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Im so sorry

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Gee gives in

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I feel so bad. he shouldnt kiss me after what I did. Im a whore. I have to tell him. I feel so bad.
"Frankie, Im sorry" I say bluntly. He stares at me. I feel like Im sinking.

"Why? What did you do?" I sense anger in his voice, I sink into my seat. I feel tears fall down my cheeks. I feel his stare burning a hole in me. "Is it really that bad?" He whispers. I nod.
"Gee, Tell me NOW!" He yells. I hate yelling, Ive never seen him so mad. I feel so bad.

"Trent and me we just..." I look down afraid. I dont want him to hate me. He looks at me searching for a lie, a joke, anything. He sees nothing in me. I look at him and it hurts to see him right now. He points down, relizing I cant talk, I know what he means. So, I nod. Damn.

"Gerard How could you? I love you! Dont you care?"

"He was too strong"

"Thats your excuse. Playing weak and defenseless. You could have done soo much more!" He yells and backhands my face. Frankie has never hit me, at least not in this angry way. I sob from the pain, not of being hit, but from being hit by my lover.

"Frankie..Your right" I sigh. I try to hug him, but he pushes me away. I sob.

"I wish that you could see what you did to me, to us" He cried. Everything is a blur and I hear the door slam, he has left.

I promised that I would never drink again after seeing what it made Trent become. 3 years of being sober down the drain. I let it brun my throat. I start to stumble. I figure I'll write him a letter, because Im leaving..
Dear Frank...

Frankies POV
I hate him, stupid slut. I loved him and he fucks with his Ex. Im going to this club, where I use to get fucked up at. I was single the last time I came here and now it doesnt feel right. But fuck em. I need this and I cant stand to see his face ever again.
I see this guy, I dont 29, 30? I look at him and normally be ugly, but looked strangly beautiful. Dark green eyes, black hair, and pale skin that hinted blush. Everything about him oozes class and elegance. Like an aristocratic vampire.
"You are hurting" He says to me
"So, its my boyfriends fault" I cant beilive Im opening up to someone I dont know.
"He loves you, I can feel it"
But how? I stare at him.
He turns to me "He is sorry, and you should forgive him"
"Why? He acted like a slut, let him burn" i didnt mean that.
"Because true love only comes around once every blue moon, and your love will find what he needs" Freanking Dr Phil, was right, I loved Gee. I should forgive him. Go to him. Say Im sorry. He does love me. And it took a stranger to show me that?
I run home, not safe but I need to see him again.
I walk in it seems of Vodka. Oh no. I look for him but he is not there. I walk into the kitchen and see a note covered in tear drops. Dear Frank. It says. What? He has always adressed me as Frankie...
Dear Frank, Im sorry. You deserve better than me. Im not a pretty person on the inside, like you. Im saving you by leaving. I love you and cant stand to hurt you anymore. You will find another someone you can trust. You will carry on. I will always remember you. Your memory will carry on. I need to break free of this. I hope you understand Im not fit to spend the rest of my life with someone so perfect. I need you to stay strong. I wish I could have done more.
Sincearly Gerard

Why? I love him. We were going ot get married and spend the rest of our lives happy together, forever. I could never find another.
I start to cry alone, in this dark apartment. I want him back.
I look down at the counter, I see a glimmer. Damn! I pick it up and look at it.
Im sorry Gee.
I need you back, I keep looking at this pretty object.

Its the ring I gave Gerard. I throw it across the room. Why? I go over and pick it up, it hurts because it reminds me of him. I set it down and go to our room, nothing is left of my lover.
I lay there and soo start to dream of him, but I wake before I get to hold him. I grieve.

Theres Gerards engagement ring and he is never going to wear it.
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