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Words 54 to 62

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More mini drabbles. :)

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A Few Words

Word 54: Accusation

The accusation was serious and it threatened to tear the posse apart. Seifer stood glaring at Raijin, who desperately declared his innocence. Then Fujin walked by with a cookie in her hand, which she soon ate, bringing forth shocked expressions in Raijin and Seifer's faces. Seifer pouted and went off to buy more cookies, deciding that he would not reprimand Fujin after all.

Word 55: Boredom

Boredom was the worse torture in the world, but at least when Fujin was bored, everyone else was put out of their misery. Needless to say, Seifer and Raijin made sure to never let her get bored.

Word 56: Coal

It was the day before Christmas and the naughty boys who opened their presents before Christmas morning found coal in the boxes. Seifer was surprised and Raijin was shocked, almost believing it was true. Though Seifer knew better, he still had his doubts, because a practical joke from the serious and quiet Fujin might be less likely than the existence of Santa Claus.

Word 57: Deleted

It was an accident, a fact that the two young men tried to explain, but when her favorite picture was accidentally deleted from her computer where she kept her only copy, Fujin was vastly enraged. Seifer and Raijin dared not return home until Fujin called them to say she had a backup copy after all.

Word 58: Enigma

Seifer had faced many challenges in his life, but none as difficult as figuring out the enigma called Fujin.

Word 59: Fantasy

The day would pass by and the sun would set, but they would not notice until the stars were shining in the endless sky. They lived their lives in freedom, adventurous and united; it was like living in their own fantasy.

Word 60: Gold

Gold was usually yellow, a color that clashed with Fujin's silver hair. Thus the journey took Seifer and Raijin all over the world until they finally found the perfect gift for Fujin's birthday in white gold. She was not one to like wearing too much jewelry or girly things, but the small earrings fit her very well and she wore them everyday.

Word 61: Honey

On a whim, Seifer decided that he wanted honey for his pancakes that morning, and on a whim, Raijin had gone out to get it from a bee hive in a near by tree, a short walk from their house. Raijin returned without the honey but with many bees angrily buzzing after him. Seifer tried to save Raijin, feeling responsible for wanting the honey. Then Fujin woke up to find the bees gone, and her two friends stung and in pain. Those two needed constant supervision sometimes, Fujin vowed never to sleep in later than them again.

Word 62: Ice

The refrigerator had, as most machines do, picked the worse time to break down; right in the middle of the hottest summer day they had ever faced, leaving the posse without the comfort of ice to fight off the heat. For once, Squall's precense was useful as he passed through town just in time for Fujin to attack him and run off with Shiva. Desperate times called for desperate measures, and only the kidnapped Guardian Force of ice could save the posse that day. They would return Shiva, but only at the end of the day when the merciless sun was gone.

To be Continued?

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