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Chapter four.

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Meanwhile, Ryan was enjoying his Saturday. He really loved his job but the weekend breaks were a welcomed interruption. Usually on the weekdays he'd get up around 5:45, go downstairs and let the dog out, then start a pot of coffee or tea before heading back upstairs to wake up his wife by rubbing her back softly or by running his fingers through her hair while saying her name close to her ear. He knew if he didn't and let the alarm do the job she'd only push the snooze button and sleep the morning away, he didn't mind though. He knew they both were busy and often rushed in the morning so he enjoyed taking the extra time in the morning just to see her for a few minutes longer. But this morning Ryan slept until ten o'clock. He felt rejuvenated and well rested as he pulled his lanky body out of the large and all too comfortable bed with the tangled sheets from one, if not both of them turning in their sleep. It could have been either, they both were known to have nights of restless sleep.

But not last night. Ryan had slept so soundly he almost didn't believe it. He also dreamt a dream so realistic he hated it when he started to awaken. He dreamt about his family; his erratic but lovely family, except there was one more. A little girl with little blonde pigtails and big sparkly brown eyes by the name of Adelyn Jade, or Addy. She was his daughter and she looked exactly like her mother. That's what Ryan wanted more than anything in the entire world. A baby of his very own.

After stretching his arms above his head and listening to his back pop a few times Ryan went downstairs to get himself a bowl of cereal and a glass of his favorite pomegranate juice. He wanted a full hot breakfast but Ryan knew he wasn't much of a cook. He could barely make a meal without burning something, but he tried (just when the wife was home so she could cover him if things got bad I suppose). He sat at the breakfast bar absentmindedly flipping though one of Holly's magazines before the house phone went off. He didn't have to look at the caller ID to know who it was.
"Hi Brendon."
"Good morning Ryan. How are you on this fine day?" I asked, cheerfully because I knew it bothered him. Ryan was not a morning person at all. He grunted. "That good, huh?" I laughed.
"What do you want?"
"Look, I love that you wore your morning grumpies just for me, but could you slip out of them? I just want to know what you're up to today." Morning grumpies. Thanks for that term Mrs. Monahan.
"Um, I have to run to that Halloween Express store to pick up some decorations for our party next weekend and then I'm probably going to that music store to pick up some more vinyls."
"Sweet. Can me and the boy come?"
"That's fine. We can pick up his costume then too."
"Cool. We'll be at your house in an hour."


"This beats seeing mommy." Heath bounced around the store almost breaking my arm off.
"Why do you say that?"
"Because her office is boooring."
"You wanted to go to it yesterday."
"I was lyin'." He said as he stopped in the middle of an isle to look at some plastic masks.
"Uh huh. Sure." I chuckled. "So what are you going to be this year superstar?"
"Uhh..." He thought for a minute, placing his index finger on his chin. "I fink I wanna be Batman. Yeah. Batman."
"Why? Spiderman is much cooler." Ryan asked as he placed a gold tragedy mask over his face.
"Mama said Spiderman was stupid and Batman was the bestest."
"She lied." Ryan said with the mask still over his face. "Spiderman is the bestest."
"Nu uh, Batman, you're wrong Wyan."
"Yeah Wyan." I stuck my tongue out at him, agreeing with my son. "So what all does she want?" I asked as Ryan pulled the list out of his back pocket.
"Um, she wants some of those holographic pictures that look like old time photos but turn creepy when you walk by, some, and I quote 'Halloweenie' table cloths, orange and purple lights, plates, napkins, cups, and whatever decorations I think would look good." He read directly. "And then Heath's costume."
"What about yours?"
"She's taking care of it."
"What are you guys dressing up as?" I couldn't wait. Knowing Holly, it could be anything.
"I don't really want to tell you."
"Come on Ryry." I smirked.
"You'll find out next Saturday." He said before pushing the cart towards the area of the store with the decorations. By the end of that trip we guessed that we spent...way too much. There were just too many cool decorations to choose from and Heath got his precious Batman costume. It looked like the suit from Batman Begins. Needless to say, Heath was excited. After the fun at Halloween Express we decided to take a rain check on the record store because Holly texed Ryan and of course, he wanted to go see her. Cue the sound of a whip cracking now. That was fine though, I did promise Heath we'd see her at the office today.
"Where we goin'?" Heath asked from the backseat.
"To see mom." I replied as I turned around to look at him. He flashed a toothy grin at me before nodding. About half way to the office the conversation died down a little and I turned the volume up on the stereo. I was not expecting the Spice Girls Greatest Hits to be playing through the speakers. 2 Become 1, in fact. I tried holding it in, but the laugh just escaped out of my mouth. "Why Ryan, I had no idea you liked the Spice Girls." He blushed.
"It's Holly's. She took my car yesterday. She must have left it in here."
"Why'd she take the x5?" I asked curiously. Ryan was very protective over his precious shiny, black BMW SUV. Ryan shrugged.
"She wanted to I guess."
"Wow. You really are whipped. You don't even let me drive this."
"That's because it's you, Brendon." He chuckled. I huffed.
"At least Holly lets me drive her M3." I loved Holly's car. It was a 2009 candy apple red (custom paint job, because she wasn't quite fond of the 'plain red') BMW M3 and even though it was her baby, she let me drive it.
"That was one time and it was down the block."
"Still." He laughed as we pulled into the parking garage at the office. The three of us filed into the elevator before going to the right floor. As soon as we stepped off we were greeted by Violet, the main receptionist for the editing floor. She was in her mid to late 40's and was so sweet. She absolutely adored Heath and Ryan and thought I was quite charming and funny. I love Violet.
"Well hello boys." She smiled as she saw us walking up to her desk. "Visiting your favorite editor I presume."
"Nope, we came to see you Vi." I smiled. I think I heard Ryan cough out 'flirt', but it's cool. I know I can be.
"Oh stop." She blushed. I always played it up with Violet. I knew it made her happy.
"Where's my mommy?" Heath asked, getting impatient. He was probably hungry for the candy she kept in her desk. More times that not I've walked into that office to see Holly with either a watermelon Blowpop or one of those carmel apple suckers in her mouth.
"She's back in her office working sweetie. You know the drill, just go right on through."
"Thank you." He smiled his best polite smile at her. "Let's go." He said to Ryan and I a little less politely. He grabbed both our hands before marching to the familiar door. "What are you doing mama?" He laughed when he saw Holly laying barefoot on her floor with her knees slightly bent. She smiled at us before sitting up.
"Hi my boys."
"Why were you laying on the floor, wierdo?" I asked.
"I tripped when I was walking around in these shoes Ricky brought me from the sample closet and then I didn't feel like getting back up. This carpet is just so plush." She said as she ran her hands over the carpet.
"Are you okay?" Ryan, the ever concerned and doting husband asked.
"I'm fine. You know how I am with heels." She blushed before pushing them away from her and slipping her flats back on. "Just don't tell Ricky, he'd cut out my ovaries with a pair of safety scissors." She whispered. "So what's up?"
"We just came for a visit. I got all the Halloween stuff you asked for and Heath's costume." Ryan said as he sat in a chair. "How's your day going?"
"Uh...fine." Holly said as she pulled herself up only to walk a few feet over to plop down in her chair. "Cait was here to get her office all set up. You guys just missed her."
"The new EIC?" I asked.
"Is she hot?" Legit question, I know.
"Well...she's very pretty. She's a few inches taller than I am, she has shoulder length brown hair and baby blue eyes, she has amazing calves and can walk in heels." I nodded in approval. She sounded gorgeous.
"She has a feber?" Heath asked after he had found a piece of candy that was good enough for him.
"No, daddy just asked if she's pretty." Holly chuckled.
"Oh. Well den why didn't he say pwetty?"
"Cause he's silly."
"So when am I going to meet this Cait?" Right now would be good.
"At the party."
"Sweet." We sat around talking for about an hour while Holly finished up some stuff on her computer before we all headed out to get some lunch. I wasn't really paying attention to anything going on around me while we sat down to eat. I was distracted by a faceless name that I could not wait to meet.

Super sorry for the wait. Lots is going on right now (bleh), but hopefully this will make up for it.
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