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Chapter three.

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Saturday's. There were only maybe one or two a month that Holly had to work, and that was when they had to meet some pretty hefty deadlines or if someone important was coming into the office. Either way, Saturday's were not Holly's favorite days to work. If she didn't hold such an important title she probably would have just said 'fuck it' and called in sick, but she was always dependable and a lot of people needed her.
"Morning sunshine." Holly's assistant of sorts, Ricky said with a smirk as Holly stumbled into the office at 7:30. She glared at him before flipping him a quick bird after she opened her office door. "You're just so delightful in the mornings Holly, you know that right?" He laughed as he followed her into the well decorated office. As soon as she found out she' d get her very own office Holly went out and got all the best supplies an office could have, including a sweet Mac desktop computer (to match her MacBook, of course), a stereo to hook her beloved iPod up to, black chairs to sit in front of her cherrywood desk and the cushiest black leather swivel chair she could find. When she found out the walls were yellow (the color she despises most of all) she flipped and bought turquoise paint to cover the "putrid yellow walls", as she put it. The shelves on the far wall were filled with awards, filing folders, small knick knacks, framed photos and a vase full of flowers, granted they were fake, but she never had to worry about watering them.
"Do I really have to be here this early on a Saturday? You know what I could be doing right now?"
"No, but I bet you're going to tell me."
"I could be in my nice warm bed sleeping but no, I have to be here and I don't even know why!" She groaned as she slumped down in her chair.
"The new EIC is moving in to her office today."
"So I have to be here?"
"Well, she's on this floor and who knows this office better than us? I figure we'd get her well acquainted with the staff and cafeteria...and the sampler closet that has all those fab designer clothes." Holly had to admit, free Chanel and Marc Jacobs were the best part of her job.
"You should do this Ricky. It's basically your job."
"But it's just so more fun with you here." He smiled innocently before Holly threw a pen at him. She was not a morning person. At all.
"Fine, but I get first dibs on the samples."
"Done. I'll let you know when she's here. You get some work done Princess." Holly yawned and nodded before turning on her computer. Meanwhile, my son and I were sprawled out in the living room in a food coma.


Meanwhile, in an upscale neighborhood in North Las Vegas a young woman was getting ready for her first, sort of real day of work at one of the top fashion magazines on this side of the country. She stood in her newly organized walk-in closet figuring out what to wear. She finally decided on a black mini skirt with white flowers embroidered near the hem with a lacy white top and black pumps. All of her things for her new office were packed in the back of her shiny black Range Rover and as she buckled herself into the drivers seat she promised herself that it would be a good day.


"She's here!" Ricky said excitedly as the young woman walked off the elevator with a large box in her arms. "Hi Cait! Nice to see you again. Let me get that for you." He spat out as he walked over to the smiling girl.
"Nice to see you again too Ricky." She smiled an angelic smile back at him. "I'm sorry you and Holly had to come in today. I know it's early and all but I can't really not take directions from the head honchos upstairs." She laughed.
"Oh it's no trouble at all. Let's put this down in your office and then go say hi to Morning Glory."
"Morning Glory?"
"Holly. She's not a morning person and if she's still how she was an hour ago don't worry, I'll protect you from possible flying pens." Cait laughed. She had only met Holly briefly and liked her right away and thought she had a great vintage style.

Currently, Holly was standing in front of the full length mirror that hung from her door in her tiny grayish blue dress with ruffled detailing at the scoop top and slightly poofy skirt; otherwise known as her favorite dress and sliver flats as she made faces at herself out of boredom. There really was nothing for her to do today besides triple check someone's article before sending it off to be printed in the next issue of the magazine.
"Oh, okay, let's go right now." Cait said happily as they walked down a few doors to Holly's office.
"Knock, knock." Ricky said instead of actually knocking as he opened the door. Holly quickly scrambled away from her mirror to lean against her desk.
"Hi!" She chirped, her tone obviously different than what it was just an hour ago. "What can I do for you?"
"You remember Cait." Ricky said as the three of them stood in the office.
"I do. How are you?"
"I'm great; excited. You?"
"I wouldn't ask right now." Holly chuckled. "But you can ask in oh..." She glanced at the clock on her desk. "Four hours."
"Deal." Cait laughed.
"You really shouldn't ask her anything until she's had her morning dose of caffeine." Ricky teased, Cait nodded, making a mental note. They then all shifted to the chairs in the room before getting to know each other and falling into an easy conversation. "So who are these boys?" She asked, referring to the picture of Heath, Ryan and I in the silver frame on Holly's desk. Holly smiled the first big, genuine smile of the day.
"My husband, my son and my best friend."
"Aw, they're all so handsome. Which one is your husband?"
"The skinny one with a stupid haircut."
"Again, which one is your husband?" Cait chuckled.
"The one on the right."
"But wait...that little boy looks exactly like the other guy. I'm so confused." Holly sighed before chuckling quitely.
"Okay, so my best friend is my son's father."
"What?! Your husband knows that right?!"
"Yes. When Brendon and I - Brendon's the best friend were 19 we weren't invited to some stupid college party and we were bummed about it so we asked one of his older brothers to get us some beer so we could drink away our sorrows and one too many beers later we ended up having sex and I got pregnant."
"Wow. Were you dating your husband then?"
"No, Ryan and I didn't meet until Heath's first birthday. He came up and introduced himself and it just went from there." She smiled, thinking about that day.


Holly couldn't believe that she had given birth exactly one year ago. The 365 days had just flown by it seemed but she was glad they planned such a nice party for Heath - not that he'd remember it. The party goers consisted of their parents, Brendon's grandparents and siblings and some of their friends.
"Sweetheart, can you hold Heath for a minute? I want to get a picture of the birthday boy and his mama." Brendon's mom; Grace said. Holly nodded before picking her sweet little boy out of his playpen.
"Sure." She smiled as she bent down to pick up the smiling baby. "Hi birthday boy." She cooed as she held him in her arms. He sounded a little gurgly but she ignored it and before Grace snapped the picture, Heath had thrown up all over Holly's brand new off white vintage blouse. She had been thrown up on by him once or twice, but it had never gotten on her neck and dripped down not only her shirt, but beneath it. "Take him, please take him." She said as she tried not to throw up herself. "Ew, ew, ew." Suddenly, out of no where a tall and skinny guy that looked to be about her age, if not a little older was at her side with a large towel.
"Here, let me help you with that." He said as he handed her the towel. Holly took it and muttered her thanks before wiping her neck free of baby vomit. She didn't get a good look at this guy yet, but she already liked that he was willing to help her in her time of need, even though it was disgusting. After wiping and re-wiping herself with the clean side of the towel she decided to look up at her random savior and once she did, it was like time stopped. Her heart started to race, her breath caught in her throat and butterflies swarmed in her belly. Little did she know it was the same for the brown eyed, brown haired god standing before her. "I'm Ryan. I'm a friend of Brendon's. You must be Holly. I've heard a lot about you." He smiled shyly.
"Yeah, yeah, that's me." She smiled that same timid smile back at him. After the short exchange of words they just stood there, staring. Brown and blue. Blue and brown. Time was frozen and they could have cared less.
"Oh, I see you two have met." Brendon said as he stopped in front of the dazed pair. When neither of them acknowledged him, he smirked and walked away muttering something them that sounded like "I knew it." Neither Holly nor Ryan had experienced anything quite like this before, but they knew it exactly what it was; it was pure unadulterated, one hundred and ten percent love at first sight.

-End flashback-

"Wow. That's quite the story, Holly." Cait smiled.
"Yeah. It's our own messed up little fairy tale I guess."
"I can't wait to meet these boys. They sound great."
"They are," Holly smiled. "They really, really are."

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