another bottle of Firewhiskey lying on the floor.

Now that he was here next to her he found he was a bit nervous about talking to her. Part of him just wanted to walk back out the door. He settled for taping her on the shoulder but got no response. Why was he finding it so difficult to talk to her, he summoned his courage and pulled the pillow off her head. Her head was slightly turned towards him and he could see slight tears in her eyes.

"Are you ok Kaitlyn" Harry said as he pat her back feeling his hand tingle when he touched her. She only continued to lay there not moving. "Come on Kaitlyn we've know each other all our lives you know you can talk to me right" Harry said trying to put on a calming voice but she still did not respond. Harry was starting to get a bit annoyed, why was she acting like a child. She had walked in on him while he was bathing, so what she had not even seen anything.

"Kaitlyn" he yelled while forcefully turning her over , she still did not more but she did glance at him slightly alarmed. "We need to talk, you can't keep acting like this. Come on your coming down for some breakfast" Harry said and grabbed her arm pulling her out of bed. When she was standing up on her own feet Harry brought his wand out and jabbed her with it motioning towards the door.

Finally they had arrived in the kitchen and Harry set about making some toast and eggs for his sister. When he had turned around after he finished making his sister's breakfast he saw the she had her head in her hands still looking depressed. Was he like this after he had gotten Sirus killed he wondered. If I did no wonder his so called friends had stopped wanting to see him. Shaking his head he walked over to her and put the plate in front of her and took a seat next to her.

"Thank you" Kaitlyn mumbled to Harry as she started to devour her food. While she ate, Harry talked to her about a few items he had seen in the paper. when she finished Harry waved his wand sending the dirty dishes away to the sink.

Summoning some courage he said "Kaitlyn we have to talk about what's been going on lately. To be honest I don't know what's happening, we have not been close since we were young so ... umm. I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't really know what's going on between us". Wow thought harry that was pretty deep. Kaitlyn meanwhile looked up at him sadly "Harry please I don't ...". But she stopped unable to find the words.

Harry knew he had to push on if he wanted to get to the bottom of the issue. "What did you mean yesterday" Harry asked. Kaitlyn looked around as if trying to escape before sighing and slumping forward. "Harry I .. I ... when you kissed me .. it .. I'm sorry I can't do this" Kaitlyn started saying before she got up and ran out of the room toward the stairs, leaving a frustrated Harry behind.

Harry chased after her but stoped just as she reached the top of the stairs. He was shocked as he stood watching her run the rest of the way up the stairs. His eyes were drawn slightly to her tight rear which he could see outlined against her silk boxers. His mind went blank it was one of the sexiest things he had ever seen. Seeing this only added to the headache that was Kaitlyn.

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