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Out of The Looking Glass

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The aftermath of the attack

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When Aimee opened her eyes again, she saw the white of the hospital walls and was overcome with nausea. She retched painfully, bringing nothing up. In an instant, Gerard was at her side, eyes swollen and red. Aimee grinned weakly

“Hey, Gee, what’s up?” Gerard looked completely nonplussed

“What, you mean you don’t remember…anything?”
Aimee began to look slightly apprehensive

“Remember what? Gerard what happened? Why am I here? What…Why the fuck are my arms bound…I don’t remember anything! Oh God, what happened?” she screamed desperately, ripping the bandages off her arms to find the links of a chain imprinted into her skin, twisting all the way up to her shoulder. She looked up at Gerard as he was shoved out of the way by doctors and nurses, terror in her doe eyes.

Then, sleep.

“Aimee, Aimee, I dunno if you can hear me, but, I’m sorry I didn’t find you. I tried, I swear I did, but I never realised that you ran so far, I thought…I didn’t…I’m sorry. I am so sorry Aimee. I was too late to stop you getting hurt. I…I love you.”
Gerard’s voice broke down into quiet sobs as Aimee clawed her way out of the Looking-Glass and into reality.

“Gerard?” Gerard jumped, raising his head, face framed in lank strands of black hair, to look at his friend lying so small on the hospital bed for the second time in under a year.

“Gerard, what happened?” Aimee asked

“I don’t know…Aims, umm there was a…umm…accident…umm…incident…I…the doctor should…” Gerard trailed off, hand flapping uselessly at the door.
As though it was a summons, a doctor barely older than Gerard, with acne scars still present on his pasty skin.

“Oh, you’re awake Ms Callen.” He said in a high-pitched voice.
Aimee and Gerard caught each others eyes and shoved their fists into their mouths to muffle their laughter. The pimply youth frowned, obviously taken aback by their attitude.

“Yes, well, Ms Callen, I am Dr Redden. Now, you have suffered major trauma, including hypothermia, resultant frostbite, significant bruising and lacerations to your arms and neck. Now, we don’t know how this occurred, because you just turned up on Mr McAlister’s door at 2am three nights ago, delirious and injured. Can you tell us anything?” dumbstruck, Aimee mutely shook her head, looking to Gerard for help. Just as confounded, he shrugged.

“Well, that’s to be expected, it’s called dissociation, where your mind provides a refuge to protect you from the reality you are in, it’s perfectly normal. Now, what is the last thing you remember?”

Aimee thought; vague images swum in her mind, just out of focus and out of reach.

“Umm…waking up and getting ready for school. I had a calculus test that day.” Dr Redden nodded, unperturbed by Aimee’s minor amnesia, and, with a few cursory words of advice, and a promise that she would be discharged in a few hours, he swept away.

“So, you really don’t remember anything of that day…not even, coming to me and Mikey’s place after school?” Aimee shook her head and Gerard let out a tiny sigh of relief? Regret? He wrapped his arms around Aimee as she cried out her frustration and fear; forgetting three whole days? What had happened to her?

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