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Leaving this world is his choice

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there's someone who needs to know about his decision and the only one he could tell it to is the one he saved, yes, Frank.

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“No way! I had the same dream!” exclaimed Gerard as he eyed the two widely.
Mikey and Frank looked at each other in disbelief, “Us, too,” they both said.

“What do you think does that mean?” asked Mikey as goose bumps started forming on his arms.

He got shrugs and moans as replies from the much intrigued party. There’s only one way to find out, they need to ask the boy, whether he has the answer or not.

They stormed out of the bus to surround the boy. Gerard knelt in front of him and held him by his shoulders not so tight but good enough to prevent him from running, which he’ll never do.

I know what they’re up to. It’s the dream Dave sent them two nights before. The same night, the same format… Dave could never be so insistent in his after life.

“I don’t know how I could put this in words but—…” said Gerard as he looked into my eyes.

“I know, the dream about me, isn’t it?” I blurted out. I’m telling you, there’s nothing more precious to see than the look on their face when I told them that. Then, a weird thing happened.

I felt the sharpest pain I could ever handle. My vision became fragmented and I felt my legs giving in. Then, I knew I passed out.

The boy blurted out what seemed to be the most impossible thing I’ve ever heard. He just mysteriously guessed what we were all trying to say. Then, he just passed out right before my very eyes. All was sudden that Bob got the urge to call a medic. Immediately, there was a lady behind him. She knelt to where I’ve laid the boy and checked his wrist for pulse movement. Then, to my horror, she lowered her head and sighed, “Take him to the hospital quick and tell the doctor that he has a low pulse rate exactly 2:03 pm. He’ll know what to do.” She left us like it was a small matter but she kept her head down like she lost her son.

I don’t know but the boy really meant someone for good, old, Bob. He seemed concerned very much about his well-being like he was his own son. The doctor came out and smiled to us but his eyes were full of worries, I can tell you that. He frowned as if to recall something he can’t remember.

“I know I saw you somewhere… anyways, the boy is fine. Fatigue and lack of nutrients caused his passing out, maybe because he was not eating right. He is now awake if you want to see him. But please, don’t cause too much activities, his body can’t accommodate more than standing alone. He’ll be out in twenty hours,” he said, scribbling down on his clip board. He nodded and left us, pointing to a door. We went inside and saw him sitting up, talking to an invisible friend of his.

“Heya, you fine now?” greeted Frank.

The boy didn’t utter a sound and tried to look away when we all surrounded him around his bed.

Finally, he spoke so quietly that I can’t almost make them out, “I want Frank here alone, and I need all of you to go out for a while. I need to speak to him privately,” his voice was a hush.

We left them with some hesitation.

When they shut the door close, Shock made Frank come to him closer.

“Dave Goldman, the ghost who wants to protect you even after his life was the one concerned about the dream. Don’t fear, I’ll be doing my best to take you out of danger,” he said, unbelievably fast.

Frank’s eyes widened as he recalled the boy’s dialogue in his dream, “Th-that’s what the boy in my dream exactly said. I don’t understand…” his voice matched the humming of the air-conditioner in the room, “How can you possibly do that when you’re all in pain? I mean, look at you. The doctor said you’ll be out in twenty hours, how can you possibly take us out of trouble?”

“I didn’t know my first move was to come early. Remember the first time I passed out? I’ll tell you what; I used all my energy to prevent the cursed ghost to touch you. If she succeeded, you might have been run over by a big bus by now. Your body could’ve been in the morgue now and they are all mourning and weeping,” he told Frank as he listened in disbelief.

Then, he remembered the thing Dave asked him: If he was willing to join him in his after life or stay here in the world with living human beings. He still couldn’t get over the answer he decided to give. He chose the first option, which meant after the last threat in the band’s life, he’ll leave this world. And the last threat? He knew that that would be happening someday after his 12th birthday.
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