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CH 7 - New Life Eventually New Shoes

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Harry and Kaitlyn have a strange moment. And they have a spot of shoping.

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My first story so VERY SORRY for all errors and mistakes made before, during and after this sentence. And I'll add a warning for adult themes and all the other nasty's 18+ only please.

I don't know if this chapter went the way I planed, so please let me know what you think about it and thanks for reading.
New Life Eventually New Shoes

Harry chased after her but stoped just as she reached the top of the stairs. He was shocked as he stood watching her run the rest of the way up the stairs. His eyes were drawn slightly to her tight rear which he could see outlined against her silk boxers. His mind went blank it was one of the sexiest things he had ever seen. Seeing this only added to the headache that was Kaitlyn.

That night Harry had Cooked Dinner for His parents which his Mum was really proud of. After dinner which was quite late his parents bid him goodnight promising to spend more time with him soon. As Harry wasn't about cleaning the kitchen he thought back on the day's events. As far as Harry could piece together Kaitlyn had willingly kissed him and now felt very guilty about it. But at the same time she still wanted it to mean something and embarrassed that she had told him. He could understand why she felt confused, to her he was her brother. She had grown up with him but now apparently she had feelings for him.

For Harry he had only met her about a week ago and was still trying to get his head around the fact that he had a sister. He did not know what to do about the situation, on one hand she was his sister, at least in this world. On the other she was hot girl around his age and as a horny teenager, how could he not feel attracted to her. He was flattered that she would have any feelings for him at all, but he was unsure what to do about it. Should he welcome it, his first chance at love. Something he had never had and never thought he would ever have the chance to find.

He could not ignore her because he wanted to get to know her. She was obviously troubled, for one she drank herself stupid every night. She stayed locked in her room and never came out, Her parents did not have any time for her and her boyfriend had betrayed her. He did not even think she had any other friends. The more he thought about it the sadder he got, she had made a few wrong choices, yes, but she did not deserve to be abandoned because of them.

The only thing that he could think about that fit the situation was that she had tried to cling to him for comfort. When he had kissed her she must have latched on to that putting all her emotions into the last person she felt she could turn to. Harry had done the same when Moony had died, he had thrown himself at Tonks as if it would solve everything. nothing had happened with here but it was a strong feeling none the less. and for someone as unprepared for it as Kaitlyn it must have been a lot worse.

Harry had decided that he would help his sister through this no matter what. he would make her see that the feeling she thought she had for him were artificial. The first thing he needed to do was stop her drinking and then he needed her to start to trust him. And with that in mind Harry started climbing the steps to Kaitlyn's room. When he reached it he knocked loudly and waited. When he had no answer he sighed and opening the door he walked in.

The first thing he noticed was how cold it was the second was that his sister was not there. Harry looked around the room knowing she wasn't anywhere downstairs. The bathroom door was open and he could not see her in there. That was when he saw that a glass sliding door on the side of her room was open. He had mistakenly thought it was just a window like the rest when he had been in here before.

But why would she go outside it was cold and raining. Walking to it he looked out and saw a set of small steps that wound their way to the roof. Pulling his shirt tighter around his neck Harry braved it and stepped out through the door and up the small stairs into the rain. It took him a few moment to adjust to the coolness that enveloped his body and by the time he had reached the top of the stairs he was soaked.

Looking around Harry noticed that there was a pool sitting right in the middle of the roof. He had not been shown this in his tour of the house, maybe his parents did not know about its existence, after all it had been three generation's since anyone had lived here. James had grown up somewhere in Wales, right next to a dragon reserve that his father had run and had only ever been here for a formal dinner when he was very young.

Harry looked around not seeing his sister was about to turn around and head back to her room when he spotted a bit of material sticking out from behind a large griffin statue. Knowing it must be Kaitlyn he walked towards her. When he got alongside her he said "What are you doing out here, its bloody freezing". She looked up at him in a look of surprise when he had spoken, but she stayed silent a sad look in her eyes.

Harry squatted down next to her and put his hand on her shoulder noticing even through the rain that she had been crying. "Come on Kaitlyn don't keep doing this, please talk to me I want to help you" He said pouring his emotion into he's words. But she only looked at him sadly, it was then that he noticed what she was holding and it shocked him.

She was holding a potion vial with a light gray liquid contained within it. There was only one potion that had that colour he remembered it well as it had beckoned to him just after his friends had abandoned him. It was called Mortis Exhaurire and it's only use was for those seeking a painless exit from this world. It offered a euphoric death, It was suppose to let anyone who took it willingly the chance to relive all their happy moment one last time before it painlessly stoped their heart.

Harry had been so desperate after Sirus died and his friends had abandoned him that he had brewed the relatively simple potion and was about to take it when moony had stopped him. He was grateful that he had as he did not know how he would have been able to face his 'real' parents when he got to heaven or whatever happened after life.

Harry reached forward and put his hands over his sisters containing the potion vial. Gasping at how deathly cold she felt, for a fleeting moment he feared that she may have already taken it, but remembered that the vial was still full. He Looked deep into her scared looking eyes and said one word "Why".

She looked up at him with emotion in her eyes "I .. I can't stand it anymore. I've got no one, I ... I have these feeling's, feelings I know I should not have". She looked up at him as he replied " Kaitlyn you have me, I would never abandon you. You don't have to do this, please just talk to me". She continued to look into his eyes and he saw hope start to rise in them.

"H-Harry I ... I Love you and not the way I meant to. When ... When you kissed me, I .. I've never felt anything like it. It's so painful knowing you're so close but you don't ... can't ever .. I love you Harry". Harry looked at her seeing for the first time deep into her soul. Here was a girl, a young girl who needed to be loved. She needed to feel loved, feel wanted and she wanted it from him. "Kaitlyn why didn't you tell me, you were going to kill yourself, you should have asked how I felt first" Harry breathed watching as she looked shocked.

"Do you mean that ... what" Kaitlyn spluttered.

"Please come inside Kaitlyn it's too cold out here, You'll get sick" Harry begged

Harry grabbed the dreadful vial of potion and threw it over the side of the house. "What did you mean ... When you" Kaitlyn began to ask, but Harry interrupted her buy swinging down and picking her up like one would pick up a child. He turned and headed down to her room almost slipping on the wet steps. When they were finally inside Harry closed the door behind him with his free hand and pulled out his wand. He quickly cast two drying and warming charms on them before flicking his wand at the large fire in the centre of the room, igniting it.

When he was done he turned back to Kaitlyn who had slipped down from his arms but still had her arms around him. Harry felt a warmth rise in his stomach, one that he knew was not from the warming charms. For the second time that day Harry rethought his views about Kaitlyn. Standing in her arms he felt something he had not felt before and he liked it, no he loved it. Blushing heavily Harry slowly untangled himself from her and walked over to her bed and sat cross-legged on it.

He watched as she blinked her eyes with a confused look still dominant on her face. He patted the bed in front of him while he said "we have a lot to talk about Kaitlyn". She looked guiltily as she walked over and sat about a meter away from him towards the head of her bed.

"Kaitlyn I .. I don't really know where to start" he said with a slight laugh.

"What did you mean when you said I should have asked you first" she said timidly.

"O ... well I .. I... When I kissed you I won't lie to you, I was not really in control of my body at that stage" Harry could have cursed himself as he saw her face fall and start to fill with tears why did he say that. He quickly shuffled forward and threw his arms around the small teen "Wait .. I might not have meant it but I can't deny I didn't feel anything as well".

She looked up at him with tears gushing down her face "What ... what do you mean".

"I mean that I ... I ... god I'm attracted to you" Harry said honestly.

At least he stopped her tears he thought as she replied "You are". Harry lent backward and said "yes , when I was trapped in my mind the only thing that got me through was you. When you kissed me that night, it was the best thing I have ever felt and while I know I shouldn't, I can't help it, I loved it".

Kaitlyn reached out her hand and put it on Harry's "so what does this mean .. for us".

Harry looked at her taking in her beauty before asking "Your attracted to me even though I'm your brother".

She nodded, a fierce look in her eyes "I Love you Harry"

Harry smiled at her "it sounds simple, I'm attracted to you and your attracted to me". But as her face started to split into a smile Harry said "I need to tell you something though".

Kaitlyn wasn't deterred she was smiling as she said "What is it Harry".

Harry sighed an lowered his head " I don't remember you".

"What" she said starting to get confused.

"I know I should but everything before the ... umm incident is .. umm very blurry. I remember some of the big occasions but I can't remember what your favourite colour is or anything like that. I ... if we are going to continue this ... whatever this is I want to get to know you first".

Kaitlyn started to get sad again "Because of what I did".

Harry squeezed her hand as they still lay in his "No, I won't let you blame yourself for that. It is Bella who we should blame, she has hurt too many people. No, all I'm saying is I ..I ...Can we start from scratch".

And to make his point he pulled his hands away from hers and held one forward "Hi I'm Harry Potter". Giggling slightly at how strange their conversation was Kaitlyn shook it "Nice to meet you Harry, I'm Kaitlyn Potter.

What followed was the longest conversation Kaitlyn had had with her brother in years. They discussed favourite colours, chocolate and Quidditch. Basically anything and everything. By the end Harry had gotten to know Kaitlyn a lot better and found himself even more attracted to her. Hours later a sleepy Harry was about to go back to his own room when his sister grasped him by the arm and said "Please don't go"

Harry looked down at her pleading eyes knowing she was tied too. "I really should" Harry Said slightly blushing. But she did not waver "Please, we ... just so I don't think this has all been just a dream". Harry thought about it, he knew he wanted to but was not sure what would happen if he did "Ok, but ... we can't". Before he could finish the sentence his sister cut him off "Just sleep, Please". Sighing nervously Harry got under her pink blankets and was joined by Kaitlyn seconds later.

"Goodnight Harry" Kaitlyn said before turning the light off and snuggling into her pillow.

Harry lay awake for the next hour wondering if he should have lied about his feelings. Should he risk everything he now had in this world just to try and find love. Well at least I finally got a girl to take me to her bed. At that thought he smiled into the darkness, reaffirmed in his belief he did the right thing.


The next morning Harry awoke happier than he had ever been. Opening his eye's he noticed that his sister must have rolled over during the night, she was snuggling into his chest with a smooth leg thrown over him resting between his own. When he finally realised where her leg was he had to fight to stop the erection he knew he was moments away from having. He lay there for a few moments succeeding in stopping himself from popping a morning woody when he felt his sister start to stir.

Her movements made him have to concentrate harder and he thought about moving her leg himself. She was fully awake now and looked into his eye's with the happiest expression he had ever seen on her face. "Wow that was the best sleep if had in ages" She said. Harry groaned as she continued to move her leg against him "Kaitlyn ... your leg is ...umm". She looked at him confused for a few seconds until she realised where it was and what she could feel against it. Her eyes widened and she quickly rolled away from him "Sorry Harry I didn't know".

Harry just laughed at her blush "it's ok, I had a good sleep too. do you know what time it is". Kaitlyn rolled over and as she was checking the time Harry quickly sat up and threw his legs off the bed. "Wow its almost lunch time Harry, that's amazing I haven't slept that long in ages" Kaitlyn said shocked.

Harry nodded and then thought of something what if his mum checked on him this morning would she have looked for him in here. What if she had seen them sleeping together. Then he remembered that his mother had told him she would not see him this morning because she had to go to work early. Sighing in relief Harry told his sister he would quickly change before heading down to lunch.

As Harry finished making them some sandwiches and put them on a platter he saw Kaitlyn come walking down the stairs. His jaw almost hit the floor, she had been wearing old baggy clothes for so long that harry did not think she had anything else. But what she was wearing right now was like sunshine to a stormy day compared to what she had been wearing for the last few days. She had a plain white top which showed off for the first time her perfect if somewhat small cleavage. What drew Harry's eyes however was the skirt which she chose to wear, or rather what was under them as her long perfectly formed legs were only covered about mid thigh. Harry could not help staring, only looking up when she stood in front of him with her hands on her hips.

"Do you like what I'm wearing or something Harry" She asked giggling as she slightly blushed. Harry looked up to her face and could feel his face turn the colour of a tomato "I...I... Umm ... that is to say ... umm ...sorry". He felt worse, now he couldn't even talk to her. He was fine this morning but now he could even string a few words together. He quickly turned around as she started to laugh, it lightened his heart with the musical quality it had.

Harry grabbed the tray of food and said "I ...umm I thought we could eat this out in the garden since it looks so nice out there today". Kaitlyn agreed and quickly walked ahead of him towards the front door and out to the table in the garden. All the while harry followed her being able to do nothing other than watch her swaying hips. Halfway to their destination she looked back over he shoulder and spotting where his gaze was smiled innocently and started swaying her hips a bit more.

Harry slightly groaned, what was she trying to do, get him to jump her. First the leg this morning and now this, Harry started to wonder if he could excuse himself to go rub one out. Maybe then he would be able to handle being around her for more than five minutes without getting a Bonner. Such was her effect on him that he almost dropped the plate he was carrying before they got to the table. He was starting to think that maybe his sister was part Veela or something.

"Are you ok Harry, you look a bit flustered" Kaitlyn said with a small grin on her face.

"Sorry Kaitlyn, I didn't mean to look I swear" Harry cough out trying to fight his blush while he picked up a sandwich and started to bite into it.

"That's ok Harry I don't mind if you do, it's why I chose to wear this in the first place. I wanted to see if you were honest when you said you were attracted to me" She said her grin getting larger. Harry chocked on the sandwich he was eating. Was this the same girl he was talking to last night, where had his timid sister gone. "God Kaitlyn I'd be attracted to you if you were wearing a full-size curtain, you didn't need to wear that unless you want me to have a heart attack" Harry said knowing there was no way to salvage his dignity now.

"Oww that's so sweet Harry" she said suddenly losing her happy demeanour and starting to shed a tear. Harry saw it and quickly put his hand on hers "What's wrong Kaitlyn". He wondered if it was something he had said, as she started to cry more tears. Harry got up and sat next to her and she quickly pulled him into a desperate hug. They sat there for a few minutes like that as Harry tried to calm her down, not knowing what had made her react like that.

When she had finally calmed down enough to speak she said "I'm sorry Harry, it's just I was remembering ... how Draco used to ...he". She cut her self off forcing herself not to start crying again. Harry decided to try and help her when he said " Malfoy used to complement you like that". She made a sobbing noise and then said "no he never ... he would always criticise my appearance ...I was never".

Harry hugged her tighter "Don't worry about that fuck wit, you never need to talk to him again". She looked up at him her eyes still glistening "But what about when we have to go back". Harry did not need to ask her what she meant, Hogwarts. As a Slitherin Kaitlyn would be stuck with the Malfoy prat for another year. "I'll make sure he stays away from you, even if I have to hex him, which I'm looking forward to do anyway after the way he treated you" Harry Said protectively his green eyes flashing.

Kaitlyn still looking into his eyes gave him a loving look before she closed her eyes and moved slowly to kiss him. She managed to graze his lip before he pulled away. She looked up at him with a sad look as she explored his eyes. "I thought you ... umm" She stuttered.

"I don't know if we should, I don't want to hurt you" Harry said looking intently at her.

"What do you mean hurt me, you can't be that bad a kisser" she said starting to look slightly amused.

"I wouldn't know" Harry said looking embarrassed as he looked away from her.

"What do you mean Harry"

"I've never, well I don't ever remember kissing anyone before, other than the other day obviously. he sighed and looked at the ground.

"You'll be fine Harry, I'll show you how, it's easy. That is if you still want to". Kaitlyn said smiling at him trying to comfort him.

"We'll I do but what if Mum or Dad see us".

"Relax Harry and just go with it, no one will see us out here" Kaitlyn then lifted her lips to his again and kissed him, this time he did not pull away. She started just kissing with her lips on his for a few minutes before she advanced to running her tongue along his it. Harry groaned and in the process he open his mouth slightly. Taking advantage of this Kaitlyn twisted her head to the side and started to probe his mouth with her tongue.

A warm feeling started to spread throughout Harry's body and he gave himself fully to the kiss, finally letting go any inhibitions he had about who he was kissing. All Harry knew right now was that he loved Kaitlyn and would not trade this new feeling for the world. Harry started to follow his sisters lead and started to kiss her back the same way she was kissing him. Their tongues twisted together in a strange soft dance, energising both of them to the core.

When Kaitlyn broke off the kiss she sighed as they both savoured the taste of the other. When Harry had finally come down from the high he was experiencing he said "That was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced". To which Kaitlyn responded by saying "your defiantly a quick learner".

"How am I going to be able to keep my hands off you now" Harry breathed while he reached up and tucked some of her wayward raven black hair behind her ear.

"I could say the same thing, that was wonderful Harry" Kaitlyn said smiling at him.

They continued to talk and laugh until the sun started to go down and Harry had to make a start on dinner. Kaitlyn went up to her room but not before making Harry promise to come see her after their parents went to bed. Harry happily told her he would and set about making dinner with an extra spring in his step. He was on a bit off a high, first he was in another world, Sirus was still alive and he had met his dead parents. To top it all off he had met Kaitlyn and the more he got to know her the more he started to fall in love with the gorgeous girl.


Hours later Harry finished putting the dinner he had cooked in front of his very tied looking Mum and Dad. Dinner then proceeded with a slow pace while light conversation filled in the silence. That was until Harry, having finished eating said "Mum are we still going to go shopping tomorrow".

"Of course Darling, I know I have been busy at work but I've been looking forward to it" Lily responded.

"I've been looking forward to it too Mum, but ... can I ask you something".

"Of course you can Harry, what is it".

"Can Kaitlyn come with us" Harry Asked.

Lily and James both stopped eating and looked at their son. Both had almost forgotten she still even lived there, they had not seen her since Harry had awoken. They both looked slightly shocked that he would even ask for her to come along with him one a shopping trip.

"I thought it would be just us Harry, But if you really want her to come then I don't mind" Lily said looking slightly put out.

"Harry you do know what she ... " James began but was silenced by the look Harry was giving him. They had talked about this the other night but it looked like that conversation had not change his view on the events at all.

"You both know what really happened. I've forgiven her why can you two" Harry said looking disappointed with them, which he was. If they had only known how close their daughter had been to ending her own life. But would they care, they would of course they weren't heartless but how much did they care.

Moments later Harry got up and kissing his mum on her forehead he said" Goodnight Mum, Dad, I'll make sure Kaitlyn and I are down here by ten tomorrow morning, is that ok".

"Sure Honey, Goodnight" Lily called looking as if she wanted to say more.

"Goodnight Son" James called looking deep in thought.

Harry smiled slightly at both of them before he turned and headed up to his room. When he got there he quickly cast a strong locking charm on the door and grabbed his clothes. He had a quick bath before he headed threw the door into Kaitlyn's room.

She smiled as she looked up from a book she was reading. But as harry crossed to sit next to her he saw that it was not a book but a photo album.

"I got this from the library, I thought you might want to see it. It might help you to remember some things" Kaitlyn said as she handed him the Album.

Harry took it but put it down on the table beside her bed, leaving it there as he sat down next to her. "Thank you but I'd rather spend time with you, if that's ok" Harry said asking his sister. The smile adorning her face only got bigger "Really, why".

Harry just looked at her before he split into a grin "hmm spend time looking at a boring old album or spend it talking to a stunningly beautiful girl, wow that's a hard one".

"You really think I'm beautiful Harry"

"Yes I do, But that's not the reason I like talking to you Kaitlyn"

"Why do you like talking to me then"

"Because when I'm talking to you I feel like I've never felt before. I feel like I'm floating on a cloud and it wonderful".

Kaitlyn's eyes started to glisten and she slid over to him and enveloped him in a hug. After a few moments Kaitlyn raised her head up to meet his without breaking the hug.

"I love you Harry, Can I .. umm ask you a question"

"Of course you can"

"Would you stay with me again tonight"

"Sure I had the best night last night with you Kaitlyn"

She looked at him like she wanted to say something more but decided against it. After a few moments she said she was going to take a quick bath and get ready for bed. While she was gone Harry sighed contently, he had been worried last night about sleeping here but now there was nothing else in the world he wanted more.

A few minutes later Kaitlyn stepped out of the bathroom and Harry could have sworn that his jaw hit the floor literally, to say she was stunning would be a gross understatement. Her damp hair clung to her as she walked over in short boxers and a small thin t-shirt which showed him she wasn't wearing a bra, if the small nipples that were slightly visible were any indicator. Her toned legs were shown to great advantage and Harry could not help getting hard at the sight. He had never seen her look so sexy, it was all he could do not to grab her and fuck her tight body silly.

Groaning he shifted himself so his now raging hard on was not visible above the covers. He thanked god that he had gotten under them when his sister had gone for her bath. Thinking of her washing her naked body only increased how horny he felt.

She must have miss understood his groan when she said "are you ok Harry". He could only watch her almost drooling as she got in next to him, disappointed when she disappeared from view. when he did not respond Kaitlyn slid closer to him and put her arm across his chest. Harry jerked when she touched him, making Kaitlyn look up at him worriedly.

"Harry what's wrong" she asked getting nervous that maybe he had change his mind about her. Harry still did not say anything looking slightly scared and that was when she saw why he was acting strangely. Harry's raging Bonner had created a tent in the blankets even tho he had tried to hid it.

"I'm so sorry Kaitlyn but I can't help it".

"O Harry don't worry about it. Is that because of ... because of me"

"Yes... I sorry I just ... I haven't had any alone time for umm ... you know" Harry said blushing so heavily he was starting to turn the colour of a tomato.

"I'm ...umm ... flattered Harry, do you want me too ... umm help you" Kaitlyn too blushed looking at Harry back in the eyes.

"What" Harry spluttered did she mean what he thought she meant.

"I could, you know ... umm give you a hand" gesturing toward the still towering member. Harry could not believe what they were talking about, it was so surreal.

"No I'm ... I'm ok"

"I Love you Harry you know that right" she questioned

"Yes I know that" Harry breathed looking down at her smooth beautiful face.

"Then let me help you, I want to" as she spoke she trailed her hand down his chest and under the blanket. She continued until she came in contact with his enlarged cock, touching it through the material of his boxers. He moaned at her touch, it sent fire into his abdomen and tingles down his spine.

"What are you doing " Harry whispered moving away from her touch. His sister instantly jerked her hand away from him, she looked up at him with hurt in her eyes.

"Don't you want me to umm ... Wait, you're a ... a virgin" Kaitlyn said with wide eyes.

Harry tried to look away as he felt completely embarrassed but was prevented from doing so when Kaitlyn reached out and put her hand against his face holding him still.

"Harry I'm sorry ... I didn't know. I just assumed that you would have ... you know". She said emotion filling her eyes as she stared at him lovingly.

"I've never been close enough to anyone " He said bitterly not knowing if this would change the way she looked at him.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of Harry, I wish I had never ... you know. You must think I'm a slut or something for forcing myself on you like that". Kaitlyn said in a mixture of emotions.

"No, I'd never think that Kaitlyn and ...". But he was interrupted by Kaitlyn

"You would if you know what I've done. God I feel like a slut now."

"You're not a slut Kaitlyn just because you've had sex. I mean, you had a boyfriend for how long" Harry said hugging her tighter and kissed her forehead.

"And what if I told you that it was not just Draco, what if he wasn't even the first, and what if was not just sex" She said sadly starting to cry.

"It doesn't matter to me if you ..." Harry started to say but was interrupted again by Kaitlyn.

"Cedric was the first and we did it more than once, then came Draco and while we never actually had sex, I ... umm ... well I sucked him off every night Harry. What does that make me, How could you ever love someone who did that". She started to pull away from him a frantic look in her eyes but Harry only pulled her back to him.

"Kaitlyn Listen to me" Harry barked fiercely his Bonner finally going completely soft. He forced her to look him in the eyes.

"I don't care what you've done, nothing you can say or do will ever stop me from loving you". Harry said and Kaitlyn broke down stoping her struggle and returning to hugging him while sobbing.

"But I don't deserve you Harry. Your still pure and I'm just some filthy tramp".

"Don't say that Kaitlyn, can't you see how much it hurts me to see you talk like that. I love you and that's final, you can't turn me away".

"I'm sorry Harry ... I guess I overreacted a bit but your really ok with me having done those things. you don't think worse of me" She asked looking at him after drying her tears.

"No Kaitlyn" Harry said and then sighed as he lent into his sister and felt her perky breast against his chest. Hearing his sigh his sister looked up at him and said "What's wrong Harry".

"I'm just wishing I hadn't reacted like that" he say honestly while he blushed

"Really you still want me to ... , even after what I just told you" she looked at him strangely.

"Are you kidding you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It's hard to concentrate when I'm around you I want you so bad. Eventually if you still feel the same I want to do that and more but I think you deserve better at the moment". Harry said lowering his head to his sister's and kissed her lips for a brief moment. He pulled back to see what her reaction would be.

"Harry I'd do anything for you, all you have to do is ask. But if you want to take it slow, then so do I, I don't want to pressure you. Besides it'll only be better when I finally do it". Harry just nodded at her sending her a grateful look astounded at how bold they were both being.

"Besides you'll owe me for coming shopping with you tomorrow, so I'm sure I can wait to cash in that favour, It'll give me something to look forward to" His sister said giving him a shy little grin which he could not help but smile at.

"I will owe you for coming shopping but wouldn't you prefer me to take off the tracking charm on your wand instead of something like ...that".

"What me giving you a hand job, I want you to know how much I love you And I'm a bit curious as to how much you've grown since we were kids. Why waste the chance to pass that up over some stupid underage magic charm". Harry could not help groan at that statement. Kaitlyn hearing this smiled, she loved making Harry feel like this and decided to see if she could embarrass him a bit more.

She grasped his chin and made him look deep into her eyes before she said "There's nothing I want more, than to make you cum so hard while I gaze into your eyes".

Harry whimpered as he closed his eyes trying to get back in control of his emotions after having such a graphic image of his sister jerking him off float into his mind. shaking his head he looked at her smiling face and knew that she was serious. Wow, how hot was that, he almost got hard again just thinking about it.

Kaitlin changed the topic after making him promise to let her help him if she was good and came shopping with him. Happily agreeing the next hour was filled with small talk until Harry started to yawn and they both decided to call it a night. Harry stayed in her bed again and this time they slept a bit closer to each other, both falling asleep with big smiles on their faces.


Harry awoke feeling great as he saw the sun rising above the trees on the edge of the manor. He glanced over and saw that his sister had once again rolled over during the night. She looked so peaceful, looking so good she would put angels to shame. Harry sighed into the warmth of her body pressed against his. If he woke up like this every morning for the rest of his life he was sure heaven would end up being a disappointment. How could it get any better than this.

Harry quietly slipped out from her grip watching her search for him in her sleep, reluctant to give him up. He had to force himself not to slip back in bed and lay with her. Besides he had more important things to do, he had neglected his training yesterday. He would go for a run again but this time push himself a little bit harder. He needed to be on his guard more now after his relationship with Kaitlyn intensified.

He had more to lose here that he did in his old world and he would be dawned if he didn't do everything he could to protect his new family from the coming darkness. It would become his new mantra, something he would use to push himself harder when he was training.

When he was finished his run he stopped in a secluded part of the garden and conjured a metal dummy. He cast a few warding charms on it before standing in up and walking ten paces back and turned to face it. Taking up a duelling stance he cast a silencing charm on the area and got ready to cast spells at the target. He cast a bludging curse and followed it with three more in quick succession.

He quickly moved away from the dummy as if it was casting spells back and hit it with four Reducto's. Still moving he dived over a small bench and cast two killing curses, disappointed with himself when both missed only to hit the far hedge wilting part of it.

Harry was disappointed on how rusty his aim was, but he realised it could have something to do with the fact he was still getting used to having such a fit and healthy body. he knew his reactions were fasted now but he need to fine tune them. He also felt surprisingly good after casting the spells, he did not feel any drain on his magic at all.

Was it possible the Harry was more powerful magically the same as he was physically. He decided to test it, he had only ever tested his magical core once when he was in his own world because it by doing it he was left slightly drained. That was not a good thing when you were hunted by deranged killers. He had been able to cast eleven killing curses in a row back then, would this Harry be any better. There was only one way to find out and jumping up from his position behind the bench he squared his shoulder towards the target. He then set about casting the evil green curse as quick as he could. He amazed himself by getting to fourteen before he felt himself start to tire. He stopped knowing he could still cast more if he wanted too.

How interesting, if he took into consideration the earlier curses then he had cast sixteen killing curses and he had only just started to sweat. It was amazing, he was a lot more powerful in this body then he was in his own and he was no slouch back then. He was happier than he had been in a while, maybe this time he could stop Voldemort, with a lot more training of course.

Harry was filled with a new sense of hope as he returned to the manor and headed up to the bathroom for a well deserved soak. He stripped off his sweat ridden clothes and stepped into the bath, he loved the way it felt against his slightly sore muscles.

About an hour later he got dressed and looking at the time he knew he should go wake his sister up. If she was anything like the girls he had gone to Hogwarts with she would want at leased and hour to get ready to go shopping with him and their mother.

When he entered the room he saw her still lying asleep under her blankets. He watched her sleep for a few minutes before he nudged her gently awake. "Good morning Kaitlyn, Time to get ready" He said happily. She groaned in response "Don't tell me your a morning person now Harry. Your way to happy about this whole shopping thing". Harry grinned knowing she was right he had been looking forward to this day ever since his mother brought up the idea.

Kaitlyn sat up and swung her legs off the bed "Why do you want me to come so badly, I thought you hated shopping especially for clothes".

"I want you there because I like having you around Kaitlyn you know that. Beside I know nothing about fashion so ill need your help".

"So you finally admit that I've got better taste than you" She said japing a finger into his rips.

"Yes of course, I mean have you seen some of the things that are in my wardrobe" Harry said laughing feeling so good that there was no awkwardness from their discussion the night before.

"Yes I have, but what do those dirty magazines have to do with fashion" she said as she put a small hand over her mouth to stop from laughing.

Harry got a confused look on his face before saying "Really .. I have dirty magazines".

Kaitlyn started laughing harder at him "Yes I found them when I was setting up your room, they were amongst your Quidditch magazines. I'll tell you what some of them are quite hot".

"Hmmm, I don't remember them. You sure Sirus didn't plant them"

"Maybe some of them but they were amongst the one you got last Christmas. I'll have to show you them latter, it'll be fun, you might even get hard again" Her sweet laughter making him smile despite himself. Harry had decided to play along with her little game of trying to embarrass him by saying "If your around I won't need a silly magazine to turn me on". Kaitlyn stopped laughing and looking lovingly into his eyes, she stood on tippy toe to kiss him.

"Thanks Harry"

"You better go get ready. I'll meet you down stairs" Harry said slowly breaking the embrace and walking out the door.


When he got down stairs he meet a very Happy and fresh looking Lilly who was singing softly while she flipped some eggs. She looked a lot happier than she had for the last few days and Harry decided to comment on this fact after he greeted her.

"Good morning Mum, you're looking cheerful today". He said surprising her, she spun around and smiled wider when she saw him.

"Good morning to you too Harry, sleep well" She asked him. Harry felt his face get hot slightly as he thought about where he had slept. He shook himself mentally and hoped she did not notice his blush.

"It was great Mum".

"That's good to hear, I haven't asked you yet if you liked it here yet".

"It's great, There's so much more room here I love it".

Lily nodded happily at him and he sat down as she continued to make him a plate of food. When she was done she put the heavily laden plate in front of him and sat down next to his with her own. Harry looked at the frying pan slightly worried that his Mum may have forgotten that her daughter was coming with them. He was relieved to see there was enough for her. He knew his father had left earlier for work so the food could only be for her.

"I don't know if I can eat all this Mum" Harry said honestly.

"Don't worry if you can't Harry, I just thought you'd want a little more after your run this morning"

"I'm sorry, did I wake you" suddenly frightened that she way have seen him practicing spells in the garden after his run.

"No but James said that's what you were doing when he left, I was still too tired to see if it was true" Harry just nodded and continued his best to eat the large quantity of food.

They we joined by Kaitlyn moments later and the meal continued until Harry could not fit one more thing down his throat. It was with a great effort that harry got up and followed his mum to the floo. She smiled as she stepped into the flames, while saying in a clear voice "Diagon alley". When she had disappeared his sister gave him a quick kiss and follow after their mother. Harry groaned, how would he be able to keep his hands off her today she made him so horny. Harry composed himself quickly before he too stepped in to the fireplace and was whisked away in a swirl of flames.

An hour later Harry got down from the stool in Madame Malkins robes for all occasions. He had just had all his school and dress robes resized and was feeling slightly sore, from all the prodding and poking. Harry had felt like a show horse on display as he had stood on the stool.

Madam Malkin told his mother that the robes would be ready for pickup in about half an hour. Nodding that they would be back at the appointed time they left the shop for the alley. When they had reached the street harry could see that it was starting to get a lot busier as it started to get nearer to lunchtime.

Meanwhile his mother had turned around to face her children. "Now that's over we can head to Muggle London to get the rest of your clothes" Lily said to them, looking at her daughter expecting her to object to going anywhere near 'filthy Muggles'. Harry could see what was going on and quickly said "Ok Mum, why do you lead the way".

With a nod Lily turned around and lead them down the alley towards the leaky caldron. They passed through the pub without interruption and Harry was grateful not for the first time that in this new world he was not famous. He found that shopping was a much more pleasurable experience when he was not stoped every few steps to shake hands with strangers.

When they reached a main street that contained a lot of young teenagers hanging around laughing and joking Harry knew he was in the right place. He noticed that both sides of the street had shops selling fashionable items and he groaned as he realised how many there were. Hearing him groan his Mother smiled and said "Having second thoughts Harry".

He looked at her and seeing his sister smiling at him out of the corner of his eye he summoned his courage and said "No, let's just get this over and done with". What followed was something Harry was happy would not happen again for quite some time. After hours of posing in outfits chosen for him by his Mum, Sister and bubbly shop assistants who he wanted nothing more than to curse, he was done.

He had been completely spoiled, his Mum had not just bought him replacement clothes for the ones that were too small, no , she had bought him a whole new wardrobe. Three time they had to duck into a side alley to shrink the bags so that they could carry the bounty. Lily had even splashed out on her daughter after seeing her eying some nice 'Muggle' outfits. She had been so glad that her daughter was seemingly changed in her opinions of muggles that she had bought her five new outfits which included new swimmers and skirts, on Harry's recommendation.

Harry was a bit shocked with how skimpy the clothes his mother had bought his sister were. He was about to say something when he realised that if he did say something maybe his Mum would take them back. That was not something that Harry wanted, no, he wanted to see how sexy his sister would look in them. After seeing his sister smile innocently at him after purchasing them and he knew that she already had plans for them and he wondered how it would involve him.

They Picked up his Robes form Madam Malkins and headed for an ice-cream before heading home. Lily was satisfied with the day's events and happily took the clothes up to Harry's room before she helped him make room for them in his wardrobe. He spent the next few hours before dinner with his Mother leisurely throwing out his old clothes and putting his new ones up. He was wondering where his sister had gone when they got home when the door opened to revel a weary looking James.

"Hello precious" And then grinning he finished "O and you to Lily" His wife swatted at him as he got close to her.

"How was work James".

"Good, I'm a bit tired though. So how did the big shopping trip go, did you clear some much needed space in the old vault". Harry's father said smiling as he embraced his wife.

"Good Dad you should have seen her, I don't think I'll ever need to buy more clothes for the rest of my life". Harry responded earning a playful scowl from his mother.

"You needed new thing's and you'll be thanking me when you get a girlfriend. How you weren't embarrassed from wearing those old rag's for so long I'll never know" Lily said poking her tongue at her son happy when she saw him blush slightly at the girlfriend remark.

"Any way I brought some dinner home if you guys are hungry" James said as he untangled himself from Lily.

Both Lily and Harry nodded and followed James down the stairs as Harry wondered if he should go get his sister. But then if his dad had not thought to bring some for her she it would be a little problematic.

After they had filled themselves to the brim his father turned to his mother and asked "Would you mind if I went out tonight with Sirus. He wants to show me this new pub in Wales and i couldn't say no". Seeing his wife scowl a little he added "I won't drink and I'll be home before nine. We can still ... umm". He glanced at his Son quickly before he stopped talking.

Harry knew he did not what to hear this sort of conversation, he got up quickly claiming he was tired from all the shopping he had done that day and grabbing a container of leftover food for his sister he headed up toward Kaitlyn's room. When he reached it what he saw stunned him in more ways than one.

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