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I keep thinking of him. I feel so bad, Frankie and you dont even know it. I know its not safe to walk around in New Jersey like this but I have no where to go. So I roam. I hate hurting him. I hate myself. I hate giving him back the ring, but I knew if I kept it, it would give him hope that I would come back, Im not going to come back just so I can hurt him again. He will find someone to love, to trust, someone much better. That ring is the only thing that I had of Frankie and now its his. I promise. I sit by an old building. I might get murdered or raped or something. I look through my bag: clothes, food,vodka, cell phone, iPod and then theres the wedding magizines. Why did I pack those? They just remind me of the horrible person I am. Of what could have been. My cell phone rings.
A familar ringer
Thinking about your touch makes me lose my ground. I want to be in your arms again, holding hands, all I can do is pray about you and me in Neverland, all it is is a fantasy, dont ever leave, all wrapped in pink and dotted with hearts..
I know who it is. We picked out the song for eachother. Horrorpops-Dotted with Hearts. I sigh.
Im not picking up, just like Im never coming back, or ever wearing your ring again, Frankie, When will you move on?
The truth creeps up on me and I begin to cry, I wish we never met, Im thinking about you!
I sing along with the chorus, I trying not to cry, because I need to be strong for both of us...Why did I say that?.
I pick up But dont say anything, I want the last memory of his voice to be nice one. No anger.
"Gee, baby, come back. Im sorry."

"You shouldnt be" I mumble. He heard me.
"Gee? Where are you"
I ignore him. "Gee I need to know."
"Im dead" This was my big "Fuck Off"
"Gee dont say that, Im getting Mikey to help me"
"Sorry Im dead now"
"Honey? I know you love me, please"
"No...Im not worth it. I will never be worth it"
"You are worth it"
"Whatever, when I die you'll feel better"
"No..No, dont say that, baby"
"Im not wearing your ring anymore"
I felt like I stabbed him in the heart, I love him.
I could hear the pain in his voice "I know"
I hung up, that hurt. I lay there. Thinking about what I did wrong, about Frankie, and everything.

If you Marry me. Would you bury Me? Would you carry me to the End? Say Goodbye To the vows you take. Say Goodbye to the life make. Say Goodbye, To the hearts you break and all the cyanide you drank. If you ever say never too late. I'll forget all the diamonds you ate.
Lost in coma and covered in cake. Increase the medication. Share the vows at the wake.
Kiss the bride. If you marry me, would you bury me? Would you carry me to the end?

Songs Horrorpops-Dotted with hearts
and My Chemical Romance- To the End
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