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I want to do this one last time

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Hey you guys...guess what someone we love to hate is back for one last time

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"Gee, honey, this red.." Frankie points at the magizine. I look at it, dark red. "Hmm Well dont you think that doing a red and black wedding is a little too, I dont, extreme?". He looks at me strangely. "Gerard have you seen the way we both look? Have you seen what we like? It only makes sense that we make out wedding our favorite colors". I sigh. He is right. I just cant see us using any other colors in our wedding anyway.

"Who is going to be in white" He asks without looking up at me.

"Well, niether of us is a virgin, I mean, Everyone in my family knows Im not."

"Who is the bride then?" This time he looked up.

My face twisted into a grimace. "You know, that if anything, I would be. But cant we just both wear black?". White suits are soo UGH, I really sounded gay there. Frankie just stared at me thinking. "Fine, I just thought we should make it clear.", and he looked back down at the magizine.

"Frankie baby, I like this one" I pointed at a flower, a white rose, with a slight pink on the ends. I loved it, but it seemed to stray away from our ideas.

"How bout we make that be the flowers you hold, 'Cuz you know it doesnt match". He smiled. "But I still want you to be happy. Damn he was soo smart.

"Yay!" I was so excited, and nervous. We planned to be married on October 31, for fun, and the week before we would stay at my moms and I already had something planned for my lover.
The door bell rang. I got up, seeing that Frankie was on the phone talking to our planner.
It was Trent. I gasp, about to shut the door. I see this boy next to him. Im confused.
"Gerard, I just wanted to talk to you, this is Ryan". I looked this "Ryan" up and down. He was pale with black and stunning blue eyes.


"I found someone gee, its great and Im sober for sure now and Me and Ryan would love to come to your wedding". I smiled. He is happy, for the first time in 2 years. I almost cried. I nodded.
"I'd love to have you at our wedding"

"Really, Gee you invite your rapeist and his new victum?" Frankie said.

Ryan turned to Trent. "You raped him too?" He looked upset. Trent whispered "Baby I didnt think to tell you"
I hit Frankies side. Not cool. Frankie hit back. "Its true" He mumbled.

"I am inviting them" I turn and smile at the couple.

"Gerard, can we talk alone, for one sec?" Trent says. I nod. We walk to the spare room.

"Baby, I want to do this one last time before you go to Frank" and he engulfs my mouth with his kiss, I cant push him away, too strong. I feel his tounge slid into my mouth. I shiver. I notice he is rubbing my thigh with his hand, then he drags his hand up, touching me right there. I blush.

I pull away slightly. "Trent, I just.." he cuts me off with another deep kiss. He unzips my pants. I feel his hand make his way inside my jeans. "Oh" I moan softly. He keeps kissing me while he strokes my hard on. Oh god, oh god, oh god. "Im almost there" I mumble. He teases me and Im about to...Im so close.

"Baby, you like it" he whispers and rubs harder. Oh god oh god oh god. "Right there Im right there" I groan, trying not to make any loud noises. He smiles and winks at me.
He keeps doing this for a while. I moan "Oh fuck yeah". I came right in his hand. He doesnt care and just licks it off. I whimper feeling kinda bad.

"Its just something I needed to do before I watch you walk down the aisle."

We both walk out like nothing happened and him and Ryan leave. I go back to looking at fabric and flowers. I feel good that he came just one last time, but bad because I know that I betrayed frankie.

Wow sorry I needed to think about this more, and well here we go, Should he tell Frankie? Not? Tell me what you think he should do. The chapter where they go to his moms is going to be fun
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