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It's was never that simple

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Gerard is not talking to Frank

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It had been three weeks since that day after the concert and Gerard hasn't been talking to me. I needed advice and I usually talked to Mikey when I needed that after all Mikey is our spiritual adviser, he helps us with a lot of fucking bullshit, but I know if I do this he would tell his brother and I would be in more crap than I would anticipate at this point. I decided to talk to the next best person for the job. But I can never choose, Bob or Jepha. I decided to go with good old Bob. Besides he's closer and I am a lazy son of a bitch.
"yo, Bob" I say, and of course the bitch doesn't respond, "yo, Bobert" again no response "Yo, Boberta" Finally he responds.
"FRANK DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME BOBERTA AGAIN" he screamed at me and I pouted
"I was only trying to get you attention, i need to talk to you, but if you're made then I'll go talk to Jepha" I went to leave, I seriously meant that too.
"Frank, come back" he says "Look I didn't mean to okay, I guess I'm just crabby okay" he smiles a bit. "So what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?"
"You gotta promise not to say crap about it to anyone. okay?" I spit into my hand and hold it out
"A spit shake seriously! Do you know how unsanitary that is, and I thought you were all such a hygienic freak!" he stares
"fine whatever" and I go to walk out again
"sheesh Frankie I was just saying man, look okay" He spits into his hand and holds it out.
We shake on it.
"So what's wrong?" He looks sternly at me
"Well, I talked to Gerard, and he told me he liked me and that, well" I breath in. "well first off, I told him that I was in-love with him and, ran off scared. He caught up with me and told me he felt the same. I also got him to confess that Bert has been beating the living crap outta him. Now he hasn't spoken to me in three weeks" I look at Bob for help.
"I dunno what to say man, ya'know I'm not an expert at this kinda crap, and I understand that ya couldn't talk to Mikey 'bout it, but i have a question, did you say anything else after he told you that Bert was beating him up" he looks at me meaningfully
"Oh, crap! Yeah, I told him that I'd save him from it." I looked shock "you don't think he thought I meant right away, cuz no one can do that. I meant that like as soon as I found a way to do so"
"I dunno Frankie, but all I gotta say is that you gotta find a way to take to that man and fast, before you lose him forever"
"thanks Bob, that means a lot to me. You really did help more than you think." I kiss him on the cheek and ran out. I need to help Gerard and fast, I also need to talk to him.
"Gee" I shouted, seeing him about five minutes later, "can we talk"
Gerard looks at me panicking
"what is it?" he mutters timidly
"Babe, I will get you away from Bert, I just need time." I stroke his cheek and he smiles "also why haven't you been talking to me?" I give him this hurt look
"Bert said if I talk to you it'll get worse," he stated simply
"The beatings?" I say, thinking I know the answer, turns out he hadn't told me everything.
"no, the rape" and then Gerard passed out

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