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Fantasy 11

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Fantasy 11: Card Tricks (Fullmetal Alchemist)

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More Fantasies

Fantasy 11: Card Tricks (Fullmetal Alchemist)

The three card players showed each other their cards. Alphonse was at a loss again, but what's this? Their red haired guest and his brother were at a draw? "Wait a minute..." The upset suit of armor stood up, the quiet country side appeared less and less peaceful by the second as his angry aura was felt. "You both have the same cards!"

"No we don't, mine are real," Reno pointed out, causing Ed to growl something under his breath. "But something is wrong here."

"Yes, something is very wrong." Edward engaged in a glaring contest with Reno, hating the fact that he had to look up to meet the redhead's eyes, because he was shorter.

With perfect coordination, Ed and Reno pointed accusing fingers at each other at the same time. "You cheated!" Cards flew out of their respective sleeves with the movement in poetic justice.

The already angry suit of armor became angrier as Alphonse's soul twitched within it. "You both cheated!" And they both ran.

End of Fantasy 11

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