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Tell Me What It's About (I Can Help)

by KattyKat23

Frank gets Gerard to tell him about the relationship with Bert

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He needs to tell me more, and talk to me. He can't just sit there and let himself get raped. What if Bert had fucked some whore and had gotten himself an STD?!?! What would have happened then?? I cradled his head in my lap, letting him just relax and wake up from the shock of actually admitting something tragic like that. Bert should rot in hell!!! I sighed, he just looks so peaceful and relaxed when he is asleep, it's like the Whore or Babylon, hasn't touched him yet. He stirs. "Frankie, oh Frankie darling, I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, you see, he said if I did that he would hurt you, or anyone else I told, I'm so sorry I never told you" Gerard, my beautiful caring and compassionate Gerard was in hysterics, and I couldn't let him stay like this.
"Gee," I whispered, "I can take care of myself love, and to let you know, nothing will come between me and you" I pressed my lips lightly to his, but he pulled away from me.
"What is it darling?" I had tears brimming my eyes, first I find out my baby is getting raped then, he is pulling away from a kiss that was gonna show how much I love him, how much i am willing to help him.
"We shouldn't do this?" he whispers silently
"Gerard, what do you mean" i said nearly crying, was he breaking up with me. He stares over my shoulder as he says this, "It's not fair to my boyfriend, it's not fair to Bert"
"Gerard! What the hell, he is fucking raping you and beating the fuck outta you and you still go back, well one this is for sure, you are one fucked up man, who has to set his priorities straight! I don't fucking get you anymore, we used to know everything about each other, even down to the point where we know exactly what turns us on and makes us moan!" i was literally i hysterics by the end, "I guess you know whats good for you now"
Gerard stares at me and mutters out of the corner of his mouth "look behind you"
I look behind me and there was Bert holding up poster board with words on them, with exactly what gerard said, "you cheap ass bastard"
I started punching the crap out of him, everywhere I could get i punched. The he ran off screaming like a girl.
"Gerard, Start from the beginning"
"It was a dark and stormy night and i heard a blood curdling scream from the distance-"
"Gerard" i complained. "I meant, tell me about yours and Bert's relationship from the beginning" I gave him a look.
"Okay, well you know he was a great guy to begin with, right and he was there. Well one day he asked me out, and you know how I hate being alone, so I said okay. Well," he looks up and bites his beautiful lip. "we got to know each other better and he pressured me into having sex with him, and it wasn't good, he didn't prepare me for it, or use any lubricant, but he did use a condom. Then he starting getting jealous of our onstage activity and would hit me when I was with him when offstage for it, and he would do it twice when he didn't see me a couple of times and so on. After a while he became jealous when I kiss Mikey on the cheek. For god sakes that's my baby brother. Then the actual raping started. It would be on the bus where there was no one around or in the woods, really deep in so no one once again could here me scream. He would hold me down as he stripped me. Then as he forced himself inside of me he would tell me that I was his and he was showing me how much I was and how much he could control me. I would scream out in pain, and he would cover my mouth and start stroking my extremely limp dick. He would tell me to make him hard an fast, he always pulled out a pocket knife to prove his point. I would always start stroking, he would tell me to say something dirty that would get him hard faster and he would put the knife on my chest and pull down only drawing a little blood, he got hard after this. Which proves by the way, that he is a masochist." he stops for a moment and i look at him. I then wrapped my arms around my little baby, I wanted to save him.
"Go on, if you can" i mutter.
"Then i realized how much I loved you, and how much you do for me that I never realized, I wanted to tell you but I didn't know how and I got scared. I keep longing after you from a distance, never approaching you on the topic, and every other day, I got beat and about every two weeks he raped me. I couldn't get away and I couldn't do anything about it. Then about three months later you wrote that beautiful song for me. I can never get it outta my head. Every time I look at you I hope for a future together, one that I fear will never be. Bert knows all my weaknesses and he knows the right buttons to push to make me do what he wants."
I finally interject "If Bert knows all of your weaknesses wouldn't you also know his"
"Oh Frankie, you're a genius!" He kissed me with such passion I got dizzy, but i didn't want it to stop.

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