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Chapter two.

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"Daddy?" I heard a soft whisper as I was beginning to wake up. I grunted before rolling over onto my stomach and burying my head under a pillow. The little voice groaned in frustration before taking a direct approach. Heath crawled onto my back and started poking me. "Daddy, you gotsa get up. Now. Daddyyyyy." As if I could get back to sleep when he started whining. I pulled my pillow off my head, twisted my neck so I could at least see him a little before huffing.
"Yes my son?"
"Ders someone in the house." Uh, what? I made a hand signal for him to get off before I pulled on some jeans over my boxers and making quiet steps to see what or who could be in my apartment. I dead bolted my front door and locked my patio doors so I don't understand how anyone could get in.
"Hello?" I asked quietly; leery of finding a possible intruder. Whoever it was was in my kitchen. I could hear them at the coffee pot. When I finally crept into my own kitchen I let out a big sigh of relief. It was only Holly. She had probably let herself in with the key I gave her. She was leaning against my counter with a smug grin as she held my favorite large mug that I got from the very first Starbucks in Seattle.
"Do you always enter your kitchen swift and stealth like?"
"No, Heath woke me up saying there was someone here and like the amazing parent I am, took precaution to protect my little boy." I stated with my hands on my hips.
"Uh huh. Sure." She chuckled before taking a sip of the warm drink. "If that makes you feel better about your self Brendon, then okay, who am I to say anything?" I rolled my eyes before she came over to ruffle my already messy hair.
"So what do you want?"
"I'm here to see if my son and baby daddy would like to go out for some breakfast since I have the day off."
"Is Ryan coming?"
"No, it's Friday morning. He's at school."
"Oh, right." I nodded. I always forget about his stable schedule. Ryan is a music teacher at an elementary school here in Summerlin, where he and Holly live, as well as myself. Ryan is one of the favored teachers in the entire school and almost all the kids in kindergarten all the way to fifth grade absolutely love him. He made it so they all wanted to learn and love music as much as they could and because his kids and other co-workers thought he was such a good teacher, he had at least six or more "teacher of the month" awards that the school gave out. Not bad seeing as he's only been there eighteen months.
"I think he's with the second graders right now. They're starting percussion today."
"Oh fun."
"Yeah, except when my husband brings home a lot of the percussion instruments to 'test them out' and my three year old decides he wants to bang on them until he passes out from exhaustion. My house is so loud and unorganized right now." She groaned. Along with Ryan's perfect career, he also had a perfect home. He, Holly, and Heath (when it was Holly's week for him) lived in a super nice, two story house with a pool in the back yard, a big patio, fire pit and a swing set that any little boy would be proud to call his own and a hammock that got used quite a bit. Needles to say their house was way cooler than my three bedroom apartment with an excellent view of the city and the outdoor pool with a slide.
"Oh poor Holly." I sympathized sarcastically as she walked though my bedroom door only to see Heath jumping on my bed.
"Mommy!" He squealed. "I tought you were a robber!" He said as he stopped jumping only so he could pounce into her arms.
"Morning baby boy. Do you want to go get some breakfast?"
"At Denny?"
"Sure, we can go to Denny's." She laughed before kissing his sleepy mess of dark brown hair. "Go take a shower with daddy quick and get dressed so we can go, okay?"
"Oh-kay!" He over annunciated while giving her a thumbs up. "C'mon daddy, let's go." He grabbed my hand after Holly had set him on the ground. "I is hungry for pancapes." That morning I dressed in jeans and a blue and green plaid button down while my little boy picked out a pair of designer jeans, a blue and white striped polo and white chucks. My boy was a sharp dresser - I guess it pays to have a mom in the fashion industry. Maybe I should take lessons...from my three year old.


"When are my pancapes gonna be there?" Heath asked impatiently as we sat in our favorite booth at the restaurant. Holly and I had spent many nights here over the course of our friendship eating grand slams until we thought we'd puke.
"Soon Heathie, chill." Holly smiled at him before taking a sip of her orange juice.
"But my tummy is telling me to feed it."
"Mine too babes but we have to wait. It shouldn't be much longer." She said and speak of the devil, our waitress was walking happily towards our table with a tray balanced on her hand.
"Okay, two grand slams and some pancakes." She smiled as she set the food in front of us. Holly quickly grabbed Heath's plate so she could cut up his food for him. "He's so adorable. You two must be proud." The waitress, Julie, who I had never seen before smiled at us. I nodded, about to say something before Heath beat me to it.
"My step-daddy Wyan likes me too!" He grinned at her.
"Oh, you're not...together. Oh, well then." She said before quickly walking off.
"Why do people always assume we're together?" I asked, semi-seriously as I pushed the scrambled eggs around my plate.
"Well the child may have something to do with it." She shrugged before passing Heath his beloved pancakes - something he had obviously picked up from her.


After breakfast we decided to take Heath to his favorite playground. Holly and I sat together on a bench watching Heath run around the playground without a care in the world. It was still early so he had the entire place to himself and he could not have been more thrilled. His imagination was so vivid. I almost felt like I was apart of his pirate game and that I should help him defeat the 'icky cootie sea monster' instead of sitting on some bench.
"So how's work?" I asked conversationally.
"It's good. We just got a new Editor in Chief!"
"Oh yeah? How's that?"
"I've only met her once but she's fiesty and I love her to pieces already." She smiled as she glanced at Heath fall and 'die' into the sandbox before getting right back up and continuing on with his game. "She's from Chicago."
"So she has an accent like you or no?" I teased. Holly was the only person I knew, besides her mom that added 'or no' when she asked you a question. I always teased her about her thick midwestern accent and it seemed that whenever she'd fly back to Chicago she'd come back with a more defined one. She of course, always denied it. But what did she know?
"Hers is obvious and whatever I moved here when I was five and I just caught that, jerk." She stuck her tongue out at me. "I don't have an accent, I've told you that a million times." She stressed.
"And yet you still hold your a's longer than anyone should." I teased again. Holly playfully glared at me before shoving me. "That's good though, I'm excited for you."
"It'll be good to have someone who's finally organized, you know? But how's work for you?"
"Good. I'm going to be producing an album staring next week for this local band. I'm pretty excited." I smiled.
"Oh fun!" She squealed before giving me a quick hug just as Heath started running towards us at full speed.
"Can we go to the chillens museum, pwease?" He asked as he batted his long black eye lashes and pouted his full little lips.
"I don't care sweetie. Ask your dad though."
"Pwease daddy?" He smiled his innocent smile at me. The one I could never say no to.
"Sure, let's go." I stood up. I always got just as excited as he did about the children's museum (not that I let anyone see it). I loved that place.


"Are you gonna sweep over mama?" Heath asked as soon as we got back to my apartment after our busy day together.
"I can't punkin. There's no room for me here."
"Yes huh. You can sweep in daddy's big boy bed. It's big." I honestly did not know what to think about that. He had never asked that before. Holly sighed heavily; this was obviously something she never expected to deal with ever. She kneeled down so she was at eye level with him.
"Heathie B, I have to go home. Someone has to take care of Ryan. You know he can't feed himself."
"But I don't want you to go home. I want you to stay here." He pouted.
"I know sweetheart. But you'll see me in the morning. Daddy is bringing you to my work and Ryan is coming to visit too and maybe he'll bring Hobo."
"Can't you feed Wyan and come back?" Time to intervene.
"Dude, mommy is going to her house because we're having a boys night."
"I want my mommy to be here too."
"She can't. She's a girl and has germs that would ruin our boys night. Besides, I only like watching Transformers with you bud."
"Okay." Heath pouted. "Pwomise you'll take me to see mommy in the morning?"
"Cross my heart." I told him with a smile before brushing his hair off his forehead and kissing it. The goodbye was more rough tonight for him but I knew as soon as Holly was gone he'd be okay. Boy was I wrong.
"Daddy, how come mommy loves Wyan but not you?" He asked once we were settled on the couch. Damn it.
"She does, but not like...a princess loves a prince. Mommy and I are best friends."
"But mommies and daddies are mawwied."
"Well we're special, kiddo." I really hoped this was the end of the conversation. I hoped it wouldn't be brought up again for another 20, 30, 40 years even.
"Okay, let's watch Octopus Pwime now!" He smiled. I sighed. If I was a religious man I'd be singing my praises right about now.

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