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He is an angel

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the man told them a sentence they could not forget, and the boy will live up to it as the man had said

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first off, i don't swear, but my mentor in real life told me to make it as real as i can. so i decided to add up a little out of innocence on the first chapters. i'm a twelve year-old kid from the philippines and i have the ambition of becoming a writer. i'm starting to fulfill it now by testing myself of what i can do. i hope what my limitations can exceed to can give you a good time reading it. i'm gonna start working on other things but i'll be making sure to find time posting. till then : )

They were leaving the hospital when Shock disappeared. They found out that he was sitting with a man outside the delivery room who was weeping hardly. They watched them making their conversation.

“She’ll die, kid. She’ll never make it. My wife’s body got no strength before giving birth, now the doctor told me she’ll need to pass away if we want to save the baby,” he sobbed so hard that his face was turning red.

Shock smiled, “Your daughter will be someone you will be proud of. You’ll never regret losing Ann.”

The man looked startled, “How did you know my wife’s name?”

Shock didn’t answer; instead, he gave the man a comforting smile that even the band felt at peace watching them.

“But,” the man squealed, “I don’t want her to leave me.”

“She’ll not, I promise you that. Your daughter will look exactly like her and she’ll serve as your living photograph. She’ll inherit every single trait your wife has brought her with that you love,” he answered.

The man looked up to him and smiled, “What’s your name, boy?”

“Gabriel, sir,” he smiled back.

“Gabriel, though I don’t directly know you, I’m grateful for your presence here. Thank you for the words of comfort, kid, I’m wishing for the goodness of your life,” he formally said, “I’m Harold Johnston.”

“Sir Harold, there will always be help if you call its name, bless you, too,” he smiled.

As if their cue, the band approached the man and the kid, saying to Shock that they were about to leave.

Harold stood up and eyed the group of men, “Are you a… band?” he asked.

They nodded and he continued, “I want you to take care of this kid. I hope you do because I can see something bound for you if you really did. I can sense it. He’s an angel…” the words rang in their brains like chiming bells.
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